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A great time for blogger users is starting today. SEO by Blogger today introduced a new and great feature for Blogger users, which manually determines your search engine preferences with extremely easy customization.

I was really impressed by this new feature of Blogger and I hope that this new feature will definitely help every blogger a lot. If you are wondering what this feature is ?? Then just step into your blogger dashboard and roll into the settings tab of a particular blogger blog and the search feature comes with a jetson strike hoverboard

Search preferences Customize SEO by Blogger search preferences option

Let’s start with the introduction and I hope you have scrolled into this new panel inside your blog settings and are looking at the various new settings combined in the search preferences.

Search by Blogger Favorites

Let’s start with the topmost stream, ie Meta tag It involves customizing the description meta tag for your blogger blog, click edit and enable it and write a brief description of your blog in it and save it.

Let’s go with the second adaptation, ie. Error and correction It includes two sub-options, one not finding a custom page and the other being redirected.

Custom page not found::

When you search for an invalid link on the web, you see a 404 page Not Found message, this option from Blogger helps you deliver a custom message of your own, different from the default 404 pages when the visitor receives an invalid message Receives. not get. / Missing / dead link on your SEO by Blogger

Click Edit and add a custom word of your own and save it. Post an invalid/unavailable link on your blog and check it out yourself, you will display your custom words in addition to the 404 error.

Custom Redirects:

As you all know, redirecting is nothing more than redirecting your old blog to a new blog address and I have already explained it in my post

So the conclusion here is that you can easily create new redirects using this feature.

Now is the final customization category. Crawlers and indexing This is generally recommended for webmasters and please is not recommended for starter bloggers as incorrect optimization in this category can lead search engines to not crawl or index your blog. This category includes two subcategories.

Custom robot. Text: –

The concept of this category is, it involves the manual creation of robots.txt file to instruct search engines not to crawl/crawl particular categories of their blog. If you know about the Robots.txt file, I hope you have understood that you can create a manual robots.txt file using this feature.

Select Email Subscription (allows users to subscribe with their email) and select Activate. Choose Pingshot (when you publish a new post) choose Notify and Activate Services.

Choose Creative Commons (a free license provider) and choose the license version and use some rights reserved and select Activate. Now you are all set up with FeedBurner and you do not need to worry a bit about optimizing FeedBurner.

To read blog feeds using many feed reader services like Google feed etc., let’s burn the feed for your blogger blog and allow users to subscribe to your email so that they can receive your blog updates directly in your inbox or reader service. This blog does not require any coding knowledge.

Custom Robot Header Tags: –

Can be used to instruct if your HOMEPAGE, ARCHIVE, and SEARCH PAGES, DEFAULT FOR POSTS AND PAGES are to be indexed by the search engine ??

It is recommended that you should select Noindex for your archive and search page category to avoid penalties for duplicate content by Google.

NOTE: – Now you can easily add an alt tag, title tag to your blog by simply clicking on Image> Properties in the post-editing mode on the blog. You can add the Nofollow attribute to any link in your post using the special link property in Blogger’s post-editing mode.

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