Solutions For Some Common Garmin GPS Errors

Solutions For Some Common Garmin GPS Errors

Hey, have you figured out some common Garmin GPS errors? That’s totally fine. This article will let you know about all the errors that can trouble or troubling you and also share solutions to fix all those problems step by step accurately.

First, we would like to welcome you warmly and we hope this article will provide the best and smart solutions, keeping in mind the value of your time.

There’s Something Amazing

Dear users, you can very easily and smartly overcome all the issues that you are confronting with Garmin on your own. If you will follow the guidelines properly shared below then for surety you will soon get out of this trouble.

If you will skip any of the instructions then it would be difficult for you to get rid of some common Garmin GPS errors.

Here Are Some Common Garmin GPS Errors And Its Solutions

Now, we are going to share the best tips and tricks with you. Hopefully, these steps will resolve your problem. So, lets without consuming more time, look below. Are you ready to solve it? Great, there you go…

Error: Garmin Frozen Screen

Dear users, basically because of internal defects sometimes the Garmin screen gets frozen. If your problem is this too then all you have to do is to do a soft reset. Doing this will surely help you to overcome the frozen screen issue.


If you don’t know the steps to do a soft reset of Garmin then we have also shared steps with you. The steps will surely help you to do reset.

Just hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds {Till the screen does not go blank}, and wait for 5 minutes. After that again press the same button {Power button} till the screen does not appear and there you are free from the freezing of the Garmin screen.

Helpful To You: Dear users, sometimes this error starts troubling as the screen of the gadget is broken. So, if the Garmin screen is broken then just replace it with a new one.

Error: Garmin Stuck At Startup

Most of the user’s problem with Garmin is that it stuck at startup, but trust us, there is nothing to be worried about. Basically you will be seeing Garmin Logo on the screen right? To fix this issue you just have to follow the steps suggested in the bulleted points beneath.


We have mentioned 3 methods with you to fix the stacking issue of Garmin. Start from method 1st and carry on till you do not succeed.

Method 1st

Kindly press the power button till the screen doesn’t go off {At least for 15 to 20 seconds}, then after that wait for a few minutes and again press that button till the screen does not appear.

Method 2nd

Sometimes, unnecessary data is also responsible for the stuck of Garmin at startup. This method will hopefully help you if 1st didn’t work.

  • So, firstly you have to continuously press the Back button {LAP button}.
  • You have to hold the button till the screen does not appear.
  • After that go to the “Menu”.
  • There click on “Clean user data”.
  • Click on the “Yes” option.
Method 3rd
  • So, just hold and release the power button.
  • You will see Garmin Logo on your screen then, if yes, then you are going right.
  • Just hold the start and back buttons together.
  • Now, it’s time to release the buttons, wait doesn’t release them together.
  • First release the “Start” button.
  • And after that release the “Back” button.

And there you go. Hopefully, you will now be free from the Garmin stuck at startup issue.

Error: Garmin Connect Sync Failed

Garmin Connect is a very helpful app that resolves all the issues related to Garmin instantly and very easily. To get access to it you have to connect your Garmin device with the Garmin Connect app.

Oops, Garmin Connect sync failed error causing trouble to you? Do not worry, just by following the steps below you will soon get free from the sync failed issue.

  • Just turn off the Bluetooth from your smartphone {In which the Garmin Connect app is installed}.
  • After 3 or 4 seconds turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Uninstall the Garmin Connect app and then,
  • Again install the Garmin Connect app.

When it gets installed reboot your device immediately.

Helpful To You: users, while installing the Garmin Connect app make sure that the mobile should be connected to the internet. Also, the internet should be strong and stable enough so that the app should be installed accurately.

Error: Garmin Not Working

It is the most common issue faced by the majority of Garmin users. If your problem is also similar then just carefully comprehend the steps stated below.

Update Garmin

If you haven’t updated your Garmin GPS then just do it now as this issue sometimes causes trouble to you. If the update doesn’t take place then the device starts destroying and even will not work properly.


  • Go to the official website of Garmin Express.
  • Tap on the option to download Garmin Express, choose the download option according to your device.
  • Kindly double-tap on that application after it gets installed,
  • Select the terms and conditions,
  • Also, click on the checkbox for confirmation.
  • Then just click on the Install option.
  • You have to follow the on-screen instructions correctly to update Garmin Nuvi devices.
  • Then launch the Garmin Express option when the installation gets completed.

Charge Garmin

Sometimes, there is no issue causing your device but just because of low charge the users face Garmin not working issues. So, hopefully, you know what you have to do, right? Yes, you simply just have to charge your Garmin gadget for approx. half an hour.

Reboot Garmin

Restarting will also help you to deal with the Garmin not working issue. There is nothing hard in it. Most of the users get free from this trouble just by rebooting the gadget. As expected this will be helpful to you too.

Thank you for your time and kind faith…


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