Study tips for students preparing for Maths with the help of NCERT books

Maths with the help of NCERT books

The NCERT books along with solutions for class 11 would be more than enough in terms of preparation. But this is only if you read them with full concentration. Maths solution class 11 are prescribed by CBSE board itself. Be rest assured that not a single question in your CBSE board exams will come from outside the NCERT books. Maths happens to be a tricky topic but if you are aware of the concepts, you can obtain good marks. 

For obtaining a decent mark in Maths no longer there is a need for an extraordinary brain but rational thinking and a logical brain would do. There is a need to understand the basics properly, proper command over the formulas and a sound practice regime are all what is needed to obtain high marks in the CBSE class 11 exams. It is suggested that you only follow NCERT books and do not resort to the use of any other books. Below are some of the smart strategies that are suggested by the experts that enables you to clear the exams with flying colours.

Be aware of the syllabus

Before you begin the begin the preparation for the exam you need to be aware about the syllabus. The moment you are aware of the syllabus you can begin your preparation in an organized manner. Just you need to complete the course curriculum and start to practice from the problems that are posed at the end of the book. You just need to check out he syllabus and figure out whether your answer along with your approach was right or not.

Be familiar with the pattern of the exam

The moment you go through the syllabus along with the last years question papers check out the weightage that is give to each chapter in the papers. Then you need to decide the amount of time that you will be dedicate to the chapter.

A schedule along with a time- table is necessary

There is no point in following your friends time table when it comes to preparing for class 11 exams. For the theories it is easy to learn since you can memorize them easily. But you have to keep in mind that Maths is an application. You need to be well verse with the formulas but you are not aware on when and which is the right time to study. You need to create a time table that matches your Maths education requirements, and it is something that you should be following without any excuse. If you are finding any chapter difficult you need to devote more time to it. Suppose if the topic is easy, you should not be spending a lot of time on it.

Study with friends

If it is possible, you can make a group of friends and study. The moment you have completed a chapter you can go on to explain it to others. This is going to help you understand the topics in a better way. The moment you share your knowledge you can avail outputs from your friends as well.

Practice along with revise properly

Practice is something that is going to make you perfect. The moment you go on to complete the syllabus of Maths you can start revision. You need to adjust your time and solve each Maths question 3 to 4 times so that you have the necessary confidence before the final board exams.

Be aware that in a subject like Maths steps are known to carry marks. So, you before you are solving a sum right down the steps in details. In some cases, you may not be aware of the exact solution but there is no harming in writing down the solutions to the problems. It is advocate that you can check out the solutions for class 11 Maths. You need to work on speed, improving your accuracy levels, and there is no better option than choosing NCERT solutions when it comes to exam preparation.

Solve previous years question papers

The moment you practice a lot you are going to improve by leaps and bounds. You will have an idea which are your scoring areas. The key is to solve a lot of question papers and if possible, the last year’s model question or sample papers would suffice. When you are solving the questions keep an eye on time management as this will give you an idea on the areas you lack.

Proper rest is also important and you should not keep on learning at a stretch. Platforms in the form of Infinity Learn have emerged that guide students on how to prepare effectively for the exams. Proper preparation is the key to obtain good marks in these exams.


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