Smart Ways to Grow on Clubhouse – Easy Guide

Grow on Clubhouse

Let’s start with why video platforms are losing ground? What effect does 8K have on the video experience? Social and streaming platforms have been obsessing over visuals for several years now. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that people are becoming more callous to the use of visuals as a means of communication, it appears that visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat could be seeing fewer visitors simply because people’s minds are becoming desensitized to constant visual stimulation.

Digital technology is taking over the world! And there are a lot of things about it that people love. The demand for apps that not only provide entertainment but also strengthen our relationships with others is at an all-time high. Part of this is due to users’ desire to continually meet new people and physically hang out; part of it might be attributed to an innate human vulnerability for establishing connections with other people, even when doing so virtually. 

Whatever the reason, apps like Chillr, which allow you to join rooms without broadcasting your physical appearance on camera as well as connecting viewers with content creators, have been gaining momentum among their fans in recent years, by providing users a digital experience that mimics hanging out with a close friend sans having to see them or wear something specific.

Here’s how to build a clubhouse following

You’ve made a channel on Clubhouse. How do you go from a few dozen subscribers to thousands or even millions? We are here to tell you the best way to reach that next level of growth.

Grow on Clubhouse

Early Arrival is Best

The sooner you get on Clubhouse, the better. The platform is still relatively new and it gives you an early advantage of getting in there and learning how to navigate the app itself instead of simply accessing it all and figuring out how to use it. 

If there’s the area(s) you specialize in such as photography or social media, now’s a great time to let people know this information so they can give you their business-related tasks to do! On top of that, now is a good opportunity for starting up your own Clubhouse brand and making sure that yours always succeeds when others are just starting – if you know what we mean.

Use your passion and interest to grow a large community by hosting regular events, encouraging conversations, and engaging with other people who share your passions. Celebrities will take notice and want to use their influence for the legitimacy of the platform.

Fill out your Clubhouse bio

The bio is what we see first on Clubhouse. It’s important to fill the bio with valuable and relevant information that people can appreciate to find out who you are and what skills you have. Therefore, make sure that you take time and space for creating a great bio that will impress everyone who encounters it.

The first three lines of your bio are the most important and your avatar is just as crucial as well. Users who visit your profile should instantly know about what you do, for who, and how you can be reached. Adding relevant emojis to make your bio stand out is just one way a user will be able to quickly judge you. 

While it’s nice that Clubhouse, clearly a social network, wants to add all of our social media handles to the platform, adding links showing off our accomplishments or areas we specialize in is much more beneficial. Because at the end of the day, users want to quickly understand who it is they’re dealing with before deciding whether or not they should approach or contact so this is an easy way for them to get a glimpse into our expertise without having to.

Engage influencers and powerhouses in the Clubhouse

When you sign up on Clubhouse, you get one invite to bring someone on the app. You will receive more invites when you constantly use the app – which is a good thing! When deciding who or what to be your next project, make sure to look at it from all sides and know that there is nothing wrong with taking others’ advice when it comes down to making important decisions. Remember, we’re here for you every step of the way!

Don’t waste your invitations on people who won’t use your app. Analyze your contact list, making conscious decisions about who you should invite to boost your community. If you know any influential people who could benefit from the ways in which their participation can help make Clubhouse better for everyone, send them an invite and encourage them to join the community!

The clubhouse is still new and wants to attract more powerhouses to the platform. This includes celebrities, influencers, content creators, and niche experts. It, therefore, tends to favor people who invite such powerhouses to the platform. It will recommend your profile as well as your content to new users joining the platform, thus helping you grow your following on Clubhouse.

Participate in “rooms” and raise your hand

In Clubhouse, there are dozens of places one can go to have a meaningful conversation. The key to having one – however – is to not be afraid to talk. And this is where many people fail because conversation often involves the willingness to stop by and say hello before starting in on what someone has said. 

The good thing about this is that it will feel so natural that you probably won’t even realize you are learning something until you leave the building. As a member of the audience, don’t be shy; if someone says something interesting, ask them why they did what they did or how they got to that point! It’s these spontaneous moments that often lead to learning as well as friendship-building opportunities!

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It is your responsibility to let the audience know that you want to address an issue or take part in a discussion by making eye contact with those who are presiding over the stage. Allow others to finish talking before speaking yourself, even if it’s at all necessary for more than a minute to ensure everyone gets the chance to speak their piece. 

If you’re up on stage make sure you provide fantastic value to the audience by making what you have to say as interesting and important as possible so that they walk away having gleaned valuable knowledge and information from you! If you get this right clients will notice and feel encouraged to continue being involved with your business.

Briefly describe yourself before asking a question

An introduction is important when you speak at conferences, especially when there are a lot of people paying attention to you. When you’re allowed to ask a question, briefly announce yourself and tell the others in the room who you are and what you do for work. This helps others relate to you and find out if what they do is somehow connected so that they could start learning more about it too!

Collaboration over the competition – host panels

To help alleviate the pressure, try to be more social with experts within your industry. Having many people involved increases your chances of success. So why not invite them to your office or home for some much-needed brainstorming sessions? 

Also, note that when it really comes down to making decisions about key issues, you need to remain at the center of control and otherwise you risk pulling in multiple directions which could lead your team strictly down the wrong path.

You can ask a Clubhouse user to co-host your project with you. Notifications are sent to their followers so they know that someone special is involved in it, which means your co-host’s followers might get involved as well and attend your event as a result. Collaborate over competing if you want more people attending your events on Clubhouse!

Form a club by applying

One of Clubhouse’s best features is that it makes it easy to create communities. Each community has a unique non-hierarchical structure made possible by creating different sections of topics. The platform allows users to group around one specific topic and comment on each other’s thoughts concerning the conversation. 

This will allow you as a user to be identified as an industry expert in your particular line of business. Followers will be notified when you go live, so the more well-read and credible you are, the more willing viewers you’ll have because they’ll trust both your expertise and the quality of your material – comments included!


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