Starting a Used Car Dealership? – Check out the Pros & Cons

Starting a Used Car Dealership? - Check out the Pros & Cons

Every car dealership is different, and each one offers a unique product mix based on its unique business model. A car dealer may choose to focus on selling automobiles from a single car manufacturer, a decision that often pays off but restricts them from selling other models. 

Another alternative is to offer a car dealership of both new and used vehicles, which is not limited to a certain car manufacturer. In either case, there are certain perks and drawbacks to both buying and selling. 

A used car dealership contains a wide variety of vehicles, each with a unique make, model, year, and condition. Most used car dealerships are smaller than new car dealerships, and you should find a wide range of prices and cars to choose from. If you are considering getting into the business, read about the pros and cons of starting a used car dealership mentioned in this article. 

Starting a used car dealership: pros & cons

Pros of Used Car Dealership

  • It’s no secret that the used-car dealership industry is a lucrative one. Fewer than a third of all car purchases in the United States are for brand-new models. Over two-thirds of buyers choose used vehicles. There are a plethora of reasons for this, including the low cost of pre-owned vehicles and the sheer volume of vehicles available for exchange. 
  • It is estimated that the used car market in the United States is approximately twice as large as the new car market. There is a three-fold increase in the overall demand for automobiles compared to the new-vehicle market. 
  • Your favorite automobile brand’s showroom staff may have reminded you of a price discrepancy between two models of the same car when you were there last time. When it comes to buying a used car, it’s not important what options you have. If you do your homework, you may be able to find a high-end, less-used car on the used car market for a lesser price than you would have spent if you had purchased a new car.
  • A car’s value can drop as much as 50% in the first year, depending on the make and model. Thanks to used car dealerships, the dream of owning an automobile is coming true at a cheaper price range for buyers.

Cons of Used Car Dealership

  • Even though the used car industry has a bigger volume of transactions than the new car market, only a small percentage of these sales are financed through banks. Only 17% of used automobiles are financed, compared to 75% of new cars, which is a stark contrast. 
  • Another problem lenders confront is the valuation of the vehicle, which is not uniform as for new cars. For example, the price of each car model varies depending on the model year, mileage, color, and city in which it is purchased. If the transaction takes place in a regulated marketplace, it is beneficial. 
  • If you have credit, you are constantly under pressure to trade in your car as soon as possible. The vehicle must be sold within 30 days in order to maintain the minimum markup. 
  • Finding a decent deal requires some time and effort. Starting a used car dealership is all about figuring out where you’ll get your used automobiles from to stock your lot. 


The used car dealership industry is projected to attract more attention from the general public in the near future. There is a lot of competition in the used automobile market since there are many ways to make a lot of money with very little investment. This line of work necessitates a thorough understanding of both automobiles and the people with whom they must interact. 

Dealers are finding high-quality automobiles, repairing them, and increasing their value. The typical profit for a used car dealer is between $500 and $2,000 per vehicle. This is presuming that they handle the majority of the business alone and are skilled at advertising. 

A used car in a dealership normally sits in the lot for 50-60 days before it is sold at auction. As a used automobile dealer, you should only deal with vehicles that have a history of selling well. These include the vehicles that the average person in your neighborhood uses. Cars that are under ten years old and have fewer than 10,000 kilometers on them sell the quickest. So, these are the pros & cons of starting a used car dealership business.


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