School Library Provision and Services in Indore Schools


The purpose and philosophy of school library service are rapidly understood and accepted by school administrators and teachers. The fact necessitates that the school librarian is thoroughly familiar with those purposes such as guidance, the reading program, and the enrichment program for pupils and teachers. However, sherring wood library does not train and qualify librarians. Who understands and performs those purposes in order to ensure that the service providing is fully attaining.

This defines a school library as an organize collection of books placed in a school for the use of teachers and pupils. But usually for pupils. It may comprise books of reference and or books. For home reading and in the care of a professional librarian, or teacher-librarian. It is variously called “Instructional Materials Centre”, “Learning Centre, or Media center.”

School library service

The School library serves as a service agency that supports the school’s objectives and provides materials for all subjects and all interests of pupils and teachers. The school library is a supportive resource of the school curriculum, its provisions, services, and development is directed at aiding school programs.

Libraries generally have as their main purpose acquiring, processing, storing and disseminating information which school library is not an exception. The school library has a vital role to play in the information service. They provide materials relevant to the curricular needs of everybody in the school community. The importance of providing such resources cannot overemphasize if the school library is to be an instigator of and support resource-based learning in the school.

Also, in relation to information skills, the library, and its librarian, make available materials and services in different varieties to allow. Both pupils and the school community to use these skills in finding the information they need.

Sherring wood School Library

The sherring wood was inaugurated. It was until begin that the sherring wood Alumni Association in their meeting thought it wise that such a reputable institution must not go without a library as the development of school libraries was at its highest peak at that time. An idea to erect a library building was born with the collaboration of the alumni association and the owners of the school that is the United Methodist Church. The library establishes with the aim of having a place. Where pupils could go and explore new ideas to further strengthen. Their school curriculum activities and leisure as well.

The library was name after him following his immense contribution. He made towards establishing the library for the school community. The sherring wood Library has a mission to “Support school curriculum activities by providing materials of relevance in the school process and to introduce new and improved information sources to help make the school to be in line with modern standards of education.”

The objectives of the sherring wood school library are as follows:

  1. To provide pupils with library materials and services most appropriate and most meaningful in their growth and development;
  2. To participate fully in school programs as it strikes to meet the needs of pupils, teachers, parents, and other community members;

3. To stimulate and guide pupils in all phases of their reading so that they may find increasing enjoyment and satisfaction and may grow in critical judgment and appreciation;

4. To make available new development and keep pupils abreast of modern trends in education recognize reader’s needs and keep them well informed in order to create a well dynamic educational environment;

5. To work with the teacher in the selection and production of educational materials that meet the aims of the curriculum, offer guidance in the use of the collection, and evaluation of education programs and materials, facilitate the location, organization and maintenance of materials efficiently; and

6. To help pupils to become skilled users of libraries and of printed and audio-visual materials.

Library Provision at sherring wood School Library

A major role in the information service provided by the modern school libraries is in the provision of materials relevant to the curricular needs of pupils and teachers. In recent years, the curriculum activities have moved to another level, where the school is a supportive resource of this movement, must endeavor to house a variety of print and non-print materials and have access where possible to electronic sources of information which are also part of the information resources in the library.

Given the demands of the modern school curriculum, the school library must now house a wide variety of print and non-print materials and have access, where possible, to electronic sources of information. The sherring wood School provides printed materials, book, fiction and non-fiction as well as pamphlets, newspapers, chart, pictures, monographs, manuals, handbooks, textbooks and other reference books the library also provides non-books materials which include audio and audio-visual materials, slides, tape-slides, video cassettes, and CD ROM’s. Although these are not materials in the traditional sense, they still constitute resources for use by pupils and teachers. Use of electronic sources help school libraries to present pupils and teachers with a concept of a School Information Centre. Which does not continue to the school but is a link to an unending supply of information.

Sherring wood School Library Services

The purpose of establishing sherring wood School Library is to provide services. For both pupils and teachers in a bid to fulfill one of its major purposes. Which is to aid curriculum goals by providing services. That is indispensably link to the fulfillment of this purpose.

One of the principal services of the sherring wood School library is to act as back-up to the under resourced school programme. Even advanced countries cannot easily stock materials ranging from five thousand (5,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) in a small room to provide help to school programmes. Therefore, they see the need for central stock of materials that can borrow for differing lengths of time (lending service). And also for reading and consultation services. This completed in order to augment the school curriculum at the sherring wood. Which is inclusive of the Basic Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Fine Arts.

