Requirement of CDR Report for migration skill assessment

Requirement of CDR Report for Migration Skill Assessment in Australia


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Requirement of CDR Report for Migration Skill Assessment in Australia

CDR stands for competency demonstration report, a proof document required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as an engineer for a skilled migration visa in Australia. Engineering Applicants who do not acquire Australian qualifications but are willing to migrate to Australia need a positive skill assessment. Skill Assessment means you are submitting some evidence that you are worth applying for the following category.

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

Engineering Applicants must submit a CDR report for the Engineers Australia skill Assessment process. Engineers Australia selects Expert Applicants from other countries for engineering jobs, and they are evaluated based on their skills, knowledge and professional traits. However, skill Assessment is valid only for some period, so you should demonstrate your required skills to get a positive assessment from the relevant Authorities like Engineers Australia.

Pathways for migration skill Assessment process

Engineering Applicants with accredited qualifications should follow these pathways for migration skill Assessment:

  • Australian Qualifications
  • Washington Accord Qualification
  • Sydney Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications

Where Engineering Applicants with Non-accredited qualifications should follow this pathway for migration skill Assessment:

  • Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Documents Required for CDR Report by Engineers Australia

Want to know about the required document for EA CDR Report?

As discussed earlier, CDR Report demonstrates the skill and knowledge of engineers who want Australia’s skilled migration visa. Engineering Applicants need to submit their essential documents For the CDR Assessment process. The following Important Documents are necessary for the CDRs migration skill Assessment in Australia:

  • Your Updated Passport size photo
  • English Language score document
  • Scans of your Academic degree
  • Certified educational transcripts
  • Resume /CVs-Curriculum Vitae
  • Three career episodes Report
  • CPD-continual professional Development Report
  • Summary statement Report
  • Reliable identification documents like your current passport (page with photo and name)
  • The proof document of the job joining letter
  • Scans copy of salary slips /bank statement details/ tax returns details to validate your salary claims.
  • Scans copy of any promotion, confirmation, or work experience letters from your previous company.

Note: Above mentioned Documents should be in English; if not, you should have to submit the original document with an English translation from accredited translators.

Eligibility requirement for CDR Report by Engineers Australia

Along with the necessary document, there are some CDR eligibility requirements needed for migration skill Assessment:

  • Engineering Applicants must have the required Academic qualification for migration to the skill Assessment process.
  • Your Age should not exceed 45 years to apply for Australia migration.
  • Engineering Applicants must have work experience in the engineering domain.
  • Engineers should hold the evaluation evidence certified under IELTS or equivalent to level 6 for each of the 4 IELTS categories.

Why Engineers should go for CDR skills Assessment

Are you an Engineer willing to migrate to Australia?

Engineers Australia Always wants to recruit Expert skilful Engineers to perform jobs in the engineering category. CDR Report is a proof document where the engineering applicant has to express themselves in the right and reliable way. CDR includes three types of the section where engineering applicants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills. Three parts of the CDR Report include:

  • Three career episodes Report
  • Summary statement Report
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report

Engineering Australia CDR skills Assessment plays a crucial role because it holds the following important points:

  • It is a requirement that should be followed to apply for a skilled visa.
  • It is a proof document to verify that you are a genuine engineering applicant with the required skills and knowledge.
  • Your engineering Australia Approval document will assure your visa application to the department of home affairs.
  • It will provide you with extra points for your professional experience.


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