Strategies to Accelerate Devops Adoption

DevOps services in India

Why Opt for Dev Ops?

DevOps is not limited to changes implemented through tools and processes. It is a cultural and mind set change. Transitioning to a DevOps culture implies that the organisation must move together to achieve the desired outcome. Devops services in India has become one of the most trending IT buzzwords.

Think productivity, speed and profits and DevOps will eventually come into the picture.
These compiled statistics from Upgrad and cdnetwork on the efficacy of DevOps after adoption by companies will tell you why DevOps reigns supreme.

• 63% companies experienced better quality deployments
• Companies reported 96x quicker recovery post failures
• 55% companies observed better collaboration

The benefits that DevOps can offer include:

• Foster open channels of communication and collaboration
• Bring in transparency
• Optimise the delivery process to be more productive
• Accelerate delivery time
• Offer an effective feedback mechanism
• Help improve software quality
• Reduce overall cost

There is no doubt that DevOps can benefit businesses. But to transition successfully to DevOps, companies need superior digital transformation with proper stakeholder communication to ensure faster and continuous deliveries.

Premier companies like Orion offering Devops services in India will chalk out a strategic plan for the successful adoption of DevOps employing the best practices.

Let’s take a look at how you can accelerate DevOps adoptions with some best practices.

Mindset Matters

As we mentioned DevOps is a cultural transition and the entire organisation should be aligned to its importance and benefits. Every employee must approach it with an open mind and be ready to change the way they have traditionally worked. There will be iterations in the process flow. The ability to overcome failures is important to embrace the end business value. A quality driven mind set will speed up organisational success.

Define Your Plan

Planning the DevOps pipeline in advance will help you set the vision, quality standards and assign work methodically. Every organisation will have its own challenges and a customised approach to Devops consultant adoption works best. The end goals must be identified to create an actionable and result orient adoption strategy.

Some questions to steer companies can focus on

What is the value addition that it will bring?

Which is the best way to achieve our business goals.

What improvements can we consider?

Install a centralised DevOps unit

The centralised unit will manage the tools and implementation procedure. This unit will also provide mentoring programs and training. The unit will also decide on the tools and operating techniques to be deployed in project execution. The unit can be cross functional to bring in agility and robustness. Talent, continous learning and knowledge sharing is what will drive the success of any DevOps implementation.

Encourage Open Communication and Collaboration

Communication is crucial to the successful implementation and adoption of DevOps.All teams should be updated with all particulars related to the project so that development, deployment and operations can fit in seamlessly.

Tools and Automation

DevOps needs the right blend of tools and automation. Automation ensures scalability, flexibility, speed and consistency. Various tools are required for every phase of the DevOps lifecycle management. Automation will accelerate the delivery processes. It good to employ the best practices in DevOps automation to ensure quality in output. The DevOps teams can configure a tools strategy that can encompass all the stages.

Monitoring CI/CD Pipelines

Organisations should take advantage of the numerous DevOps monitoring, alerting, and visualization tools to identify any risks. To ensure a CI/CD pipeline that is agile and scalable, constant monitoring is vital. Constant monitoring can help with comparatives and help identify long term trends.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ensures a high quality software product that can enhance user experience and spell success for your organisation. It can make all the difference to the brand reputation. They also identify the tests to be run for bug management and elimination.

QA’s are in sync with the end users expectations and can add value to the development process. They can advise on functionalities and desired features.

Use metrics

Metrics are an important benchmark and offer a true assessment of improvement areas. Some key metric you can look into could average recovery time, deployment time, deployment frequency and failure rate etc. Metric will help you to prioritise and improve the efficiency of the DevOps lifecycle.


The successful implementation of Dev Ops requires a strategic and collaborative approach. It has to be done through an organisation mind set shift, willing to incorporate innovation and quality.

Partnering with a partner like Orionesolutions, who can offer the best DevOps services in India can take your company forward on the growth path.

If you would like to know more about how Orion can enhance your business growth with DevOps strategies, call us.


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