Royal Mandore Garden : Best Place To Visit In Jodhpur

Mandore Garden

Royal Mandore Garden, famous for its royal cenotaphs, located approximately 9 kilometres from Jodhpur in Mandore, which was originally the governing seat of the Pratihara dynasty. The garden is part of the larger Mehrangarh Fort, which also contains the well-known Hall of Heroes and the Temple of Three Hundred Million Gods. There is also a Government Museum in the garden, which is filled with artefacts and antique relics.

The stunning cenotaphs or ‘dewals’ that may see throughout the Mandore Gardens are the garden’s most outstanding feature. The most magnificent and well-known of these cenotaphs is undoubtedly Maharaja Ajit Singh’s. The structures inside the garden are without a doubt its most stunning feature, the Hall.


The historic town of Mandore, which has been abandoned since 1459 CE, is only five and a half miles north of the tourist hotspot of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Mandore Gardens, one of the best-preserved sites here, stands tall to tell the story of a bygone period. Mandore was the primary seat of authority for the Pratiharas of Mandavyapura in the sixth century CE. The princess of the Pratiharas dynasty married King Rao Chunda of the Rathore dynasty, who acquired the Junagarh Fort in Mandore as a dowry.

Mandore became the home of the Rathore dynasty in 1427, and Rao Rinmal Rathora became its king. Rinmal was also the governor of the Kingdom of Mewar until 1438 when he was slain by the Mewar monarch, Rana Kumbha, who took over the Mandore crown. Rao Jodha, Rao Rinmal’s son, evaded murder and sought unsuccessfully for several years to retake Mandore. Rao Jodha, on the other hand, was able to reclaim Mandore in 1453. Mandore was the capital of several Jodhpur kings over the ages, and it even saw multiple attacks from various dynasties, notably the Muslim monarchs of Gujarat and Malwa. So, in order to further defend Mandore from invasions, the capital relocates to the mountaintop Mehrangarh Fort, which provides the royal realm with greater safety and security.

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Garden of Mandore

The garden is the most appealing to tourists. The yard was well-planned, with lovely trees for a pleasant and calm setting. The Garden of Mandore contains little lakes teeming with birds and fish. The fish may fed by humans. When we walk through this magnificent garden, we feel so tranquil and far from city life.

Architectural style and Royal Cenotaphs

The Royal cenotaphs, or Chhatris, are the main draw of Mandore Gardens. The architectural styles used in temples and memorials are quite lovely and royal in appearance.

The Royal Cenotaphs of Marwar Kings compose entirely of red stone. Mandore Gardens’ main draw is its cenotaphs. Each cenotaph is distinct and unlike any other. The architectural style of these cenotaphs will remind us of the brilliance of Rajasthani architects.

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Hall of Heroes

Another well-known attraction in Mandore Garden is the Hall of Heroes. This stop covers the magnificence and history of Rajput folk fighters. The hall’s walls are entirely covered with exquisite murals and rock sculptures of Rajput heroes. Heroes’ statues and bright paintings carve on a massive rock, and this Hall of Heroes depicts local heroes such as Chamunda and Pabuji. The Hall of Heroes is notable for its 16 figurines carved from a single rock.

Government Museum

This museum shows antiquities and historical relics from the region. Almost all of the objects and items discover in this area house in this museum. The Government Museum is a must-see for anybody interest in the 6th century. The Government Museum has an admission fee of 50 INR.

Langur Monkeys

A large number of Langur monkeys wander this yard. The most appealing aspect of this location is the presence of langur monkey troupes wandering the garden and causing havoc. These monkeys are vicious and nasty. A number of Langur monkey groups near the lake.

Finally, as you ascend the slope. You can see the ruins of Mandore Fort and its Palace, as well as the Ravana Temple. These are the highlights of Mandore Gardens. A day spent in these gardens will educate you on many historical aspects of the Jodhpur Kingdom and its history.

There are several Langur monkeys in this backyard. When is the best time to visit Mandore Garden?

Actually, this location is close to the Thar Desert. It is, therefore, preferable to visit Mandore Gardens during the winter season, which runs from October to March. Tourists will be able to enjoy the whole tour of Mandore Gardens at this time.

Mandore Gardens hours and fees

Mandore Garden’s opening time is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. There will be no admission fees at Mandore Gardens. From Saturday through Thursday, the Government Museum in the Gardens opens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Museum charges Rs 50 for each person.

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