Stunning New Line of Custom Guitars with Epoxy Resin Tops


DG Lee Guitars has announced the launch of its latest line of custom guitar bodies. This new collection is not just a testament to guitar building innovation but also a visual spectacle, featuring custom epoxy resin tops that set these instruments apart in both style and substance.

Unpacking the Innovation

Epoxy resin, a material known for its durability and striking aesthetic qualities, is now making a grand entrance into the guitar world. Griffin Lee, the visionary founder of DG Lee Guitars, explains, “With our new line, we aimed to fuse artistic design with functional excellence. The epoxy resin not only enhances the guitar’s appearance but also contributes positively to the sound quality and durability.” This innovative use of materials marks a significant evolution in custom guitar body design, aiming to meet the needs of today’s diverse range of musicians.

Looking at Each Guitar Model

The collection includes three distinct models, each tailored to cater to different musical preferences and styles. The Tele-style guitar offers a blend of classic sensibilities with a modern twist, perfect for musicians who traverse the genres of blues, rock, and country. The Super Strat-style guitar is designed for those who require speed and versatility, with features that facilitate fast playing styles without compromising on comfort. Lastly, the RG-style guitar is crafted for those who demand precision and advanced playability, suitable for genres that require intricate solos and complex chords.

Technical Specifications and Craftsmanship

Each guitar in this new line boasts a body crafted from exotic hardwoods known for their physical properties, paired with the visually stunning epoxy resin tops. The precision of CNC machining combined with meticulous craftsmanship ensures each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reliable on stage or in the studio. Griffin Lee emphasizes, “We use only the highest quality materials and processes to ensure that every guitar we produce meets the high standards our customers expect.”

Visual Appeal and Market Positioning

The standout feature of these guitars is undoubtedly their custom epoxy resin tops. Each top is unique, with patterns and colors that can be customized to the musician’s preferences, making each instrument a personal statement. In a market crowded with traditional designs, DG Lee Guitars’ new line promises to attract musicians looking for something that visually distinguishes them from the rest.

Purchasing and Customization Options

Musicians interested in these custom guitars can commission their own unique piece directly through DG Lee Guitars’ website. The company offers a range of customization options, allowing artists to be closely involved in the creation of their guitar, ensuring that each instrument accurately reflects the artist’s personal style and musical needs.

DG Lee Guitars’ new line of epoxy resin-top guitars represents a bold step forward in guitar design, offering both visual beauty and musical flexibility. It stands as a beacon of innovation in an industry that values both tradition and innovation. For musicians seeking a distinctive look without compromising on quality or performance, DG Lee Guitars offers a compelling new option.

For those intrigued by the blend of artistry and engineering, visitDG Lee Guitars’ website or follow them onInstagram to explore these beautiful instruments and perhaps find the new centerpiece of your musical arsenal.


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