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Are you looking for a perfect matrimony life partner for yourself or any close family member? This Jeevansathi search is possible only with the trusted website that can make your shaadi successful. Now, you’ll be wondering that which is the best matrimonial site for Indian vivah, and the answer will be only one platform that provides the marriage bureau sense for online and offline services support for the technical or even the non-tech freaks.

Your search will end at It is the best matrimonial site in India that provides different options for finding your perfect partner based on the different specifications, such as background, education, nature, and behavior of the person that makes the married life happy and well-settled. There is no compromise on the marriage front as one wrong relation ruins the lives of many. Your married life can become a happy or daunting experience based on the selection made based on your choice.

Websites like are quite popular but they do not work for the people who do not know about making use of technical features of the website. The relationship managers at are highly dedicated and work selectively for finding the right match with the important Indian considerations such as horoscope compatibility for marriage. Personalized matchmaking is feasible only with TruelyMarry as the relationship managers work hard to find out the perfect match who can complete your life.

You can search out exactly what you’ve been looking for in the perfect match. There are many free matrimony sites providing matrimonial services without charging anything. The youth choose matrimonial sites that are easy to access, reliable, authentic information, and all the important features that make the accessibility easy and secured. There are features like kundali matching for marriage available for the people who believe in astrology and want to get the matchmaking done before proceeding. There are different specifications and we assure to filter the matches based on your choices.

The profiles are based on important aspects, such as biodata, education, family culture, caste, kundli, and others. The sites with a user-friendly environment and ease-of-use are chosen by the people more than the websites with complex outlooks. Ultimately, there can be filters applied for jeevansathi search to narrow down your search.

Services offered by TruelyMarry

Offline Services

Offline matrimonial services from are designed for people looking for custom matchmaking. Our team is highly qualified to assist you at every step and would assist you in searching for your soulmate. The customer requirements are understood by our team that screens and validates thousands of profiles and fetch you the most potential profiles suitable for you.

We work in the best way for your customized matchmaking needs. Our team of dedicated relationship managers would assist you in making the search for your life partner step-by-step. We know the importance of respect bond, privacy, and the trust of the customers. We do thorough research on the background, personality, and completely understand your expectations to help you find your true happiness for a lifetime.

Offline matrimonial services are designed specifically for people looking for custom matchmaking. You can get the match directly on your phone number or email. Our relationship manager will give personal attention to your profile and work on it to give you the filtered matches directly in the inbox. Our primary motive is to make you meet your better half. We follow up on regular basis to consider the plan and work appropriately to give you full control over your profile. The concept is to give you individual attention to your profiles and discuss your expectations. This is the customized way of finding your life partner by bringing 2-way acceptance confirmations with the like profiles.

Online Services

Online services can find matches through the Internet. It has become easy to find your relevant matches due to the simple and user-friendly way of looking through profiles and getting the appropriate matches. There are online services offered by that are interactive and secured at the same time. Your profile and information will be in our custody and we will reveal the convenient and reliable way to interact with the most prominent matches associated with you. You will get our online support and choose the most relevant plans that are suitable to you for finding your life partner online.

Our website is user-friendly and even if you are not technically sound, you can use the services without knowing any technical details. We can allow you to find your Jeevansathi by connecting with many profiles. Our online services are dependable and you can find the best matches by exploring our matrimony services. It is feasible to get filtered searches and get the matches that appeal to you the most. There is a filtering option that can connect you with the options of your choice.

You can express interest in an easy way to connect with the profiles and show interest on the profile. There are SMS and email with the profile details to check and share your interest. The contact and connection with the profile owner can be shared directly and it would become easy for you to decide on the choice of your life partner. It is easy to upload the photo and create a small album as it would be easy for the other person to check out your looks.

The paid membership for online services can result in special benefits for viewing the details. There are personalized messages that can be included in your profile for the search of biodata. There is a direct chat option available with an online member. There can be full control on the profile that can be made for customization of the privacy settings. There are highlighted search options given for providing a quick response.

