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You might be interested in learning how to restore the Outlook OST file. What if you’re not acquainted with the procedure for converting an Outlook OST file to a PST file type. Then this blog is dedicated to all of the Outlook users who are frantically searching for a solution to complete this task

MOST firms decided to use Outlook. This application’s abilities include email, contacts, tasks, and calendaring. If you are using the Outlook email application in offline mode, it will store all of your Exchange mailbox data in a local file named OST (Offline storage table file). This implies that even without internet connectivity, users may view their mailbox data.

backup and restoring the outlook OST file is necessary in some cases, but it is not always necessary. Consequently, in this post, we will discuss the procedure in detail, using both human and automatic ways to illustrate each stage. However, if the user is unable to complete the procedure using a manual way, users can seek assistance from an automatic solution to address the situation…

Why do Users Take Backup of Outlook OST File?

  1. To Prevent OST File Damage – These Outlook OST files might be corrupted just like every other file. Antivirus, malware, system crashes, etc. can damage the OST file. So, if you have a current backup, users may quickly restore the dataset.
  2. Recovering unintentionally deleted information – If the user has a backup, they may easily restore the outlook OST file and avoid irreparable data loss.
  3. It facilitates data migration — Converting OST files to Outlook PST files facilitates data migration from one location to another. This is highly useful if the company is moving or if the user wishes to import OST file data to other systems.

Methods to Restore Outlook OST Files

Here we will show you the two techniques to restore the outlook OST file. Manual methods and pro solution, manual methods for those users who want to take restore outlook OST file with risk and danger and pro solution who want to restore outlook OST file without any hassle.

Manual Methods to Backup Outlook OST Files

There is only one direct method to restore the outlook OST file. To convert OST file into PST file format.

Important Note: Before using the manual technique, please read the manual drawbacks

So, let’s start the conversion to restore the outlook OST file…

  1. Open Microsoft outlook.
  2. And click on the file tab option.
  3. Now choose “open & export” and then “import/export”.
  4. And select the “export to a file” option and click on the next icon.
  5. Now choose the “outlook data file(.pst)” file option and click on the next icon.
  6. Now choose the location where you want to save OST file backup and click on the finish icon.

Manual Limitation


The information is accessible in an OST file, a PST file, or a combo of both while utilizing IMAP for Microsoft Outlook. This complicates pulling up the Outlook OST file, particularly the inbox elements (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.).

Because an IMAP account stores emails and various mail elements on an IMAP server and syncs with Outlook, it stores them in a local cache file. The email caching is accessible in OST format for Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365.

If the Outlook OST file is damaged, users can not be able to back it up successfully if they attempt to back it up manually.


The synchronization issue prevents OST files from synchronizing with Exchange. The users are also incapable to open the OSTs on their systems, leaving them orphans. If numerous users cannot access their OST files, it is advisable to convert OST into PST, reset Microsoft Outlook, and import the PST.

OSTs can also be corrupted by Outlook failures, such as when Outlook is conducting a backend task and the user clicks ‘End Task’.

A virus or malicious application operation can damage several OST files, rendering them inaccessible.

Limitation 3: E-mails that have been deleted and other elements that have not been recovered using the manual method

Unintentional deletion of an email or other mail element such as contact is not recoverable using the archiving technique or the Export/Import process.

Pro-solution to Restore Outlook OST File

One of the best and unique solutions to take restore the outlook OST file is BitRecover OST to PST converter. Yes, to make an OST file you must have to convert OST file PST file format because you can save PST files at any location and you can easily access PST files from anywhere without any hassle. And this tool can easily convert OST files into PST files, not only this it can convert corrupted and orphan OST files.

Features of this Software

  1. The freeware to convert Exchange OST to PST has many capabilities and supports all Windows and Outlook versions.
  2. This software can convert corrupted OST files and also can split the large OST files.
  3. The tool converts OST to PST while preserving OST file integrity of data. It is designed to produce error-free PST files.
  4. When converting OST to PST, the user is given a choice to ‘Select Destination Path’.
  5. The OST to PST converter maintains data integrity. No matter how big or small the OST file is, the utility will take extra care to keep the content safe and intact.
  6. The tool is the greatest option for people who wish to convert their OST files to PST files without having to install Outlook.

How Does This Software Work?

  1. Download and install the utility on your system.
  2. Now choose the OST file from the outlook or manually and if your OST file is corrupted then also enable “Use Recovery Mode”.
  3. Next, all data will appear on the screen, choose the data that you want to convert and click on the next icon.
  4. Now from the select saving option choose “PST” from the drop-down.
  5. Or if you want to split the OST file then also you can split the file according to your needs.
  6. Now choose the location to save the converted file.
  7. And click on the convert icon to start the procedure.

so, you can see the difference between manual and pro solutions. Manual methods are not bad but it has several drawbacks as you can see in the previous paragraph. So, choose the technique according to your needs.

Final Words

Data protection investments should be classified as insurance. Such expenses generate no revenue but are justified in the event of an emergency.

Microsoft Outlook is a biz email service! If something goes wrong with Outlook, the best approach is to restore the outlook OST file.

Selecting the right technique to back up your Outlook OST file is crucial. In this case, it is wise to invest in an OST to PST converter software

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