Rugs Layering for Better and Faster Home Decor

vintage rugs
vintage rugs

Rugs are undeniably a popular decor essential for every home, and there are a plethora of choices available. Area rugs come with the power to transform a room’s look entirely. You may move from neutral to bold, or from solids to patterns, by mixing and matching different types of materials in rugs. Layering a rug is a trend that has never gotten old since the day of its inception.  Layering rugs is a fun approach to styling a rug, which is not as challenging as it may sound or look. 

It is a trick to experiment with color, pattern, and texture to layer a rug on top of one another. You can tackle numerous decorating issues with this style, which can be handpicked to fit any space. How can you use this decorating method to your advantage? Let’s find out;

Define an area 

First thing first, it is best to define an area where you want to layer rugs and make sure that it looks modern. Rug layering can be used to divide areas of your home or tie a room together. For example, for a larger living room where you have all other required furniture essentials, rug layering turns out to be useful. As a general rule of thumb, an area rug is better off approximately 10 to 20 inches from the walls of the room. In addition, it gives a complete finished look when all of your furniture legs are laid on the rug. The rug layering idea comes in handy in one more case when you feel that the area rug is too large and spaced out. Therefore, to give this place more definition, a small rug can transform the whole interior look beautifully. You can also consider playing with different angles in the room to add depth and dimension to the room. The important thing to bear in mind is keeping the larger rug underneath in the same direction as the furniture is arrayed. Only change the angles of the smaller rug over it and see what looks best. 


Layering rugs work amazingly when you pick up two rugs of different sizes. The larger one will serve as the focal point, while the smaller one will create an accent. It is best to go for a 6×9-inch rug laid on top of a 9×12-inch rug to create a layered look that makes a place both visually interesting and functional. Generally, interior designers suggest that the top rug should be at least two-thirds the size of the rug below it.

Accentuate a place

To draw attention to a certain place, lay a smaller rug on top of the bigger one. It is a fantastic technique to draw attention to a piece of furniture, such as a dining table, couch, or chest. If you want to move others’ attention away from one place, try layering the two beautiful rugs in a place where you want to catch everyone’s eye. A small runner rug is another choice that might help you hide old furnishings or architectural features.

Playing with colors 

Another common reason why people love layering rugs is that it allows people to play with different colors. Layering offers a muted cornerstone with a tiny splash of colour for those who find a bright coloured rug to much to cover their entire floor. On the other hand, some homeowners may feel that a single rug does not provide them with enough variety of colour. According to your taste, you can freely lay one shade on top of another, such as a distressed rug over plain jute. Finding colours that work well together and with the rest of the decor in the space is the key. Layering is not limited to only two rugs; add as many layers as you like.

Try out different patterns. 

Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s easy to layer two or more different patterns on top of one another. Try to use colors of the same strength when trying out layering with different patterns. To give you an idea, do not combine soft, muted hues with bright and vivid colours. It can work if the patterns on both rugs are similar and match somehow. Otherwise, tone-on-tone patterns are the way to go.  They will add depth and individuality to a place without overpowering the place. When it comes to overlaying patterns, it’s important to follow your gut sense and believe your eye. After all, it would be you to decide what type of room decor you want. 

Don’T overlook texture

Accentuating rugs with different textures on top of one another is a great way to bring character and variety to a space. It is not even compulsory to use a lot of different colours and patterns. You can also layer a rug on carpeting to make the room look more lively. Here the thing that matters is that the texture of the carpet must not clash with the rug. Shaggy rugs make the room cozier when overlapped over carpets. 


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