Personalized matchmaking service provides the leading Indian matrimony services with a well-defined approach to working. It is an exclusive service provided by the company with many advantages and with the probability of having a perfect soulmate. We provide the most valued services for personalized matrimony services with the advantages of finding the soulmate with high probability. Finding your perfect soulmate is no longer difficult as we provide the best services for making the most important decision of your life. We make the handpicked matches for your requirements. The dedicated relationship manager will listen to all your requirements and fetch a comprehensive solution for your needs. The communication regarding the approved matches will be directly made along with organizing the direct or online meetings at the appropriate time and location.

Personalized matchmaking works differently than all other plans. We devote our exclusive efforts and time for direct association with the clients regarding your choices. There are the best responses given by our experts who frequently remain in touch with you and they will give you the most suitable profiles. We follow these steps for the personalize matchmaking process:

  • Understanding expectations: The relationship manager from our team will understand your profile and preferences. It will make them understand the most anticipated match.
  • Initiating the search: There are thousands of profiles to look for and based on them, we shortlist the most probable matches for your profiles.
  • Matching the reviews: Your relationship manager will be the direct point of contact from You can shortlist the matches to mark the most prospective matches that could be beneficial for selecting the life partner.
  • Connecting the probable match: The most suitable matches from your preferred list of matches will be shortlisted by the relationship manager. The interest can be conveyed to them and this process will continue till you finalize your match.
  • Organizing the meeting: There is a meeting organized with the prospective matches and the process is carried forward further. The meeting becomes a success if you interact with the other person with an open mind.

Your Matrimony life partner can meet you on within your community or even outside, whatever is your choice. The secured website provides 100% privacy and security and becomes your friend in providing you with a delightful experience for selecting your life partner. The team of relationship managers will assist you in finding the appropriate matches, using the website, and making attempts to get your life partner. The marriage bureau concept has come on the virtual mode but TruelyMarry focuses on giving a true feel of the traditional-cum-virtual mode for matchmaking. Even if you’re looking for a direct second marriage matrimonial, you can get it through the Shaadi assistance platform.

There are detailed searches conducted and the website only validates the real profiles. There are no fakeness or privacy issues involved in the Indian matrimonial services that are meant to help people to find their better half. The services given by the company are genuine and with the warmth of spirit with the supreme customer services. The company gives 24X7 support and other services that shed light on the high demands for Indian matrimony.

Many websites are giving 100% money-back offers if they do not find any interest in the profiles. The matrimony websites expect you to provide clear information about yourself, such that the interested members can get the desired response. The free matrimony sites can give you the basic options to select but the paid version gives the whole exposure to you for the appropriate matches. There are different options to choose from and you can select the services based on your requirements. You can choose the free package to see what the website has to offer and after you are convinced with the quality of their services, it is feasible to pay for the desired package.

Marriages are made in heaven and our virtual marriage bureau can make you meet your life partner. There is an exponential growth of online vivah sites in India and they all come with main features like horoscope compatibility for marriage to make things easy for the users to make the right selection. The portals are easy to use and even the people who do not have any appropriate technical knowledge can register and start viewing profiles.

Reason for popularity

 Internet is an important source for every business and youth who choose the matrimonial site that makes it simple to view profiles. The core reason for this is that the cost-effective services are convenient to use and even give you an option to get the prospective bride and groom for yourself, or any other family member.

Traditional vs Technology Marriage bureau

The industry of matrimony services has seen a rise of about 50% in business. The internet age has seemed quick changes and the selection of bride/groom is no different. Technology has given a broader aspect for the concept of matchmaking to find your better half with ease.

Growth of Marriage Websites

 An average of 15 million Indian brides and grooms from around the world get married to their best matches through the matrimony websites every year. There is no stoppage for this industry as people have started choosing it over traditional matchmaking. The users from the age group 25-34 years are choosing the internet for leveraging the opportunity to offer the innovative web-based solution for the audience. There are options available for NRI Shaadi for the people residing in the USA, UK, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, and other regions.

TruelyMarry Service Platter

TruelyMarry offers a wide range of services at the best cost. The free and prime services can be selected to find the groom/bride with the most accurate search results. The websites offer free and premium services with the most accurate search results that match the registrant requirements.

Marriages are made in heaven and TruelyMarry is the site with efficient facilitation of profiles that can make you meet your perfect match. The industry is getting popular and we are growing rapidly to work as the best matrimonial site in India with 100% transparency and a dedicated approach. Find your life partner by trusting us for getting the right match.


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