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Our stress management workshops are the perfect workshop for any team that fall behind on deliverables, continuously under-performing or have an abnormal amount of team turnover.

Stress Management Resilience Building Workshops

  • Feeling stressed becomes feeling ‘I can handle this’
  • Learn about healthy stress.
  • The biological impact of too much stress.
  • Building mindset lasting resilience

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At no stage, EVER are we taught HOW to handle our own stress management – besides a few influencers here and there showing us the latest yoga craze or the best green chai smoothies – we are never really taught how we can cope at the deeper level and more importantly, how to recover and rebuild following a stressful period.

Stress is an inevitable occurrence in most everyday, modern life – but HOW it is handled is different for everyone.

Stress management cannot be solved with an early finish or by being told ‘we’re all in this together’ this is not helpful to the individual and in-fact often guilts the person into knuckling down even further, only onsetting burnout quicker.

Did you know that The World Economic Forum reports that burnout from work costs the global economy almost 280 Billion per year! Retail has the 5th highest burnout rate across all global industries.

I’ve seen first hand the impact when a team member is absent for an extended time period. The added workload onto others is often unbearable, and they too suffer. Yet, teams are afraid to speak up and seek help because the culture is simply ‘get on with it, we’re in this together’ and so, the stress cycle repeats.

Never has there been a more important time to address and take care of stress management.

Recognising the onset of stress is a crucial moment to recognise in order to rectify before it evolves into chronic stress.

If you don’t know the early signs of stress, you can expect to see higher than average levels of sickness and burnout.

Burnout from stress is a silent crisis in global health. Companies have a duty of care to their people including guidance on how to self-manage ones stress and this is where we come in to support.

How many times have overheard (or been a part of) conversations that involve the word ‘stress’

“I’m so stressed”

“He’s stressing me out”

“I can’t take it, my stress is so high”

This is not normal and nor should it be expected as part of the job – some stresses are good, a nominal amount is actually good for us.

Correct stress management will enable your teams to help each other and themselves in approaching a potential stressful situation from a mindful, considerate place. Less outbursts, less sickness, less procrastination.

Stress slows teams down.

We want you to keep moving forward, to work together on building the business and experience joy in the process!

This is the perfect stress management workshop for any team that fall behind on deliverables, often under-performing or has an abnormal amount of team turnover. The boutique or area may not retain employees according to company standards. This is also an ideal workshop to offer new store teams as we are preventing stress and burnout, equipping your teams with self management, success strategies of the mind and body to build resilience, thus reducing the high risk of absenteeism and burnout.

Book your stress management and resilience workshop today, click the button below to get started!

Stress Management Workshop Overview

During this team training session, we will challenge each individual with a speed reading task. This is created in such a way to trigger a small amount of stress – in doing so, the team are ‘actively in the moment’ of stress, they become acutely aware of the changes going on with their own temperament – being absolutely real with their reactions and feelings.

It is important to identify the trigger – or the moment when stress takes over our neutral state.

We have choices in the moment of stress – allow it to build bigger and take control over us. Or, recognise what is happening and take control of it. Self management for the win.

Stress Management is a role of everyone, it does not fall to HR nor does it fall to the line manager.

When you work in the retail sector, in any position you will be exposed to challenging situations that will raise cortisol levels (the stress hormone). To effectively manage stress, each person must recognise stress triggers. During this stress management workshop, we explore all possibilities of when triggers occur and together, score each component.

Often, effective stress management is seemingly impossible because you have never been taught how to recognise the onset.

This changes the moment the workshop starts.

One can lean back and talk rationally when at ease.

Switch on the stressors and really learn about yourself! Stress management is one of the quickest ways Managers can become leaders; you know the types of cool cats that never appear stressed at surface level? They have built emotional agility and resilience through experience and likely, self development.

We share techniques and strategies that have worked for more than 10 years to help your teams overcome stress and take back control before it becomes a larger issue for them and your business.

We run several activities throughout the day and also work through:

  • Chunking to avoid overwhelm – cognitive automations

  • Immersion training

  • Release the stress cycle and reprogram mindset triggers

  • Mind your mouth but first; master minding your mind

  • Shrug it off mentality pro’s and con’s

  • What can I learn from this moment – the method

Book your stress management and resilience workshop to prevent sickness and burnout.

Book your stress management and resilience workshop to equip teams with successful, self management strategies.

If you’d like to break this session into smaller bite-sized sessions, this can be done also – we are flexible to your needs and want to make sure this is as stress free as possible!

We also offer this session to corporate teams at office level who are often overwhelmed with continual tech or systems updates, global initiatives, internal politics, shareholder pressures, adapting to new routines and more.

People deserve to feel good at their place of work – when employees are happier, results are elevated across the entire ecosystem.

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