Shop Your Heart Out at the Best Bangkok Shopping Hubs


Pratunam can be the best choice for shopping on your next Bangkok vacation because that’s where the fun begins!

Are you in Bangkok? Do you feel stressed with all the roaming around? Then how about relieving this extreme stress by shopping your heart out! There’s no other place like Pratunam for shopping in Bangkok. Usually, Shopping therapy is a must after long days of exploration. The best part is that Pratunam offers you a wide array of sales and techniques that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else. For those who want only the best, this place lacks nothing. Just keep your smile intact while shopping because it can be your best armor while bargaining for products. So, do not waste your time and choose the best places to shop in Pratunam. Hurry to Shop your Heart Out at the Best Bangkok Shopping Hubs.

Best Places to Enjoy Shopping in Pratunam(Best Bangkok Shopping Hubs)

Super affordable shopping at Baiyoke Gallery Fashion Hall

B-Gallery Mall is one of the modern malls located in the middle of the Pratunam district. It ranks top in the list of the best Bangkok Shopping hubs and is also a popular hangout place for both locals and tourists. Built in the year 2013, Pratunam Mall has five floors in total with independent retail stores specializing in accessories and clothes, dominating most of them. Like every place to shop, it is highly recommended to bargain, but the goods are already offered at low prices, so you won’t feel the need to do so.

Try your luck at buying in Pratunam Market.

Pratunam Market is considered the very first choice among the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs. You can find shoes, clothing, fashion, and accessories all at wholesale rates. There is no doubt that price is what attracts shoppers from all over Bangkok. The wholesale market is full of shops and small stalls, which flow onto the sidewalk and extend to Rainbow Towers I and II. You can also find bizarre costumes and costumes here. Another thing that makes it unique is the 24 hours a day market opening hours! This is definitely a must-visit when you are in Bangkok, even if you don’t plan to shop.

Buy something great from the Pratunam City Complex. 

Pratunam City Complex is located opposite the more popular Platinum Shopping Mall, a shopping destination that is becoming more and more popular with young women in this area of ​​Bangkok. It has a large number of affordable apparel, shoes, fabrics,  and accessories, as well as a fancy men’s clothing store. You can go to the fifth floor; there is a food court serving Thai food at very affordable prices. Although not as fancy as other shopping malls, this is a good place to buy cheap goods. You can book Delta Airlines Book a Flight and check out the places where young ladies in Bangkok like to shop.

Buy Electronic Items from Pantip Plaza IT Mall

Pantip Plaza is undoubtedly one of the best Bangkok shopping hubs, especially for electronics lovers. If you want to buy electronic equipment at a very low price, then the IT mall is your best choice. The shopping center is famous for its cheapest new and second-hand computers and accessories. However, you should remember that it is a good idea to know what to buy in the mall and what to avoid. Pantip Plaza IT Mall is often referred to as the mother of all IT shops in Thailand. If you want to buy electronic products at unbeatable prices, then it is the place you must go. After all, shopping is the best therapy for healing all your worrisome experiences and giving yourself a new treat.

Purchase the Brands from Platinum Fashion Mall

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a must-visit when you are in the city. It consists of 4 floors and is packed with approximately 1,300 shops. It is a bit like an indoor version of the Weekend Market of Chatuchak. The specialty of the Fashion Mall is their entire collection of fashion clothing and accessories. Part of the fun of shopping at Platinum Mall is bargaining. When you buy a lot of goods, you can save more money, so this is a good place to buy gifts to take home. If you are looking for a specific shopping place in Pratunam, this is one of the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs to choose.

Find affordable things at Chatuchak weekend market.

When you need to visit one of the most affordable and best Bangkok Shopping hubs, you can choose the Chatuchak weekend market. This is a famous morning market of Pratunam where you can shop until you go broke(not in the real sense, wink emoticon). Having more than 8,000 shoppers stalls, you can find everything you need or want in this great market. You will find more than just accessories and clothing here. You can buy handicrafts, home decoration, ceramics, and paintings, furniture, antiques and collectibles, books, pet accessories, and more. Take a moment to browse the dazzling array of products on the market and enjoy the shopping experience in this famous market.

Visit Shibuya Mall for Shopping in Pratunam

The Shibuya Watergate Shopping Center or Shibuya 19 in Bangkok is a 6-story complex selling women’s and men’s fashion clothes at discounted prices. The stalls in Shibuya Mall are loosely organized around themes such as bags, fashion, and shoes, and most of the malls are dedicated to women’s fashion. You can find the shopping mall swiftly at the Petchburi Road corner Soi 19 in Pratunam district. You can also reach there by a 10-minute walk from  Chit Lom BTS station or Ratchatewi. The place is definitely an ideal choice to get away from all the hectic moving around and getting a totally relaxing shopping experience in Pratunam.

Find your Choice at Palladium World Mall

The Palladium World shopping mall in Bangkok is one of the largest complexes in Pratunam, as well as the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs. Here you can buy apparel and accessories at wholesale rates. This 5-story building is located at the corner of Phetchaburi Road and Ratchapraprop, within a few feet distance to Pantip Plaza, Pratunam Market, and Platinum Shopping Mall. Palladium World Mall adopts a market-style layout, and the long alleys are crowded with stalls. You can buy great-value basic goods such as shoes, T-shirts, cashmere, and beachwear at prices far lower than most Bangkok shopping malls.

The best Bangkok Shopping hubs at Baiyoke Tower Garment Center

Garment Centre at Baiyoke Tower is a shopping mall selling cheap clothing and accessories. If you are visiting/staying in Rainbow Tower and looking for bargains, this small market-like area is a particularly convenient choice. The price is very cheap, and if you buy in bulk, you can definitely negotiate a discount. Baiyoke Tower Garment Centre also has some tailors, and the cost of custom shirts starts from 800 baht. Choosing the best Bangkok shopping hubs will no longer be a mystery, as you can purchase as much as you want at the Garment Center. 

Select Specialties from Indra Square Shopping Mall

Indra Square Shopping Mall offers a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories,  and bags at discounted prices. This is a great place to buy souvenirs, wholesale goods, and apparel at low prices. Most shoppers in the mall are Thai. They believe in large quantities and plan to resell them in their boutiques or stalls. The shopping mall is surrounded by the 24-hour Pratunam Market, with stalls lined up at the different entrances of Indra Plaza. It’s very busy at night, but around noon, you can take some time to walk around the best Bangkok Shopping hubs and get ready for a superb deal on the goods you like.

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Krug Thong Plaza- the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs

The famous Krung Thong Plaza is frequently viewed as the hidden gold mine for reasonably good and quirky clothing in the Pratunam district. You can reach it on foot via Phetchaburi Road or a sky bridge that leads directly across the street from Pantip Plaza Mall. I am greeted by an assortment of ramshackle shops with brightly colored fabrics, shirts with slogans scattered around, and many stylish accessory shops selling fancy hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. As the standard of maintenance at Krung Thong Plaza, prices are low – even lower if you try to bargain. So instead of choosing your local place where you shop every day, why don’t you rush over and select one of the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs to enjoy your vacations.

Are you looking for a Night Market in Pratunam? Or wish to escape the heat by entering a fully-AC shopping mall? Pratunam can always meet everyone’s needs. Everything is provided at reasonable rates, and you can meet friendly suppliers who like to bargain with customers. Pratunam shopping is an incredible experience, as you will be shopping in the best Bangkok Shopping Hubs during your holiday in Thailand. So book your flights with Frontier Airlines Book a Flight and enjoy your shopping.



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