Science Lab Equipment List For CBSE School

Science Lab Equipment

Young minds are curious and want to know how things function around them. They are introduced to science and its prime branches-physics, chemistry, and biology at a young age. School is an integral part of a young mind’s life. It gives them the platform to explore the world around them. CBSE schools have guidelines for every school to have fully functional science lab equipment. Science is not a subject that one can learn with the traditional old learning methods. It will not suffice for any purpose-neither efficient teaching nor efficient learning. To measure the index of efficient learning in science, there is a need for well-equipped school laboratories with high-quality school science lab Equipment. The school science lab equipment list is a must, and before we discuss the equipment list, ensure that the science lab equipment has the following features-

  • Easy To Use
  • Safe To Use
  • Manufactured With High-Quality Material
  • Come With A Safety Manual
  • Procured From Repeated Manufacturers
  • Cost-effective
  • After Sales Service Available


Science Lab Equipment List For CBSE School

A well-equipped school science laboratory equipment with all essential tools and equipment must be made provided to the students for the following reasons-

  • Conducting experiments, 
  • Monitoring them closely, 
  • Developing logical reasoning, 
  • Responding to analytical comments, 
  • Critical analysis of the results and concluding.

A fine school science lab equipment helps to develop the following skills which helps prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals.

We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of School Science Lab Suppliers in India and other 30 worldwide countries. Since the 1950s, we have been manufacturing world-class quality school science lab equipment supplies. Our vast clientele covers both domestic and international markets. We have always kept our motto of quality deliverance at an utmost priority which has guaranteed complete satisfaction to our clients. 

We manufacture the entire range of school lab equipment for biology, physics and chemistry. 

Biology School Lab Equipment

Here is the detailed list of Biology lab equipment: Educational Charts Manufacturers

  • Educational Charts-Different kinds of educational charts are available-
    • Botany Charts Policharts
    • Human Physiology Charts
    • Human Reproduction Charts
    • Special Human Physiology Charts 
    • Protozoa Charts
    • Special Human Physiology Charts
  • Botany Models- Different kinds of botany models
    • Flower Model
    • Isobilateral Leaf
    • Plant Cell
    • Leaf Anatomy Model
    • Typical Flower Model
    • Root Tip Anatomy
    • Leaf Stomata Model & many more
  • Dissecting Equipment-Here is a list of our premium quality dissecting equipment. 
    • Needle Plastic Handle
    • Suction Lifter
    • Dissecting Dishes
    • Dissecting Boards
    • Forceps
    • Dissecting Pin
    • Dissecting Blocks
    • Environmental Instruments: We manufacture various environmental instruments like-
  • Insect Net
  • Plant Press Wooden
  • Soil Auger
  • Pooter
  • Human Anatomy Model – Some of the examples of human anatomy models are-
    • Human Brain Anatomy Models
    • Human Digestive Anatomy System
    • Human Ear Anatomy Models
    • Human Endocrine System
    • Human Eye Anatomy Models
    • Human Foot Anatomy Models
    • Human Hand Anatomy Models
    • Human Heart Anatomy Models
  • Microtomes And Staining- Here is the equipment range of Microtomes.
    • Microscopic Glass Slides
    • Coplin Jar
    • Staining Jar
    • Staining Jar
    • Micro slide Boxes
    • Cover Glasses
    • Micro slide Cabinet
    • Staining Trough
  • Zoology Models-The broadest range of zoology models is available with us.
    • Amoeba Model
    • StarFish Model
    • DNA Model
    • Fish Model
    • Pigeon Dissection Model
    • Frog Dissection Model
    • Chicken Dissection Model
    • Trematoda Model
    • Bilharzia Male – Female Model
    • Paramecium Model
    • Animal Cell Model
    • Hen Anatomy Model
    • Rat Dissection Model
    • Shark Fish Anatomy Model
    • Earthworm Anatomical Model

Chemistry School Lab Equipment

  • Chemistry Lab Equipment- Here is a list of the same crucial chemistry lab equipment.
    • Chemicals Balance
    • Balance Counter
    • Triple Beam Balance
    • Triple Beam Balance Mass Set
    • Balance Single Pan
    • Balance Double Beam
    • Electronic Balance Analytical
    • Burner Bunsen
    • Burner Bunsen With Stopcock
    • Water Bath Copper
    • Basins and crucibles- We manufacture various kinds of basins and crucibles-
  • Basin Evaporating
  • Crucibles
  • Crucibles Gooch
  • Basin Crystallizing
  • Evaporating Basin
  • Crucible Stainless Steel

Burners: The entire range of burners is manufactured, supplied and exported by us for the school and college laboratories. These are-

  • Meker Burner
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Bunsen Burner With Stop Cock
  • Flame Spreader
  • Fishtail Burner
  • Tecla Burner
  • Micro Burner

CORK AND TUBING-Following is the list of equipment that comes under this category. 

  • Wooden Cork Stopper
  • Cork Borer Sharpener
  • Cork Borers
  • Rubber Stopper Solid
  • Rubber Stopper Two Holes
  • Rubber Stopper One Hole
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Cork Press
  • Silicone Stopper
  • Rubber Tubing
  • Cork Boring Machine

Filter Papers-Following is the list of equipment that comes under this category. 

  • Filter Paper
  • Lens Cleaning Paper
  • Litmus Paper
  • Universal Ph Paper

Gas preparation: The following equipment is needed for gas preparation in the chemistry lab equipment we supply and manufacture.

  1. Spirit Lamp
  2. Retort Stoppered
  3. Troughs Pneumatic
  4. Hoffman Voltameter
  5. Woulf Bottle
  6. Water Voltameter

Laboratory Spatulas: They are needed for mixing and stirring solutions. We manufacture the following spatulas. 

  1. Spatulas
  2. Plastic Spatulas

A retort stand- is used to support other equipment and glassware — for example, burettes, test tubes, and flasks. There are different kinds of retort stands-

  1. Retort Clamp
  2. Retort Stand
  3. Retort Ring
  4. Retort Stand Base
  5. Boss Heads
  6. Universal Clamp
  7. Jumbo Clamp

Test Tubes Stands- Our range of Test Tubes Stands includes-

  1. Test Tube Basket
  2. Test Tube Holder
  3. Test Tube Stand
  4. Test Tube Stand Round

Laboratory Brushes: We offer various laboratory brushes to keep test tubes, pipettes, burette, flasks, etc., clean. These are-

  • Beaker Brush
  • Bottle Brush
  • Flask Brush
  • Burette Brush
  • Test Tube Brushes 

There are various more products under the category of Chemistry School Lab Equipment. For detailed viewing.

Physics Lab Equipment

School Science Lab Equipment is not restricted to chemistry and biology lab equipment but also physics lab equipment.

Physics is a vast branch of applied sciences; thus, our products are divided into various subcategories. 


Each of these categories has a detailed lab equipment list that you can view in detail at our website. 

Schools that are interested in buying school science lab equipment that includes physics laboratory equipment, physics lab equipment, chemistry lab equipment, biology lab equipment, anatomy model, and a lot more.


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