Solar energy for residences is a growing trend in Australia, and rightfully so.


The amount of solar connected to the electric grid has seen exponential growth in recent years, with approx. 2 million Australian households now generating their own power with solar energy.

This clean energy source is not only making the electric grid more reliable but also helping solar homeowners save money and increase the value of their homes. With increasing interest and abundant information available, we would like to highlight five benefits of residential solar in Australia:

Benefit 1: Solar panels are becoming more affordable

Residential solar is now more affordable than ever, especially with government incentives like rebates and feed-in tariffs. These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost of installing solar systems, making them more accessible to homeowners. Additionally, various financing options are available to further reduce the financial burden.

Benefit 2: You can save money with solar energy

Solar offers significant potential for saving money on monthly utility bills, which is particularly attractive as utility costs continue to rise. The amount saved depends on factors such as electricity consumption, system size, and generation capacity. Options like feed-in tariffs allow homeowners to earn credits for excess energy generated, further enhancing savings.

Benefit 3: Ensure power during grid disruptions

Generating your own solar power provides independence during power outages. Solar-plus-storage systems, which pair residential solar with battery storage, offer reliable power regardless of weather or time of day. As battery technology improves and incentives for energy storage increase, investing in battery storage becomes more appealing for Australian households.

Benefit 4: Increase the value of your home with solar

Investing in a solar energy system can increase your home’s value. Studies have shown that solar panels are seen as upgrades, attracting premium prices from home buyers. Even third-party owned systems can add value, particularly prepaid leases.

Benefit 5: Solar works in diverse climates

Solar panels only require sunlight to generate electricity, making them suitable for various climates across Australia. Government initiatives and regulations ensure solar panels perform optimally regardless of climate, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

You don’t need to own a house to benefit from solar energy

Renting or living in a high-rise building isn’t a barrier to solar energy adoption in Australia. Community solar programs allow multiple participants to share the benefits of a single solar array, either onsite or offsite. Costs are divided among participants, making solar accessible to all, with the option to negotiate participation in the shared system upon moving.

Choosing the right installer

Selecting a reputable solar installer such as Outback Solar is crucial for the success of your solar project. Look for installers with experience, proper certifications, and positive customer reviews. They can provide expert advice, quality installation, and ongoing support to maximize the benefits of solar panels for your home.


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