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Today, stock trading goes beyond a simple domain of investment for professionals. Any individual with an electronic device has the scope to gain money through stock trading in India. Moreover, experienced traders and investors may manage risks and create consistent returns. For novice traders or intermediate traders, stock trading may seem to be a daunting process. They may enroll in different trading courses available in India. Acquiring requisite knowledge through a trading mentorship program will help them to stabilize their returns in the long run.

These programs will help them learn new trading strategies, ideas, or functions and apply them to make substantial profits even as a supplementary source of income. This article will serve as a complete guide on some of the best stock trading mentorship programs available for people in India. Before joining any stock trading course in India, let’s begin by keeping certain factors in mind.

Factors to consider before commencing with any mentorship course in stock trading

  • Avoiding institutions or trading courses with large marketing hypes.

Such marketing institutions have little or nothing to do with live markets. Instead, they are involved in acquiring new students to teach them trading without any practical exposure.

  • Preventing spending on costly trading courses.

Usually, suitable trading courses come at an affordable price range. The sole purpose of any stock trading program is to cut down the learning curve and make it efficient and time-saving for the learning trader.

Trading is a strategic business. It takes quite some motivation and experience to be successful s a stock market trader or investor. Hence, a good trading course shouldn’t be charging more in terms of the fees.

  • Learning only from experienced professionals and traders

People with decent experience in the financial market can only provide appropriate practical knowledge in trading commodities, stocks, or other instruments.

There may be instances when a certified technician might not have real-life trading experience. Ensure to inquire about this aspect before beginning with a course from a chosen platform.

  • Looking for relevant guidance post-training period

Trader’s development continues even after the completion of the enrolled trading program. Hence, choose a stock trading program where the mentor can offer guidance even after the program is completed. Selecting a mentor who focuses on appropriate information and practical knowledge is a must.

  • Avoiding the basic trading courses or technical analysis courses

Basic trading courses are available all over the internet. Hence, it’s better to start with courses at advanced levels. However, for beginners’ courses that begin at fundamental levels, make sure to choose ones that quickly escalate to advanced learning and a more practical approach to teaching stock trading.

  • Opting for courses conducted in the live market

Usually, trading coaches may pull out chart patterns to explain the trading concepts. However, the absence of the live market prevents novice traders from understanding the complexities of trading.

Trading can be simple and profitable. However, understanding concepts and methods in the absence of live trading markets can distort beginners’ understanding.

Top Stock Trading Mentorship Program India

  • ElearnMarkets

At Elearnmarkets, the trading mentorship program offers its enrolled participants proper guidance and mentorship to develop the right framework for the financial market as a successful trader.

For trading equities, index options, commodities, and currencies, traders must have critical skills like selecting low-risk entry points in the chosen stock, stock selection, managing risks and money, position size management, and re-entry on moderate pullbacks and partial profit booking.

With the help of this program, aspiring traders can learn all these aspects under the guidance of traders with adequate experience in Indian and international stock trading markets. This course is mentored by stock market giants Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Mr. Chetan Panchamia, and Mr. Souradeep Dey, who are very well-known for their ace trading techniques and stock market success.

The focus is on active swing and intraday trading in derivatives and equity. It allows the participants to develop the right frame of mind and approach consistency in success in the financial market.

This trading program allows participants to learn fundamental technical analysis, effective trading strategy, equity options, strategy discussions in real-time, and access the StockEdge app, a trading tool for further end of the day market research in India.

  • Udemy

At Udemy, interested people may come across a wide range of online stock trading courses for beginners at a remarkably low cost. In addition, it is a global provider of online courses on several investing topics.

For people who are new to stock investing, Udemy offers courses with a foundation knowledge that helps them upgrade themselves to higher levels. Further the learning curve to better understand how the stock market world works.

In addition, participants can learn about risk management, how orders are placed, and get introduced to chart analysis. Finally, dive deeper into stock analysis and trading with their pre-recorded video lessons. They involve expert instructions and demonstrations of specific trading techniques and strategies.

  • Bulls on Wall Street

It is one of the established stock trading course providers in the Indian and global stock markets. In addition, they offer mentorship trading programs in the form of live boot camp classes held during the nights, taught by the founder himself.

The aim is to provide practical experience with the help of remote group exercises and individual assignments. The participants gather for real-time market activity and apply their newly learned trading concepts. Besides, they have access to a trading simulator that offers relevant feedback and advice.

  • Investors Underground

Based on the industrial standards, Investors Underground is considerably the eldest amongst its peers in the financial and trading market. Keeping the prices competitive, this platform is a complete provider of educational courses and resources on stock trading programs.

Their community today is the largest and most active, which indicates the quality of the courses it offers. Beginning with the textbook trading course, it is suitable for novices to learn more about the fundamentals of stock trading.

Starting with the basics, the courses quickly elevate to advanced content, including practical application of trading tools and actionable trading setups. Having a membership here can also include access to monthly webinars.

  • Warrior Trading

This platform is suitable for everyone, irrespective of their stock trading experience levels. In addition, their mentorship program on trading provides investment research and an educational outlook for suiting the user’s needs. Hence, the program may work as a comprehensive course for all stock trading enthusiasts.

The core of Warrior trading is its educational offerings based on extensive resources like structured online courses, group mentoring, stock market simulators, and chat room access for a large trader community.

Beginner investors offer a systematic yet self-paced program on learning how to trade stocks. Apart from foundational content, this course provides a live trading chat room and real-time trading simulator to sharpen the skills in the practice setup.

Not to mention, this package is ideal for novices in trading with a fixed budget, willing to understand the financial and trading markets, its working, its psychology, and fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, the advanced trading courses involve various swing trading courses, day trading, options trading, and cryptocurrency trading courses.

Every trading course at Warrior Trading is meant to imbibe strategies like risk reduction, finding the right trading stocks, building appropriate trading strategies amongst its participants.

Bottom Line

Choosing any trading mentorship program from above may be considered a worthy decision for traders of any experience level. One may choose any of the stock trading courses based on individual circumstances, learning preferences, budgets, and their level of commitment towards learning.


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