Steps to Fix Webmail Password Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

webmail password issues in QuickBooks Desktop

The user can connect to online email services and send transactions directly from QuickBooks Desktop. If he/she sees a message about an incorrect email or password, it can be fixed using some set of steps that we will be discussing later in this post. This post will help you solve any errors related to webmail password in QuickBooks. For more details, make sure to read the post till the end or can also contact our QuickBooks support team at +1-888-351-0999. We are a team of technically sound experts who work round the clock to provide the best possible support services.


Steps to fix the issue

Step 1: The first step is to update QuickBooks

Step 2: And check your email settings


Check your app preferences. Something may be blocking the connection to your Google account:

  • The user can set access preferences for specific apps, like QuickBooks.
  • Go back into QuickBooks and email yourself a test transaction.
  • If you still can’t send emails, you can turn off the 2-Step Verification feature for your Gmail account. Important: This turns it off for all apps, not just QuickBooks.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail uses a 2-Step Verification process. Review your security settings:

  • The user needs to go to your Yahoo Account Security page.
  • And then, turn on the Two-step verification and Allow apps that use less secure sign in features.
  • After that, go back in to QuickBooks and email yourself a test transaction.
  • If you still can’t send emails, use the Yahoo’s generate third-party app passwords tool. It creates a random password you can use to connect QuickBooks. You only need to do this once. Note: If you’re batch sending emails, the password will expire after sending 12 invoices or transactions. You’ll need to generate a new third-party app password to continue.
  • Follow the steps to get a password.
  • Go back in to QuickBooks and email yourself a test transaction.
  • In the Password field box, enter the third-party app password. Then select OK.
  • Note: To send email to QuickBooks, Yahoo mail powered by AT&T, now generates a secure mail key when sending emails via third-party desktop app as its new feature.

Step 3: Check your antivirus settings

The antivirus software may accidentally block the connection. Search your antivirus provider’s website for steps to allow port exceptions. Here are the steps for Norton and McAfee.

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At the end of the post, we expect that the reader might be successfully able to get rid of the issue. However, if the error persists, the user can get in touch with our QuickBooks Email Support experts at+1-888-351-0999and let them handle the issue for you.

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