Role of DRM in Video Streaming Application Security

video streaming application
video streaming application

As the word ‘Computerised Rights Management’ proposes, DRM is a specialized situation to guarantee that privileges of the substance are suitably made due. Assuming you need to make income from your essence, say recordings, it is essential that the meaning is simply available to your genuine supporters or paid clients. On the off chance that there is a Live Video Streaming App Development by which non-bought-in/non-paid clients gain admittance to your substance, then you are missing out on your income. In specific cases, your meaning may be private, which is likewise a security/copyright misfortune for people or organizations.

Hence, DRM is a specialized arrangement to guarantee that your substance is just utilized by those clients whom you want and in how you want. Technical programs or robbery programming/modules accessible in the market can break the essential access control you made. Hence, DRM should be a significant strength for forestalling robbery by tech hacks.

DRM can apply to any content – sound, video, digital book, games, and so forth; however, we will cover video/sound DRM in this blog.

What’s the significance here in the video playback setting?

A relationship which is my most loved while making sense of how DRM might affect recordings – When someone today discusses ‘tech startup,’ they usually mean programming-based new businesses. In reality, the word ‘tech’ could likewise mean compound innovation or assembling advances or different things; however, the ongoing show for calling ‘tech new companies’ is mostly around programming tech.

Likewise, DRM can mean many things; while discussing video DRM, it implies specific encryption and gadget conventions kept up with by preferences of Google and Apple which guarantee the highest security from video robbery. There are three regular videos DRMs – Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay, and Microsoft Play-ready. Google Widevine DRM and Apple Fairplay DRMs are essential to cover every key gadget and program (PC/work area, android, iOS).

Multi-DRM: What are all video DRMs accessible?

Since many gadgets, OS, and programs require different Video Streaming Application answers for specific substances. The following is a short rundown of it –

Google Widevine video DRM upholds Desktop/Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Android Chrome, Edge, Android TV, Android TV, Chromecast.

Apple Fairplay video DRM upholds – Mac Safari, IOS Safari, and IOS App.

Microsoft Playready video DRM upholds – Edge in Windows. Google Widevine additionally supports Windows Edge, so Playready is undoubtedly not a flat-out need.

How does DRM get the recordings? Why is DRM encryption superior to standard encryption?

Before understanding the innovation behind video DRM, it is essential to comprehend what “video encryption” is and how DRM adds to it.

Video encryption is the most common way of changing over video into a non-video secure configuration, so watchers cannot straightforwardly access the crude record. This keeps the internet-based watcher from getting natural video. However, standard video encryption innovations like HLS E, RTMP E, and AES 128 have weak key trade instruments and are inclined to hacking and downloading. This nullifies the central matter of encryption. This is where the DRM framework comes in. DRM apparatuses safeguard the encryption key forestalling simple access by any programmer/module/programming. Accordingly, DRM video encryption does the double occupation of scrambling the video and second safeguarding/dark boxing the video encryption key.

What do Google and Apple do to keep up with video DRMs and security?

Google and Apple guarantee the beneath things with Video Streaming applications. These advances should be refreshed over the long haul as security is consistent.

How might I coordinate video DRM for my site/application?

Executing video DRMs requires a change at two vital spots in the video foundation. The first is at the transcoding level, where content is encoded with DRM boundaries after transcoding. The second is in the video player level, where the encoded content is unscrambled to play the last video in a perceptible organization.

Enormous endeavors like Netflix and Amazon Prime form in-house frameworks. Some Large, medium and private ventures depend on VideoCrypt, which gives DRM programming, video facilitating, and video player as a joint contribution in a simple way to utilize proposing to clients.

DRM encryption

Video DRM playback includes encoding recordings with DRM conventions notwithstanding standard encryption. Live Video Streaming App Development company encryption fundamentally guarantees a highly secure key trade component with the goal that the key is never uncovered and a hack cannot decode the substance. DRM suppliers like VideoCrypt give APIs to DRM encryption.


Video DRM playback includes encoding and unscrambling recordings with DRM conventions. After the encoded transfer move, the video player unscrambles the DRM scrambled content back to a visual organization permitting the watcher to watch the video. Most open-source players like Exoplayer and Shaka Player have boundaries for allowing DRM video unscrambling. DRM suppliers give APIs to DRM encryption and decoding.


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