Sherring wood School library also provides inter-library loan services requests. This is particularly valuable to senior pupils studying topics across subjects offered in depth. Pupils who cannot afford to purchase or access such expensive materials benefit from this type of library service. Through inter-library loan services, materials are sourced from other schools libraries for the benefit of both pupils and teachers.


A reference service is also provided at sherring wood School library. The School Librarians spend a sizeable proportion of their time providing what in other libraries term would be termed as reference service. In providing a reference service, school Librarians perform a similar role to that of other librarians. In a reference interview in school, each pupil is treated as important as the other and given the Librarian’s full attention. This is achieved by personal assistance given to the pupils and teachers in finding specific information whether direct or indirect. Some of the reference materials at the sherring wood School Library are dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, yearbooks, biographies newspapers, maps and charts, and the academic and administrative calendar of events or the operation of the school.

One of the most valuable services provides sherring wood School library is that of information provision. The sherring wood School library keeps the teachers and pupils informed about new educational resources and development in the fields of interest to them by displaying the jackets of books that just arrived. The sherring wood School library uses Current Awareness Services (CAS) to achieve this goal. This is done by identifying the information needs of both teachers and pupils and meeting these needs. Linked to the CAS is the Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) and this is more particular with teachers. This ranges from keeping individual teachers informed about new resources in the library or about newly published materials. To alert teachers to meetings and course demands or events linked to their curricular interests. Often, the school administration has to spread meager financial resources across.

Challenges of Library Provision and Services at the sherring wood Library

No matter what an organization has to count as success, is bound to face certain difficulties that stand before it as challenges to its success. School Libraries in Indore schools, especially sherring wood Library are not without challenges.

To start with the library and its resources have ignored by the pupils and teachers. Despite the all-important nature of service provision in support to them. They do not see it as a valuable part of their activities. This is because most teachers and pupils do not get adequate supply of textbooks. And other materials directly linked to the curriculum programme. And most teachers prepare pamphlets for sale to pupils from which there teaching is based. This has caused most of the pupils to heavily depend on those sources instead of the library resources.

The School Library has a staffing challenge. For example the sherring wood Library has no professional library staff to handle an information service for over two thousand pupils and teachers.

Furthermore, the library has a challenge with space. The space provided for the library from inception is now not enough for the school. The school population in terms of teachers and pupils has grown relatively high to over two thousand (2000) pupils and staff. As compared to the space provided for a little over Five hundred (500) pupils and staff about 40 years ago. It has become difficult to access the library and its resources.

In addition, there is a funding problem. The sherring wood Library face the difficulty of securing funds from the school’s authorities for effective collection development. The library depends heavily on donations and gifts to stock its collection and most of these materials. Given in this guise not reflective of the courses offers in the school curriculum.


The establishment of the computer laboratory with slight internet facilities independent. The school library has also created a problem for the sherring wood School Library. The teachers and pupils would prefer to visit the Computer center for Internet services much more than visiting the library. The separation of the Internet facilities from the library services has posed. A serious threat to the library’s provision and services. Often, the school administration has to spread meager financial resources across.

Also, it is quite proven that the sherring wood School Library lacks the capacity to provide for the visually impaired or handicap. The absence of school library materials in the Braille format prevents blind and partially sighted pupils to utilize the available library resources in their school’s libraries.


Finally, the issue of preservation of library materials is not a common practice for the sherring wood School. This preservation supposes to ensure that the materials last long because of their frequent use. It has become difficult to access funds to preserve materials. That are under threat of wearing out through continuous use.

Despite some gloomy predictions on the future funding of education and possible restrictions on the availability of resources at the sherring wood School Library. The future of the school library seems assured. It can argue that because of current educational and technological trends. There has never been a greater need for a well-resourced and professionally staffed school library than it is now. The emphasis on the individual’s-the child’s and the adult’s ability to find and use information effectively is likely to continue in schools. At work and for leisure pursuits. A future society dependent on electronic information for its prosperity will need an information curriculum in its schools. Hence the availability of good school library provision and services in the school curriculum can not overemphasize.

If you go private just beware that some are faith-based and follow a religious curriculum. With some very old-fashioned values, often all-girls all-boys schools. Our Schools pride themselves on sports and many operate excellent sports programs. They are generally well fund which is something you would expect to consider. They also receive funding from the government at the expense of public schools

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