Stop Doing 7 Things If You Want To Live Longer


There are things out there that you can resolve in order to turn back your biological clock if you really wish to live longer. According to the research it has been seen that it is never too late to start off the healthy habits as a matter of fact, even if it involves taking ample rest under air conditioning Sydney.

The following are 7 main things that you need to stop doing now for staying fit and to live a longer life:

Stop eating processed foods

It is usually a shift to the consumption of more processed foods is one of the major dietary changes that have taken place over the last 30 years in many countries.

There is an increased amount of sodium, saturated fat, sugar and less amount of fiber along with processing. The outcome? You are prone to a lot more cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer as well as diabetes.

Stop smoking immediately

You know that it is quite hard to quit smoking if you are a smoker. The most preventable cause of death is the use of tobacco. A decade of life can be robbed out from you through smoking.

Your risk of getting cancer decreases each year, your blood pressure, as well as circulation, improves soon after you quit smoking. When you are staying tobacco-free, even your family members will be benefiting from it. You will even look younger when you quit smoking.

Do not hold a grudge

When you are feeling justified in your outrage, anger is usually a tough emotion to release them out. “is it worth the cortisol?” is the best question that you might ask yourself.

When you are stressed or are angry with the negative effects on your heart, metabolism, and the immune system, the levels of this stress hormone usually goes up. According to some studies it has been seen that high cortisol is associated with a greater rate of mortality.

Do not keep it to yourself 

By strengthening your immune system, staying social can be a great longevity booster as it helps in managing your stress. While bad relationships can leave you in a negative frame of mind putting you at risk of depression and even heart attacks, good relationships keep you strong.

If you are feeling down, have lost someone who was close to you or when you live far off from your family and friends, staying connected usually becomes a tough one to go about.

If you are new in this city, there are often times ways to re-engage and meet new people including volunteering and reaching out to others with similar interests through the networks like the business groups and the book clubs.

Do not be fearful

Conscientiousness consistently ranks as the most important ones, and perhaps the most important ones of all the personality traits. Why? The conscientious people usually engage in healthy behaviors such as eating well, exercising and following the advice of the doctors while avoiding risky behaviors such as smoking or driving too fast.

You need not have to confuse the conscientious or diligent with being neurotic about the health which is a trait that might be linked with negative emotions such as anxiety, depression or anger.

When it comes to a neurotic person, he or she might feel that they have cancer and refrain from visiting a doctor. The conscientious person, on the other hand, might still worry the same but gets screened and tested learning about the disease and gets treated in the timeliest fashion.

Do not cheat your night’s sleep

Your lifespan can be effected through the amount of sleep that you take under the installed ducted air conditioning Sydney and not only the lack of sleep can cause a driver to fall sleepy behind the wheels.

Sleeping too little or substantially more has been shown to place people at greater risk of death according to the epidemiological studies. You can easily ward off the stress through a good night’s sleep as well as get rid of depression as well as heart diseases.

You can easily take measures that can easily help you in keeping your bedroom dark and free from distractions while having the temperature on the cooler side as you learn to fall asleep pretty quickly. 

Do not stress

Stress takes a lot of toll on your body shortening your lifespan being similar to anger. You can easily improve your health in the long-term and the quality of life in the meantime when you try to reduce your stress.

When you are looking forward to de-stress yourself, journaling or writing in a diary, meditating and learning to relax are the best ways. You can give your brain the mini-vacation from anxiety and tension that it needs when you are working in just a few minutes of meditation a day even while you are at your desk.


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