Sketch to WordPress Conversion: A Step-by-Step Process

Sketch to WordPress Conversion

Whether you want to develop a simple blog or a more complex business website, Sketch to WordPress conversion gives you more room for refinement. Indeed, with this method, you can create an engaging and unique website as it allows you to create a custom solution. Therefore, it is pretty common for entrepreneurs to create Sketch files for their business website and build the actual idea by converting the files into a WordPress theme. Similarly, you can also create an outstanding website for your business with the Sketch to WordPress process. This blog post brings the simple steps for converting your Sketch files into a WordPress theme. 

Ways to convert Sketch to WordPress theme

There are many ways how you can achieve Sketch to WordPress conversion. But every method may not work for you depending on your skill level and expertise. Moreover, if you are well-informed about the process and know how to code in HTML and PHP, you are good to go to accomplish this project. If you lack the skills, the best way is probably to hire a professional Sketch to WordPress developer for quality results. The following are the top methods for completing the conversion process. 

Manual method for Sketch to WordPress

In this method, you have to complete the conversion process by yourself. You need to take the necessary steps to perform the conversion. However, this process is feasible for you if you have some coding skills. You can finish this process by following the below steps:

Analyze the files

Before heading towards the Sketch to WordPress theme conversion process, you must first analyze your files. Usually, the files consist of various elements, where some are static, and some are non-static. You have to find out and separate the content for a smooth conversion. Separation is important as you can make non-static content dynamically with CSS, like buttons but not an image. So, you can keep such items. 

Slice the elements

Slice sections of your web pages like header, footer, sidebar, etc. You will have to create separate PHP files for these elements. You can also use Sketch to export your files into HTML code. 

Sketch to HTML

Write HTML code for your Sketch design, ensuring pixel-perfection. You will have to validate the HTML and make sure it’s SEO friendly. 

Sketch to WordPress theme

Now, this is the step where you have to create the relevant WordPress theme for your HTML template. You can do this by manually converting HTML code to WordPress or by creating a child theme. 

Professional service for HTML to WordPress

Another method of converting HTML templates to WordPress themes that is safe and effective is hiring a professional developer. Using this method, you can get the best results for your business website. An HTML to WordPress developer has the skills and experience to provide the best quality solution to you. You can utilize their expertise when you lack the required knowledge. 

Final note

Creating the best website is an aspiration of every entrepreneur. Sketch design to WordPress theme conversion is one of the creative ways of developing a unique and excellent website. You can utilize this process for your business website. However, you must choose the right method for conversion to get the best output. 

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