SMS In Australia: It’s Time To Start Texting Your Customers


SMS, the one-worded and three letters, are known to achieve greater leads and sales. It can be shocking, but the SMS gateway is now the most popular marketing even after introducing digital and social media marketing. 

What is SMS Gateway? 

SMS Marketing

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, as its name suggests, “it, i.e. the transmission of short SMS over mobile devices by utilizing the web, mobile or phone, web communication systems.” SMS has been around and the best way to engage with family. But, there is still a lot of misunderstanding and myths about the effectiveness of SMS marketing for consumer engagement and business communications. 

Don’t think much. Let’s look at the interesting benchmarks set by SMS gateways, which clears all your doubts and know why SMS is the ultimate channel for every business. 

  • 75% of the audience likely to receive offers via SMS
  • Mobile offers are mostly redeemed 10x frequently than those print offers.
  • Promotional SMS have a CTR of around 36%, that’s 8 times less than the SMS rivalry email’s average CTR. Getting an SMS is quite personal where people ate likely to opt for the SMS from a business they want to buy.
  • Now, just 43% of Australian customers texting with the business. So, you have all the room to grow and to develop good connections with the audience.

These aren’t only a few impressive numbers, and these are also the real proof of why major brands looking at SMS. SMS is personal, simple, and even more convenient than other forms of communication. If it is not in the marketing mix till now, then it should be now. 

What is the future looking for SMS?

SMS gateway

Studies proved that SMS gateway open rates are great with the 98%, of open rates. It al’s take just 90 sec to get a response to the SMS. 

Also, 75% of the people recommend that they be happy to get an offer through SMS. SMS marketing, with further digital marketing platforms, is surely rising in popularity. Across the world, people easily spend trillion dollars daily influenced via mobile shopping. By steering traffic to the business via SMS, one could enhance a vital platform for on-the-go purchasing decisions. People mostly tend to buy products only after searching through their phones. 

SMS messages are also best as they are straightforward and short. With the 160-character limitation and sharp approaches from brands, you can always have fun and straight-to-point information that usually people like. Short and precise copy attracts people. When it’s integrated with vouchers, links, surveys, and tickets, the benefits are going to double. Here is the reason why SMS marketing can be the future of marketing. 

  1. SMS marketing in Australia has an engagement rate that outdoes most other channels. As social media and email, which are the main channels for marketing, are just left in the end compared to the SMS engagement stats like response rates or open rates. 
  2. A jaw-dropping open rate of 98% and 90% of the SMS campaigns get a direct response which is the perfect engagement rate that traditional marketers like. 
  3. SMS is seen as a trustworthy marketing and communication form, as only 10% of the SMS campaigns are known to be spam. 
  4. Being a trusted channel, you can know why 9 out of 10 people admitted that they prefer SMS from their favorite brand than from other marketing platforms. 
  5. With 7 billion subscriptions for SMS engagements over our planet and that huge potential reach for everyone, you will be a total fool if you didn’t invest in SMS marketing.
  6. Over 48% of people go with their mobiles before they shop or search for any brand. With 78% of the mobile searches for business details, results lead to purchase easily.

SMS messaging works on texting and segmentation 

If a brand wants their SMS to resonate with consumers and provoke them to action or learn how SMS can be effective to the brand, you should look at two things. 

  1. Know the customers: When you opt-in to get SMS messages from the brand, the brand needs to have good data about customers’ purchasing habits and interests. All you need to do is send compelling offers which drive right to their behavior. 
  2. Find the disparities within your consumers: SMS marketing which sends out random text message blasts to your whole subscribers, is a total waste of time. For instance, if you started a back-to-school sale, then there will not be any purpose if you send those messages to people above 20 years old. Also, sending texts that aren’t in their interests is considered to be a scam. 

SMS compliance in Australia

Compliance is vital everywhere. That is a way to make sure you obey all the data privacy regulations.

As per the Spam regulation 20213 and spent act 20032, that governs the delivering text messages across Australia. You could only send the SMS to people who gave their nod to receive their messages. 

You can specify yourself as the sender who offers the consumers an option of unsubscribing. This is why SMS gateway, as Guni SMS, has good compliance measures already built by default. So, you don’t need to stress after sending the SMS. 

SMS gateway compliance is all about ensuring your consumers don’t feel like spam and their SMS experience turns positive. Through Customer-First Data, you can segment the audience depending on your behaviors and interests. You can develop meaningful SMS they will love. Also, you don’t need to rely on third-party platforms to gather details your consumers didn’t provide you.

Not only is SMS marketing legal across Australia, it even offers good control on the consumer experience. That makes your SMS marketing compelling from compliant. 



Every potential customer should experience the business by using a mobile device. That’s where SMS can be a huge part of the marketing and has been a crucial point to develop a better online experience for the customers. 

Guni SMS is an effective and affordable SMS gateways service based in Australia that offers transactions SMS, bulk SMS to SMS marketing services, and more. The best thing about it is, you can get free 20 SMS to try out the services. Contact Guni SMS, today to talk to the SMS experts and know more about how SMS can be crucial for your business.


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