RNI registration is the need of the hour. We are here to tell you why?

RNI Registration

It’s the lack of RNI registration that took the life of that man in Bihar.

I won’t name him, but can tell you his story. He worked as a bicycle repairmen. Then one day, someone received a message on Whatsapp that he was selling beef. That someone than told another. Soon, everyone around that region received the same forwarded “news” and they all rallied up at the man’s house. He couldn’t have been more than 25 years old, but those people didn’t care. They poked, stabbed and prodded him with sticks until he was dead.

How does this ghastly story relate to RNI registration? RNI registration is a permit that allows legitimate newspapers to circulate across India. As the internet has now become more or less a news outlet, people aren’t interested in reading newspapers anymore. What people do have access to is bite sized messages that are peddled as real news.

These peddle bits of information end up influencing these people. As we are now more creatures of emotional rather than of logic, we end believing that news  The death of that man was a consequence of it.

It also has brought us to the realization that now, more than ever, we need real news provided by real newspapers.

What is RNI registration?

RNI registration is more than just a permit that allows legitimate news to exist in India. RNI or Registrar of newspaper in India is the child of Press and Registration of Books act that has existed since 1867. The Registrar has two duties:

  1. Ensuring that newsworthy newspaper publications are circulated in India,
  2. And all the active newspapers have a record of their existence in the registry of newspapers.

Now, in order obtain this registration, you have one way to go – a combination of offline and online way. The RNI online registration process has the following steps and it involves precision and care from the side of the applicant:

  1. First, the Registrar has to approve of the title of your newspaper. He can only do so if you provide him or her with a meaningful and unique newspaper title. The process of RNI title verification starts with online application, but ends with offline verification certificate.
  2. The offline verification certificate then has to go to an SDM who authenticates it. Afterwards, you need get approval for the content of the newspaper by publishing it within the time that the Registrar grants you.

Along the way you’ll need to pay the RNI registration fees and documents required for it. RNI registration is not something that comes for free. You have to earn it because it’s an endeavour worth pursuing. Now that you know the basics of the license, let me tell why it’s the need of the hour.

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The need of RNI registration in India

The story of that man lynched basis on the information people got from Whatsapp is one of many. It’s a testament of the rising disease that’s plaguing the mind of the people. And RNI registration is the cure:

  1. Increase in fake news is troublesome: Anybody with a sufficient enough grasp on grammar, a lot of time in their hands and a mobile can create and publish news online. The issue is, there is no way for the people to verify that information. Even if such news portals mention their “sources” as reference, even these references are taken from the web. Furthermore, RNI registration for online news portal does not exist. That’s why RNI registration is needed. If more people obtain it, there is a chance that such fake news won’t be peddled that often.
  2. People aren’t patient anymore: As our world have started to grow faster, people have started going faster. They don’t have time to research or look at the news in a way that they should. They merely read the surface and make judgements from that. If more newspapers are present in India, these people can be forced to sit, read and analyze the news before they can make any judgements from it.
  3. Newspapers can counter the fake news: There are more news websites than there are newspapers in India, and it’s not just because of convenience. Regardless of what the reason is, these news websites are exploiting the lack of patience that people have and peddling them fake news for the sake of clicks. While there are attempts to counter those fake news, those attempts are by another websites. At the end of the day, you can’t counter fake news created through website by employing another website. That’s why newspapers are important. By providing actual news paper on counter the attempts of fake websites, people can be enlightened to the truth.

At the end of the day, a newspaper is to make you sit down and read the news. It requires patience of those who read it. But when it starts to have an impact, it can change the world.

Do you want to change the world through news? Contact your RNI registration agent today.

RNI registration is the need of the hour. This article will tell you why it’s needed at this very moment. Get acquainted with these importance of RNI online registration and bring your queries to us.

RNI registration only allows you to legally public your newspaper or publication across India or a certain region. It does nothing else. It’s not a license to setup a media house. It’s  not a license mandatory to get a job. And, it’s definitely not a license that everyone needs.

However, people don’t know about these things. RNI registration, even though an old license, is one that not many people are aware of. And in this age of low attention span, most tend to only look at two words shown in the search results to assume the rest of the information.

When you combine both of the above factors, you have RNI online registration, a process that is full of misconceptions and misleading articles.

So, how to tackle this issue?

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We thought long and deep about it and now, the result of that is this blog. It’s time to remove all misconceptions about the registration that lets you start a newspaper in India.

First Misconception:  It’s expensive to get the RNI certificate

Everyone has a dream and lack of money is a deterrent that everyone faces when their trying to achieve their dreams. Starting a newspaper is the same dream. However, here, the claims made by the “professionals” online are false. People think that they have to shell out a lot of cash to even file the application of newspaper registration. That thinking has spread across like wildfire. It has taken root in the minds of so many good reporters that they had to give up control of their perception to rich folks who are now controlling the news.

Let’s remove it

The reality is something different. The cost of RNI registration is not so much that you’d need to sell your house. Furthermore, when it comes to the government cost, it’s especially low.  “Professionals” who try to paint the RNI registration fees as exuberantly high are the ones that charge high professional fees. If you come across such individuals, better to stay away from them.

Second Misconception: One only requires to register the newspaper title to start a newspaper

Obtaining any form of business license in India is a complex affair. And when the procedure of obtaining the license is unconventional, people get even more confused. One confusion that plagues people’s minds about RNI registration is two layered process. People have a hard time understanding that it’s not only the title that needs registration, it’s also the content. As such, there are those who think that once they register the title, they are done.

Let’s remove it:

There are two levels to obtaining RNI registration certificate. The first certificate is obtained based on the title and the second one is obtained based on the content of the newspaper. However, both of them are part of the whole. Thus, you need to obtain both of them to finally get an approval to start a newspaper in India.

Third misconception: You can choose any title for your newspaper

The naming conventions for a newspaper are quite simple. The title of a newspaper should be unique and meaningful. However, people tend to take this sentence at face value. Consequently, they either choose the most outlandish name like “Charasi News”, names that have no meaning like “Saptahik weekly newspaper”, or names that are combination of existing newspaper like “Deccan Times” (Combination of Navbharat Times and Deccan Herald). The Registrar of newspaper in India, after seeing applications for such names, outright rejects them.

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Let’s remove it.

The name of your newspaper should be meaningful and should be unique. However, it can’t be a combination of names that already exist for newspapers. It also can’t be a name that has no meaning. There are naming conventions of newspaper that you need to follow. Know the newspaper names to stay away from before you choose the right name for your newspaper.

Fourth Misconception: Starting a News Website requires RNI registration for online news portal

Working with our marketers, we came across a keyword that’s a lot in demand. It’s called “RNI Registration for online news portal”. Taking the term on face value and believing the requirement to be true, we are often contacted by people who want the registration service. It’s one of the most loud misconceptions that people have regarding RNI registration.

Let’s remove it

There is no such thing called RNI registration for news portal. In fact, in the official registration guidelines, it’s explicitly stated that non-paper news media like websites won’t be given to file the application to Registrar of newspaper in India.

Fifth misconception: The process of RNI registration is only online

It’s one misconception that made many of us try to justify our professional fees. Because most of the business licenses have online only processes, people think that same applied to RNI. While it’s their right to think that way, it’s also our right to say that they are wrong.

Let’s remove it

RNI registration process is a combination of offline and online steps. While you’re going to file the application in an online mode, the submission of many documents required for RNI registration happens in offline mode.


Misconceptions exist with every business license. It’s the right business consultants that can help you see through them. If you still want to know more, remove any misconceptions you have by contact our RNI registration agent.


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