Should I look at recruiting graduates for my business?

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Should I look at recruiting graduates for my business?

With the current pandemic causing certain industries to suffer, with thousands of jobs being cut and businesses downsizing or moving to a completely virtual/remote way of working, it is becoming an increasingly difficult situation for students who have recently graduated to become gainfully employed.

Hiring a graduate may seem risky particularly for small businesses owners if you’re currently conducting a recruitment drive or in contact with a Service Management Agency in Milton Keynes, however, hiring a graduate can have a host of benefits especially when it comes to the long-term.

Graduate’s are quick learners

Having recently left an environment which is entirely focused around learning new information and skills with deadlines to meet, University can be seen as a fantastic precursor to their working lives.

Not only have they been spending the past 3+ years of their lives diving into a topic within the industry that your business is currently operating in, Graduate’s have also made the decision to go to University in the first place in order to progress their career and become more competent in their future role.


Typically, graduates are looking to impress in their new job roles and are more open to working extra hours in order to help the business and show their dedication to the role that they’re in.

This combined with the likelihood that they won’t have a mountain of financial or personal commitments, this will cause them to be more likely to say ‘yes’ when presented with more compensated hours during the week.

Graduates haven’t built up any bad habits from previous roles

Oftentimes, when hiring someone with multiple years of experience within a certain industry or job role, they will have certain methods that they use which have been taught to them over their career.

A lot of these methods may not line-up with the way that your business operates, this is usually evident within the software development industry.

With a graduate, you are essentially receiving a completely blank slate that is ready for you to impart all of your wisdom and knowledge upon build-up from scratch.

Fresh/young perspective into the business

Bringing in a young professional into your business can have major benefits to the way that you think of new ideas, market your products, and innovate certain services/products to become more relevant in the current market.

If you are finding that your business is stagnating and are in need of new ideas/a fresh take on the current market that you’re operating in.

Social media marketing and jumping on new trends is becoming more essential as businesses are continuing to develop their online presence. Graduates are in an environment where they are being asked to come up with new ideas in order to solve problems within the industry as part of their assignments.

If you’re looking to find a new role within the IT industry, it would be beneficial to look into finding a Staffing Agency in Milton Keynes to progress your career and help to guide you through your next career step.


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