Stucco Repair in New Orleans

Painting and Plastering Exterior House Scaffolding Wall. Home Facade Insulation, Stucco and Painting Works During Exterior Wall Renovations and Repair Outdoors.

Weather can greatly impact the life of your buildings stucco exterior.

The weather in New Orleans can be brutal on your buildings exterior. From the fierce summer heat, to the frequent hurricanes, your buildings exterior must be built to last. The high humidity is also tough on buildings in our area.

The most popular form of exterior in New Orleans is stucco. Properly installed stucco can literally last for decades. Unfortunately, improperly applied stucco can damage prematurely, allowing water and other elements into your buildings structure. Water can further damage your stucco, greatly increasing the costs associated with repairs.

Fortunately, you have many choices of stucco contractors in the New Orleans area, including Stucco New Orleans, one of the leaders of stucco repair in New Orleans. They can come assess your properties damage, and give you a free, no obligation quote. Typically, most repairs can be completed in a matter of days. They can easily repair cracked stucco, damage from vehicles, and more!

Repairing Your Damaged Stucco

The process of repairing your stucco is fairly straightforward. If you damage is limited to a certain area, the contractor will cut out an area of the exterior that is slightly larger than the damaged area. They will then go about the process of replacing the stucco. Of course, they will inspect the area for the initial cause of damage. They always want to insure that it doesn’t happen again. After replacing the paper and screen, they will apply the scratch coat. Finally, the contractor will apply whatever type finish that your building has, and make sure that it matches the surrounding area. Stucco New Orleans can even make sure to color match your paint scheme, so that the repaired area will blend in.

As previously mentioned, stucco is made to last for decades. It has been known to last upwards of 80 years, when applied correctly and cared for. If you want to get the best value for your construction dollars, have a great looking facade on your building, and know that your building will stand up to the crazy extreme weather in New Orleans, just give us a visit at our webpage and apply for a free quote. You can even submit for a free quote on any repair needs that you may have. We look forward to serving you, and hope that you will give us a call anytime that you need stucco repair or stucco installation in the New Orleans or Metairie area.



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