Six Ways You Can Have A Surprise Party

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Six Ways You Can Have A Surprise Party

We all love surprises and obviously to surprise others, don’t we? Mumbai is a city of dreams but something that makes the place much more amazing is the party, the glitters, and the cake. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a mood-opening casual party, there’s no end to the party cravings. On that note, here are six best ways how you can surprise your loved one in the city.

Dining party

You love to eat, but you don’t feel like going to a restaurant. You don’t know where to find authentic dishes from Kashmir, Mangalore, and Sikkim. You wish to celebrate your beloved birthday by devouring good food, Meal Tango, or even their too-choosy vada pao? Going to a fancy restaurant and eating the regular might not be the best idea but having something of your own and visiting a nice hangout with best buddies surely is. And what’s an occasion without a cake? Yes, order online cake and get your party planned because online cake delivery in Mumbai is your préférée.

A tent getaway

Don’t you think a tenting getaway is a super classy idea to celebrate your mate for any occasion? From experiencing nature view to trekking, having those thrilling moments to share with your loved one is all you need right? You can choose between Vashind, Kolad, or Karnala, about an hour from Mumbai, or a little more depending on where you are. The camp-fire arranged in the night barbeque and the tents make it all happening. Have simple food is inclusive, wine, and sit by the stars. You can carry your own cake or have cake delivery in Mumbai from your liked places. If you want to enjoy them sitting next to the campfire, you can also carry your own drinks always. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a small escape, a tenting getaway is always a yes.

A self-cooking party

Another awesome idea to host a party is a self-cooking or a MasterChef party. Host a barbecuing party or create icing artifacts on short-cut pastries and let friends and families have a ball of a time. Plan and plot some indoor games, a movie to watch or sit at the mezzanine discussing old memories. You can also plan to bake a cake each adding your own pinch of flavors and taste. Also if you need to save some time, you can always choose online cake delivery in Mumbai as the city of dreams to have various places that can serve the cake of your dreams. Have a very happy Masterchef day fellas!

A boat party

A boat differs from the usual dining scene. And in many respects, it’s unique. Just make sure you don’t feel marine sick. If the budget isn’t an issue, it is best to arrange a birthday party by yacht or boat to make your beloved one’s day special. Come on, if not best, the shores of Mumbai are beautiful. Just think, from a boat, of this town’s skyline. A boat festival is a great way to inspire people. If you have some bucks left, you can expect online cake delivery on the boat or the yacht, just order the cake you want from any place and it will reach you just when you want. Well yes, you feel like a celeb and have the time of your day with your best pals.

Spa party

Ever imagined surprising somebody by pampering them? Yes, spa parties are here to glam up your surprises. These days, spa parties are not unusual. If you and your friends don’t like to relax and go for beauty treatments, massages, facials, pediatrics, and manicure, then that’s the perfect way to party your birthday. You can just book a whole day spa for him/her and join them for the fun session. Isn’t it amazing to just give them a day full of self-care, instead of the obvious balloon and restaurant dinners, we guess yes! If there’s something lacking in the menu, order cake online and enjoy the hassle of taste along with body care.

A virtual party

What to do when you can’t meet the people you want to celebrate your special day with? You can always have a virtual party, no matter where you are in Mumbai or any other place being connected in the world of the internet is no big deal. Set up a zoom call, decorate your room, and let your friends and family deliver an online cake in Mumbai. A virtual party might be a treat to your introverted self, no need to hang out but the idea of being together with everyone!

Surprises should not wait, right? Do you have any other surprise ideas or if you wish to add some to the ones we offered? Leave a comment for us to read!


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