Reviews About Wireless Internet Providers in the USA

internet providers
internet providers

Many broadband internet providers offer wireless services in the USA However, which is the best? In this article, we examine Sparklight, Wide Open West, and Charter Communications. Check out what other customers have to say about the service. You may be amazed! Is your town covered by any of these services? Find out by reading our thorough review. We hope you’ll be able to choose the right provider! Keep in mind that the more customer reviews you go through and the more you read, the more favorable.


Sparklight has a decent variety of plans if you’re looking for speeds. The speeds can vary between 100 and 1,000 Mbps based on the plan. That’s ideal for a variety of users. But, it does not come with fast speed uploads, which could be a problem for some. But, for those who aren’t concerned about download speed, there are plans with unlimited data that cost only $40 per month.

Consumer Reports readers give Sparklight an overall score of 70/100. The web service provider’s reliability and technical support are given a “good” rating. Speed is classified as “poor” in Sparklight’s reviews; however, the overall experience is definitely worth looking into. The wireless internet service might not be suitable for those who aren’t. If you want to stay clear of the hassle of signing contracts with a service provider, You might want to look at a different option.

Wide Open West

WOW! Wow! Wide Open West is an internet service provider that serves nine states within the eastern part of the US. Its plans vary between 100 and 1000 Mbps and are quite affordable. The plans also come with no-contract plans that are a plus for those who are budget-conscious about their internet. However, some customers complain that WOW! its customer service isn’t quite up to scratch. The company is working to address this issue; however, it’s unclear whether the complaints are legitimate.

Wow! is also called Wide Open West and offers internet access to more than 840,000 people across nine states. Wide Open West is an affordable option for cable or DSL and has a wide bandwidth at a lower cost than other providers. However, it has certain disadvantages, such as contract terms of 24 months, slow-speed data, and limited access. Studying Wide Open West wireless internet provider reviews thoroughly before signing up for their services is essential.


If you consider the different plans offered by AT&T wireless internet service providers, be aware of the speeds you’ll receive and the best price range. The most speedy plans are likely to be fiber-based connections, the fastest internet connections across the United States. They are perfect for users who require high bandwidth, but they’re not as widely accessible. There is also a Fixed Wireless Internet service designed for those living in rural areas with high speeds and more data than satellite plans.

The speeds for downloading you can anticipate at AT&T will depend upon the number of gadgets you wish to connect to your service, and how fast each one is. AT&T claims that its customers can anticipate speeds of up to 25 Mbps; however, independent reviews show that the average customer will receive speeds sup to the 100-Mbps mark. This should be enough to power a few televisions and computers that play normal definition programs. For families with small children, it should be enough.

Charter Communications

If you’re looking for the best broadband internet service within your local area, You may have been aware of Charter Communications. Charter Communications offers a vast range of plans, including three different levels of speed and cost. The best way to know whether Charter is the best choice for you is by reading reviews posted by customers. Charter is a great option for accessing the internet wirelessly since the service is accessible throughout the country.

There are some disadvantages to keep in mind, however.
While Charter Spectrum was once a struggling provider of Internet services, the situation is much better in the present. The company was bought from Time Warner Cable and recently raised its satisfaction rating. But, they are still lower than US regional averages and trailed Xfinity along with AT&T. Although the company has made improvements since then, it is important to be aware when you sign a new plan. Prices will increase when the promotional period is over.

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