Self-service cafes in Kyiv: a new trend that is conquering the market


The modern coffee consumption culture is constantly evolving, leading to changes in customer service approaches. Self-service coffee shops are becoming increasingly popular. This new trend is attractive not only for visitors but also as an effective solution for coffee shop owners. Let’s explore why self-service coffee shops have become so popular recently and how it impacts coffee culture overall.

There are several advantages to this new format of getting aromatic beverages, where every customer can feel like a barista and prepare coffee in just 1 minute:

  1. Convenience for customers Self-service coffee shops allow customers to choose and prepare their favorite drinks themselves. Buyers can add flavorings and select the optimal beverage temperature according to their preferences, regardless of the presence of a barista.
  2. Speed of service Thanks to self-service coffee shops, the wait time for coffee is significantly reduced. Customers can place their orders themselves and instantly receive their desired beverage, which is especially important in the fast-paced city life.
  3. Economic benefits for owners Implementing a self-service system allows coffee shop owners to efficiently utilize resources and reduce personnel costs. Streamlining service processes makes coffee shops more attractive for business.
  4. Personalization of drinks The self-service system of modern professional coffee machines allows customers to create personalized beverages, taking into account their preferences and allergies. This satisfies the needs of each customer.
  5. Technological progress Advancements in technology enable the integration of new features into self-service, such as online ordering, loyalty programs, and special offers for customers. According to experts’ forecasts, this type of business will undergo automation processes in the coming years due to increased competition and customer-centric approaches.

Recently, in Kyiv, the popularity of the self-service coffee shop chain Dragon Coffee has been growing, which recently opened its seventh location in the city at the ALADDIN shopping center. Quality, convenience, and reliability are the three fundamental principles on which this coffee shop chain operates.

Therefore, self-service coffee shops are a beneficial innovative solution that contributes to improving service quality, provides convenience for customers, and optimizes the business for coffee shop owners.


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