Salwar Suits For Short Heights – Do’s and Dont’s


Hiding your height can be an issue especially if you are short and have no idea where to start. But rest assured, there are several ways to turn your biggest flaw into a plus (without doing anything crazy) Style yourself right and you could be the hottest topic to talk about. When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, Wholesale salwar suits provide a classic number and it can look great on any woman, tall or short. These are a few tips for short women to style their salwar suits.


1. Choose Fabric Wisely:
When it comes to picking the best suit to compliment you but not make your height that noticeable then fabric selection is a key feature. It affects the overall wearability and appearance of the outfit. Some fabrics like organza are stiff and can create some volume, while some are figure-hugging and can show off your petite figure, here it is wise to opt for an in-between.
Also, depending on the weather, certain fabrics have advantages over others. During summer it is advisable to go for cotton and its derivatives instead of silk or georgette which are more suited to the winter season.

2. Opt for small prints and vertical lines:
The design also plays a crucial role, and it is easy to select the wrong one. Stick to vertical stripes and small printed designs as they create the impression of a longer body. Large patterns will easily make you look smaller and just make it obvious that you are failing to fake it and may make you look even shorter! To avoid this pay careful attention to the design.

3. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
Why not get the help of an assisting accessory? An accessory that will greatly help your plight is shoes. High heeled shoes are every short woman’s best friend and can match any type of salwar suit. It is the easiest way to add on inches and the only restriction is how well you can walk in different heels.


1. Avoid long bottom garments:
Make sure to not wear bottoms that end up bunching at the feet or ankle. This automatically shows that they are far too long for you (making you look dwarfed). Instead, you can easily have the hem sewn in to make it much shorter, making you look taller.

2. Do not make salwar suit too tight:
A common error made by every woman is making their clothing fitting. Fitting clothing just highlights how slim or short the wearer is. So when sewing an outfit make sure to keep some space in there to give you some extra height as well as volume.

3. Stay away from long and flared tops:
Long and flared tops can easily drown you and make it look as if you bought an outfit that was about two sizes too big. So rather go for tops that end just above the knee.

4. Colors to stay away from:
Deep and dark colors are the ones to go for. They are best for petite frames as they create an illusion of more height, that said, pastel colors are a big no-no.


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