Retell lecture task type -Apply these tips and tricks

PTE practice test
Retell lecture task on the PTE academic test is a part of the Speaking module. It tests your integrated skills. Your performance contributes to the score of the 
speaking and listening skills. In this task, you need to re-tell the audio in your own 
words. You will hear audio of 50 – 90 seconds and you will get 40 seconds to speak 
your response. This task can be challenging if you have difficulty in catching the 
English accent. The margin of errors is very small but if you are not attentive and prepared then you will end up making mistakes. So practice this task by taking PTE 
practice test. There are several tricks that can help you to ace the exam. 
To help you prepare thoroughly, we have put together the best tips and tricks that will help you get more points on this task. 

1. Take notes 

You will hear the audio which is played only once. So you should make a habit of taking down notes. Do this even on the PTE practice test so you make a habit of taking notes. You should note down all the important points so you do not miss out on them while speaking your response. Your important details would include important dates, 
events, numbers or any form of data. Do not spend time writing full sentences because if you do so you will not be able to cover all the main points. Note down important keywords or chunks of words so you can use them to build complete sentences. Pay attention to repetitive words. Make use of abbreviations and flowchart.  
Retell lecture task

2. Avoid unnecessary pauses 

You should not pause where it is not needed. Avoid long pauses because if you pause for more than 3 minutes then the microphone gets locked. Anything you speak after that will not get recorded. Avoid the use of fillers like umm, arretc as they will make you lose points. It is hard to avoid them but make a conscious effort to avoid including them while taking the PTE practice test.  

3. Make use of connectors 

You should make use of transition words like firstly, moreover, so that, because, and, 
addition, etc to connect your sentences. The use of transition words will help you to get a good score. Try to use this tip on the PTE practice test and see how you perform in the Retell lecture task type.  

4. Frame your response before speaking 

You should not be in a rush to speak your response. Take 10 seconds to organize your noted and structure it so when you speak your response you do not need to think. You know what comes next. This will help you to avoid pausing or making use of fillers. 

5. Speak fluently and confidently 

Speak your response in a fluent tone and at a medium pace as that indicates a level of confidence. If you speak too fast then it shows anxiety and nervousness. So you should never speak too slow or too fast but at a normal pace.  

6. Keep your eye on the timer in the Retell lecture task.

You should keep your eye on the timer so you are able to finish your response before the progress bar hits completed.  

7. Do not correct yourself 

You should remember that what is said is said. You should not correct it but move forward. If you try to correct it then your score for both content and fluency gets affected. That is why it is advised to think before you speak to avoid a scenario like that. 

8. Make use of correct pronunciations 

While speaking your response, you should make sure you pronounce the words correctly. If you come across a word that is difficult for you to pronounce then skip the word. Do not include it in your response. Rather use a synonym for the word. 
Making use of correct pronunciations is important or you lose points for it. Follow this tip while taking the PTE practice test. 

9. Your content should be relevant and should cover the main points 

While speaking your response, you should make sure that your content is relevant to what you had heard. You also need to cover all the main points in your response or you will end up losing points for it. So read the notes and cover all the important things. Follow this on the PTE practice test and see how you perform.

10. In Retell lecture Do enough practice 

Try to solve this task on the PTE practice test to see where you stand. Evaluate your score and if you need to push yourself to improve your score then follow the above tips and tricks. Doing enough practice is the key to success. So try to solve enough practice questions and also make efforts to improve your listening, speaking and note-taking skills. You should opt for the PTE exam only when you get your desired score on the PTE practice test.  


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