Sponsorship of a Diploma in Nautical Science: A Magnificent Intention


In the merchant navy, sponsorship implies that you will get a letter of employment from an organization and will work on their ship following completion of your training. You will have the chance to get sea service experience while earning a stipend throughout your training period. Nowadays, practically all maritime universities and institutions provide sponsorship opportunities due to their affiliation with several big shipping corporations.

In the shipping business, approved employers and agents must get a Recruitment and Placement Services License, abbreviated as RPSL, as ordered by the Directorate General of Shipping. An RPSL number has been assigned to each of these organisations and persons. Numerous significant maritime corporations, such as Maersk and Anglo Eastern, fund meritorious individuals who have passed the joint admission examination (CET).

To get sponsorship dns course, it is essential that you be well informed about the shipping firm’s employment requirements and qualifying criteria to which you are applying. Those who have passed their 12th grade with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as main courses and are medically fit are eligible to appear for the Indian Maritime University’s sponsorship exam (IMU).

B.E. Marine, B.Sc. Nautical Science and DNS are just a few of the maritime degrees that provide sponsorship opportunities. For the first two courses, sponsorship often occurs during the last semester. However, the procedure to apply for DNS sponsorship begins in early March, since the IMUCET is held in June, followed by the admission process in July and the course starting in August. It is critical for applicants who pass CET to complete 18 months of sea duty in order to qualify for sponsorship.

Because sponsorship is awarded only on the basis of merit, it is critical for students and guardians to avoid dubious firms that provide a guarantee in exchange for money. The most straightforward approach to determine whether or not a legal company adheres to DG Shipping criteria is to examine whether or not they do.

Sponsorship is a job confirmation process that requires passing a series of examinations administered by several maritime corporations.

Preparing for tests is the most excellent approach to ensuring your job security and a legal requirement.

  • The DNS course is often taken after the completion of the following:

12th grade (PCM 60%); or

Sc (PCM)/B.Sc (Electronics with Physics as individual subject in one of the years) Not less than 60%; or

E./B.Tech from an IIT or an AICTE-accredited institute; minimum grade point average of 50%

These sessions cover all stages of the selection process, including application, aptitude exam, online exam, panel interview exam, psychometric exam, and medical test.

Prior to enrolling in their pricey courses, we assist our prospects in obtaining sponsorship from prominent shipping businesses.

  • Our primary purpose is –

Aims to give candidates job stability prior to beginning their training and assist them in navigating the merchant navy without incurring high placement costs.

  • Efforts to combat corruption –

Several agencies in India charge several lakhs of rupees for placement services; our goal is to assist applicants in saving money and obtaining sponsorship from prominent shipping firms without paying exorbitant placement/recruitment fees. Preparing for tests is the most effective approach to ensure your job security and is also a legal requirement.

The following are the advantages of our coaching programmes:

  • Occupational security –

Prior to enrolling in the course, an applicant should acquire employment by being sponsored by a reputable shipping firm.

  • Savings of a large sum –

After completing the course, there is no placement/recruitment cost; the applicant gets placed with the same firm that sponsored them in the beginning. Our sponsorship preparation programmes are really reasonably priced.

  • Time savings –

After the training, valuable time is saved, and the process of job hunting is eliminated, since the position is secured prior to beginning the course (sponsorship). The candidate must report to the sponsoring employer and confirm their date of employment.

  • Sponsorship/Position in a well-known corporation –

Even if a candidate pays a hefty fee for placement (to agents, etc. ), we reduce this danger by preparing and passing examinations for prominent and reputable shipping businesses.

  • Guidance from a professional and legal process –

Our competent and devoted staff consists of sailing officers and expert trainers who will assist you in achieving your objective in the most legal and efficient manner possible.

  • Sponsorship for a Diploma in Nautical Science

Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS Sponsorship) is a one-year residential diploma programme that leads to a three-year B.Sc. in Nautical Science after 18 months of sea service and also to a 2nd Mate Foreign Going Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, enabling cadets to work as Navigating Officers on Merchant Navy Ships anywhere in the world.

The course is aimed to cover all of the critical issues associated with the DNS Sponsorship business, including navigation, ship maintenance, and cargo operations, among others. This course covers both academic and practical elements of nautical technology.

This course requires sponsorship.

  • The dns sponsorship eligibility criteria :

(a) Pass the 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English as distinct courses with a PCM average of at least 60%.


B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Electronics with Physics as a separate subject in one of the years, with a final-year average of at least 50% of marks.


Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT or an institution approved by AICTE with an average of at least 50% in the final year.


(b) Candidates must have attained a minimum of 50% in the English language in the tenth or twelfth grades or in a degree programme offered by a recognized Board or university.

Visual Acuity:

For DGS-accredited courses, e.g. DNS, There must be no sign of any pathological condition of either eye or the lids of either eye that may be prone to aggravation or recurrence throughout the course of the B.Sc. (Nautical Science). Candidates must have acceptable binocular vision (Fusion faculty and entire field of vision in both eyes). Eyeballs must move freely in all directions, and pupils must respond appropriately to light and accommodation.

(a) Distance vision (1.0 *(6/6) in the better eye and 0.67*(6/9) in the other eye when alone;

(a) The Ishihara test chart must be used to determine normal colour vision.


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