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Azure for business
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The health crisis has changed the way millions of people work. In recent months, many companies have made a series of modifications in terms of their infrastructures, work methodologies and implementation of collaborative tools in order to adapt to current market needs and maintain competitiveness in an environment that is increasingly changeable.

One of the main bets has been to migrate to the cloud to keep your business information safe, allow remote work and, of course, optimize your costs and benefits . Do you want to know how Microsoft Azure IOT helps you achieve it? Keep reading!


Maximize the benefits of your business with Microsoft Azure

Next, we tell you eight ways of how Incorporating Microsoft Azure in your business can save costs while maximizing your benefits. We anticipate that this is possible by allowing you to unify the security and administration of all your business data in a single infrastructure while increasing operational efficiency and best of all… Paying only for the space you use!

It allows teleworking from any place and device guaranteeing productivity.
Employees will be able to access the desktop and applications they need to work from any device, anywhere. This is possible thanks to Windows Virtual Desktop, an infrastructure for the virtualization of applications and desktops that runs in the Azure cloud.

In addition, it offers a simplified and scalable administration allowing access to multiple sessions paying only for the infrastructure that is used and, saving money since it allows to deactivate the machines when they are not in use.

In addition, workers need to access both on-premises and cloud resources when they are away from their regular workstation. Azure VPN Gateway allows you to connect to your Azure virtual networks from anywhere, whether you are traveling or working from home, ensuring security.

Avoid unnecessary stoppages and maintain business continuity.

What would happen if you lost confidential information about your business because you did not have a backup service? It would be a real disaster, which is why it is necessary to have applications such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, these tools allow you to make backup copies of all the information and applications stored in your business. In case of loss you can recover all the data in just a few clicks.

And to ensure reliable and secure connectivity, there’s Azure Virtual WAN, this service redirects traffic from the closest network location to your device over the Microsoft network, providing fast and secure connectivity.

Protect your business against cyber attacks.

With the arrival of teleworking, cyber attacks have increased exponentially. Microsoft is aware of this and invests in cybersecurity more than 1,000 million dollars every year. In addition, its powerful protection system detects and processes more than 8 billion incidents every day.

Azure Security Center provides a complete view of the security status of all your services and stored information. In addition, it allows detecting possible threats, responding quickly to incidents to solve problems immediately. It also allows you to get a total view of the security status of all your stored files and applications.

Many companies also use Azure Sentinel, it is a system to deal with cyber threats based on artificial intelligence.

It performs greater control and management of hybrid environments.

Managing all environments in a single tool allows the IT department of a company to increase its productivity. In addition, it allows you to manage resources in a more comfortable and efficient way.

Azure Arc enables organizations to centrally monitor, manage and protect Windows and Linux servers, Kubernetes clusters, and multi-cloud or on-premises applications from a single platform.

Take the leap to the cloud and save with Azure

With Microsoft Azure you will avoid costly investments in local servers and maintenance costs. In addition, it allows you to scale, reduce or turn off the machines as and when you need it and as if that were not enough you will be able to know where and how the machines for which you are paying are . It’s all benefits!

Improve insights and agility by running SAP solutions from Azure.

By running SAP solutions on Azure, you can improve real-time insights to respond flexibly to current market needs.

Microsoft Azure allows you to run SAP workloads. So if you decide to migrate, you’ll be able to aggregate data, apply smart analytics, and use SAP Cloud Platform for integration with collaborative tools like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams , Power Apps , and Power BI.

Modernize cloud infrastructure.

Many companies continue to have many files stored on a local server to solve latency problems or maximize the investments made.

With Azure Stack HCI you can consolidate your virtualized applications on-premises through a hyper-converged infrastructure connected to the cloud. Thus, you will have all your files and applications in a single place, having all the information controlled and improving performance.

Optimize the cost of your operations.

Get a clear view of the use of cloud resources and their expenses. Monitor and forecast cloud spend, set budget, and allocate costs to teams and projects with Azure Cost Management.

Optimize cloud resources and architecture with best practices and Azure Advisor.

A business needs to follow the market trends and change itself to thrive in the industry to continue making profits. A business that doesn’t transform itself with time, is unable to stand the test of time. There are a number of companies that were famous in the 80s or 90s but no one remembers them anymore because they failed to transform themselves as per the changing times and thus were either acquired or merged by the big players and are now non-existent like Remington typewriters, Compaq, General Motors, Merry-Go-Round, Kodak, Eastern Airlines, Pan Am and more.

Businesses which are highly scalable, grow exponentially. Scalability helps a business grow without any needless expenditure. So, make your business more scalable with cloud services.

They help you scale resources up or down as per the fluctuations in your business size and needs. Cloud being a subscription based model allows a business to pay for those resources, which they consume and save for non-procured ones.

This level of agility gives an edge to the business using cloud services over the ones still using traditional setup.

Save with Azure ! At Dynamics Square we help you implement this solution in your business.


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