Save Outlook PST File in PDF Document Format on Mac Machine

Convert PST files to PDF on Mac

The PDF files are now the need of every individual present. The user might want to print out some of their important files. Else they need to share PST files with other people. As PST files could not be accessed by every user. PDF is being used as a standard file format in terms of accessibility. There are tons of situations wherein, the user wanted to convert their files to PDF, as users may travel to different places, and thus, the same email client won’t work everywhere, therefore, they tend to convert their files to PDF already. The users trust PDF completely in terms of safety and security, and thus, always prefer converting their files to PDF only.

PST is the file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store users’ data like email messages, calendars, contacts, journals, notes, etc. The PST file, in this case, can contain some of the sensitive and crucial data of the users, therefore, the user for easy accessibility and sharing features prefer to convert their files to PDF. As PDF allows the users to put passwords on their files, therefore, the user can protect their files from any external threat. Also, if the user wants to print out their PST files, they can easily do it by first converting it to PDF and then printing it out. Also, the user can access their files whenever they wish to access them on any device like tablets, PCs, laptops, etc., and any OS.

In this article, we are going to give the best and reliable method to convert PST files to PDF on Mac. The user just needs to concentrate and read the blog carefully to understand the basics.

Save PST Files as PDF Manually on Apple Computer

If anyone needs to access the data in PST files in Adobe PDF document. Otherwise, PST files can be converted to PDF using the steps outlined below:

  • Start MS Outlook Account.
  • From the Menu bar, select File >> Save As.
  • Select a File format from the pop-up Windows and click HTML set-up.
  • Choose an appropriate location to store the HTML file.
  • Now, open the HTML file in MS word file.
  • Go to Save As and set a Save as Type: PDF

Limitations: The above method is a common and mostly used method for a minimum number of email files. This method is applied to process single files at once.

If you have several emails to convert into PDF format, it will take longer if you do it manually. In such cases, the software can function properly to migrate emails in bulk. It is a professional utility that quickly converts PST to PDF.

The Robust Support-Tool for the Users – An Automated Toolkit

The users can directly convert multiple PST files to PDF without any delay using the tool PST Converter for Mac. This tool can effortlessly convert multiple PST files to Adobe PDF with ease. The wizard offers the users the 2-flexible ways to upload the PST files in the software, either the user can opt for bulk conversion or they can directly go for selective conversion using the Filter option.

The standalone application does not require any additional application at any point. The toolbox is perfectly reliable and reliable and delivers precise results in no time.

Try another Application: Convert OLM file on MAC.

Free Demo Version

Get the initial package of the application to test the working and the features. The wizard converts 25 PST files to PDF for free in its trial version, thus, the user needs to avail of the golden opportunity right now. All of the important features are included in the trial edition.

The Reasons for choosing this Toolkit over others

Here are some of the major benefits of using the tool: –

  • The wizard is quick in its response and delivers accurate results within a minute only. No need for additional procedures other than the provided steps.
  • The application preserves and maintains the PST file’s hierarchy during and after the procedure including all the Meta components of the file.
  • The utility prevents users’ data from any loss and provides a 100% guarantee of safety and security.
  • The software has an intuitive interface with a consistent graphical interface that allows novice users to use it without problems.
  • The application supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.
  • The software has an intuitive interface with a consistent graphical interface that allows even novice users to easily use the software without outside assistance.
  • The application preserves and maintains the PST file’s hierarchy during and after the procedure including, the text formatting, subject line, and other related Meta components of the PST files.
  • The utility prevents loss of user data and provides 100% accurate results as soon as the user loads the PST files into the software.
  • The app gives users flexible options to choose the target location and naming convention for files.

The Steps to Convert PST files to PDF on Mac

Install the application on Macintosh OS and follow the steps that are mentioned here. These steps are given in the simplest method possible.

  1. Start the software, the application on the Mac Machine.
  2. Now upload the PST files using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) option.
  3. Then select the PDF option from the Select Saving List.
  4. Further, choose the destination location and file naming convention.
  5. Finally, press the Export button.

The user would receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the procedure.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have given the most probable solution to Convert PST files to PDF on Mac. Many users want to access their PST files offline from any device, in this case, PDF would be the most preferred choice and that is why users want to Convert their multiple PST files to PDF. Use the mentioned application on Mac OS to save the Outlook data files in document format. Get the accurate result with a maintained folder hierarchy. Try the automated method as it is considered to be the easiest and the most reliable method.

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