Select The Best CA Coaching Institute for CA Intermediate in India

Select The Best CA Coaching Institute for CA Intermediate in India

A person, or thing or place that is better than all others, is the best. A human tendency is to choose the best thing, the best place, and the best option for himself/herself. And it is not counted in bad habits rather than it shows how much a person is concerned about choice. Like as a person should be selective while choosing the Coaching Institute. 

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What is CA intermediate?

CA intermediate is the second phase of the CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY (CA) course. Chartered Accountancy has been one of the most popular career choices in India. It is designed by ICAI ( The Institute of  Chartered Accountants of India). The journey of the CA course takes a total of 4.5 years to complete. CA-intermediate has 8 subjects, divided into two groups. And approximately 7000 pages of study material that a student is supposed to cover in the nine months period allotted to them. Each group has four papers. Students have to clear all four papers of group one to qualify for another group. And the four papers are completely subjective papers and the rest combined subjective and objective. And it is noteworthy that the average passing percentage up to the year 2020 has been 16.76%. This means only 16 out of 100 students appearing in the CA Intermediate exam manage to pass it.  Basically CA intermediate is tough to crack. It needs dedication, appropriate guidance, and smart work along with hard work.

If you want to crack CA intermediate on the first attempt, therefore, join the BEST PLACE for guidance, learning techniques, and strategies. 

Why is it essential to join an institute to study for CA Intermediate exam?

It is not necessary but it is advisable to join coaching for CA intermediate as this new course is updated and not much study material is available in the market. Therefore it will be beneficial for you to understand the concept of CA intermediate. So many CA intermediate aspirants join the Institute keep in mind the goal to set themselves up better. 

Now a big question arises: which institute should I join??? 

There are many. Need not worry, in this blog I am going to tell you about the BEST PLACE TO STUDY FOR CA INTERMEDIATE IN INDIA 

How to Choose Best Coaching Institute For CA Intermediate

What are the reasons which make a coaching institute best? First, we should focus on the reason to choose the best ca coaching institute in India. I am highlighting a few points which will help you to choose the best coaching institute for CA intermediate.

  • Expert faculty:  Why do we choose institutions for study? just for Expert guidance for our study. An expert can make an average student by his / her tactics capable of cracking CA intermediate. You all know CA intermediate is very tough to crack without any expert guidance.

  • Teaching Techniques: While choosing an institute we must inquire about the teaching techniques. What are the patterns of teaching in the institute? Half beetle of CA intermediate has won if we have studied through the best teaching techniques.

  • Study Material:  Appropriate study material for any course is considered a boon of GOD for Students. You can prefer to study material for a detailed understanding of the subjects. Always consider institutions just like which give or suggest relevant and perfect study material.

  • Result: Before joining any coaching institute for CA Intermediate you should be aware of the previous result of the institute because if the institute‘s previous result is appreciable so it means, All the faculty, teaching techniques, and study material of that institution reflect the worthiness to join it for study.

So always determine all the points before making a decision about any institution to study for CA intermediate.


VSI in itself is a treasure of guidance and learning techniques. No need to add more adjectives to appreciate the VSI. Previous results of VSI  in CA Intermediate examination is the best example to define the quality of VSI. VSI believes in QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. VSI every year enroll very selective students for CA intermediate study and polish them to qualify for CA intermediate exams. VSI is the best place to attain guided and skilled knowledge for the CA intermediate. VSI leaves no stone unturned to study for CA intermediate to their students. It has very specific characteristics that certified VSI as a BEST coaching institute to study for CA Intermediate in India. I would like to draw your attention towards VSI features which make VSI the best place to study for CA intermediate in India.

The following are the features of VSI


    VSI has a very experienced and dedicated faculty for their students. They teach with the practical approach and utmost clarity. Every minute concept is being taken up by the faculty of VSI. Their teaching style is very nice and gives many memory techniques as well. These techniques help you to sail through the difficulties of the subject. VSI faculty members not only teach well but also motivate their students.


    VSI teaching techniques in themselves are an example of perfection. Even in CORONAVIRUS outbreak VSI is connected with their students via online and Pendrive class. In a very efficient way, VSI conducts classes that every student feels connected with the faculty. And also VSI organizes MOCK test paper series for their students on regular intervals. Which helps students to evaluate their study and know more about their weakest and strongest subject so that he/ she can make study strategies accordingly.VSI not only conduct mock test paper but also issues online questions papers, Model test papers, and Mcqs papers and free demo classes as well. VSI follows every possible teaching technique to make their students efficient to crack CA INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATIONS in the first attempt.


    VSI offers very updated study material to their students.VSI study material is quite relevant and covers all the important topics and complete syllabus according to ICAI syllabus. Lots of R & D  ( Research and Development) has been done on study material of VSI, Later on, it is provided to students.


Results speak for VSI !! VSI has proven that it is the BEST COACHING INSTITUTE TO  STUDY FOR CA INTERMEDIATE IN INDIA. 

If we start calculating the success rate of VSI every year so we will find VSI is getting successful year by year. Students in the majority acquire TOP RANK in AIR.

Concluding lines

VSI has become very renowned in the field of CA INTERMEDIATE study.VSI brilliant result is a blend of its efficient faculty, moderate teaching style, and updated study material. Whatever the parameters of joining an institute VSI fulfill all parameters to be the BEST INSTITUTE to study for CA INTERMEDIATE. Without any second thoughts, any aspirant of CA intermediate can join VSI for sure Success!


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