Rigid Boxes: The Excellent Choice for displaying your Luxury Goods to Target more Customers


Almost every box packaging solution is different in terms of material, thickness, manufacturing method, and functions. A rigid box, also known as set-up boxes, is one of various industries’ most popular box styles. The use of Rigid Boxes packaging is in high demand for displaying and protecting luxury goods.

A rigid packaging box is generally available as in two components. This includes chipboard as well as wrapping. Chipboard acts as the main box structure, which is 5 times thicker than the traditional folded carton. Wrapping is the component that is available for encasing the box.

This is how a brand owner can avail of some great opportunities for brand promotion. Hence, they can display a brand message more appropriately with a box packaging solutions.

A rigid box is available in two main types. This includes the telescoping rigid boxes, and the second is hinged lid rigid boxes. A rigid telescoping box is manufactured upon in a manner in which the base and lid interact. The second is the hinged lid which is connected upon with the box itself.

What latest rigid box packaging designs are in trend?

A rigid box is no doubt all about the outlook. But they should be finished upon in a way that reflects the brand’s professionalism. You should give your boxes an elite look which adds the full product with premium results.

You can go with some ideas for the latest printing artwork. We have the best recommendations for semi-gloss finishing or matte coating. Aqueous coating and gloss finishing are equally popular.

Apart from that, it would even help if you never compromised on the box printing quality. To add your box with an extra quality design, you can use high-quality water-based inks. In the same way, digital printing and offset printing are also the two most popular printing styles. The trend of using these printing styles is getting so common for the packaging box.

Do you think that the custom rigid boxes are a costly investment? If yes, then you need to do a bit of some packaging research. It is not at all costly! Option of placing the order of rigid box in bulk quantity is also available. This can even save so much money for the small brands.

The main difference between a rigid box & a traditional box

The rigid box design is hence a traditional go-to packaging for the products. Such brands can use it that needs to stand unique in the market in the line of competition. No doubt that packaging always plays a vital role in high-end products. Packages can be a lot stronger.

This packaging box is hence equally significant in case you are handling any fragile or heavy item.

What are the important benefits of rigid box packaging for your brand?

  1. Gifting with inspiring box presentation

You can choose to use the boxes for gifting purposes as well. This is due to the involvement of attractive designs and excellent printing work done on the surface. Users can hence add the box with wishes and warm messages. Some of the boxes are often adorned upon with some swanky elements for an extra attraction. With the additional add-ons as well as decorative elements, the packaging item is add-upon with excellent protection against damage.

  1. Help your product to be safe during transportation or shipping

We all know that fragile or delicate items are always looking for extra protection. Do you want the product to be parcel upon in its original shape? Then do choose a rigid box as the best option. They are hence available from durable materials. And these materials promise to survive for a long-lasting time.

Some of the boxes are often added up with gloss and matte lamination. This is hence excellent to resist humidity and moisture. Thus, they can bear any environmental impact during the storage functionality. Hence, they are not just durable but even cost-effective too for small brands.

  1. Brand Recognition 

You can nevertheless give your brand a new recognition in the market by using the latest printing artwork. Availing some latest graphical work can also work to your benefit. This is how you can nevertheless give your new brand identity. It is also a sort of powerful branding tool.

It is an undeniable fact that unique packaging is hence essential to building your brand stronger. And this formula is a follow-up by both small and large-scale businesses. To display a product uniquely there is a need to have great packaging solutions. To hence target more customers, it is essential to build your brand to be the popular one in the market.

  1. Retailing 

When it comes to retailing, unique, attractive, and catchy box presentations play a significant role. For retailing, the use of durable box packaging solutions is hence very much substantial. Only huge businesses know the actual value of rigid box designs. And thus, they are taking massive benefit of it.

Rigid packaging boxes do know how to catch the attention of any new customer. And at the end of the day, this effort will contribute to improving brand sales. By giving your packaged product a completely new look; you can rapidly target both your old and new customers.

  1. Eco-Friendly:

Rigid Boxes Wholesale have the nature of being recyclable and eco-friendly. This is generally because no harmful chemicals are hence used upon at the time of box production. It is hence available in great cardboard material. This material is yet a 100% recyclable packaging material.


Get ready to have a durable and attractive packaging solution by your side?! If yes, then choosing a rigid box design is a perfect go for you. Traditional boxes can be a bit flimsy. And they won’t last for a longer time for storage or shipping purposes. But rigid box packaging never disappoints you at a single second!

Rigid boxes offer excellent protection to fragile as well as heavy items. They prevent them from facing any cracks during shipping. Versatile designs, as well as shapes, and sizes allow you to choose the packaging according to product requirements.


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