Statement of the Education Secretary on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Grant by Secretary of Education:-

In the pandemic of Covid-19, the Secretary of Education bestowed an endowment of one billion pounds to the teaching faculty to combat influences of the epidemic across the state. The government announced to reopen schools at the start of September, so faculty and management needed extra funds from authorities to operate schools at their best. The Secretary of Education encouraged all the teaching faculty and announced to support them in all possible ways.


Alarming situation of the epidemic at the current time:-

The Joint Bio-security Centre from London has stated that the first wave of the pandemic is passed by and now it is time for the second wave of coronavirus to attack. However, this attack will be mild as compared to the first wave of the pandemic. Moreover, there is a gradual decrease in daily cases of coronavirus disease, recorded as a downtrend from level 4 to level 3. This statement is further verified by the Chief Medical Officers from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They provided a brief database of shreds of evidence and record. A gradual decrease in coronavirus cases noticed in these areas. But it does not mean that the coronavirus pandemic is finished. Still, it is spreading among the people, but the speed of spread is slowed down now as it is the second wave of outbreak.


Number of cases in the UK:-

Chief Medical Officers has provided a database to the authorities, and it reveals that the total number of 7,433,114 tests are conducted until now for coronavirus across the country. Out of these, 169,600 tests were conducted for only yesterday in the country. From all these tests, 301,815 people are declared positive for coronavirus disease. Since there is an increase of 1,346 people from yesterday.


Research of SAGE:-

SAGE is a multinational company situated in Newcastle upon Tyne, the UK, which provides accounting software all over the world. SAGE has shown in research that the R factor for the UK is still the same from the last week as it resides at 0.7 to 0.9. While here R factor is the average of people affected by other confirmed patients of coronavirus. Although the R factor for the UK is lower than that for other countries, it still shows an alarming situation across the country.


Collection of data from Hospitals:-

On the 1st of April, 3,432 patients with coronavirus disease were admitted to hospitals situated in England, Northern Ireland, and Whales. However, the infected population then decreased to a significant value. As database from hospitals, only 494 patients of coronavirus disease were admitted to hospitals on 16 June. They are overcoming the spread of coronavirus gradually every week.


On 12 April, the total number of 3,301 coronavirus patients were confined to mechanical ventilators. But now there is a significant decrease in the number of severe patients. As recorded a week ago, only 354 patients were held on ventilators. These records stand for England and its surrounding areas like Whales and Northern Ireland.


Across the UK, there are now 5,030 patients of coronavirus admitted in hospitals. It shows a decrease of ten percent people as compared to last week as there were 5,608 patients of coronavirus in hospitals the previous week. But the population was so high in April, relatively 20,699 patients were admitted to hospitals at the start of April. The spread of coronavirus followed a similar pattern in most areas of the UK but showed variations among nations. The black-skinned people are affected more than white-skinned as a calculation of double.


Fatalities were due to coronavirus:-

According to the database, the total number of deceased people by coronavirus disease is 42,461 until now. There is an increase of 173 deaths noticed since yesterday. The average death rate for a week is around 140 which is too much decreased from a level of 943 started in April.


Reopening of schools:-

Although the government issued orders to close all educational institutes in March due to pandemics of coronavirus, there were some schools and nurseries still opened in the epidemic. It created a lot of trouble for the pupils and faculty members. The government realized very late to control the pandemic situation of coronavirus. Thus authorities issued new orders to close all the educational institutions completely till the outbreak of disease is stopped. Now from the start of this month, nursery schools are opened for regular classes. And the government allowed institutes to reopen entirely at the beginning of September.


Teachers and schools want the maximum number of pupils to rejoin schools as soon as possible. Because they have met already a significant loss of studies in a pandemic situation, they will provide relaxation to pupils by decreasing the class times to some extent, so that there is less exposure to epidemic conditions. Parents are anxious about the health risks of their children, but the government assured them that it is the first most responsibility of authorities to take care of the health of their children. They will not compromise on safety measures in any condition. For making sure a healthy environment in schools, the government has passed a grant for schools. The Minister of Education Department said, “We will take care of the health of every pupil and teaching member on a priority basis. Parents should now encourage their children to rejoin schools, as schools play a vital role in nation-building.”


The government has issued a policy on safety measures that every school is obliged to. They have arranged a step to control the spread of coronavirus in schools and colleges. Moreover, a grant of one billion pounds will be given to educational institutes as a catch-up fund for their losses in this pandemic time of crises. The government has also fixed a grant for schools of deployed areas because they have more risk to fall behind the current needs of the time. All the schools in the state of England will be furnished with a special grant of 650 million pounds for meeting the losses they bore at the time of the pandemic.


Teachers are also encouraged by stipends by the Education Department on individual levels as teachers have to make extraordinary efforts now to improve the momentum of studies and to provide quality education to pupils. The Education Department organized a specialized training for newly recruited teachers, they will be offered free training material and also be given certificates on the successful completion of training.

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