Report Finds KN95 Masks Not as Effective as N95 Masks

Kn95 Mask

At the Initiation of this pandemic, we are not sure about the worse condition which is going to come. Social distancing and living in the home was the only option for us. But as time flies, we search about options; then, we know about the mask. But the question is, we don’t know which mask is more effective and which is less. There are many masks present in the market. The N95 mask was the only mask excessively used because it is the only mask, giving more protection than others, but due to a shortage of n95 mask in the market. We have to buy other masks we don’t have any other options. Except for N95 m, ask KN95 mask comes and different surgical mask and now the homemade fabric is on-trend. Most people are wearing homemade fabric mask, which is affordable, and we can reuse it.

Fabric mask are of different fabrics, mostly cotton and are washable with soap and water and can also sun dry the mask for decontamination of the mask. Now KN95 mask are practical for use but not more than N95 mask. Why??

KN95 Masks And How they are useful for Healthcare workers?

KN95 Masks And How they are useful for Healthcare workers?

The KN95 mask has the same features as an N95 mask have. The N95 mask gives protection to airborne contamination from the environment. The Filter of the N95 mask provides filtration of 95% from pathogens and dust particles. THE same KN95 mask includes filtration. It includes filtration of 95%, and it removes droplets and aerosols present in the environment or air. It protects us from viral infection transmission or any other infection caused by tiny microbes like Bacteria and Virus.

The KN95 mask are not as effective as N95 for health care professionals because The N95 mask meets the standard of NIOSH ( The National Institute of Safety AND Health ) in the U.S.A. Still, the KN95 meets the Chinese government’s ideal as it is manufacture in china and export from china. It does not meet any other criteria. But in China, it is as equivalent as the N95 mask are.

But later, due to the extreme shortage of N95 mask. Food And Drug Administration test the quality and efficiency of the KN95 mask.

Later, FDA says that the KN95 mask can be used for ordinary people, not for health care workers, at this mask is not adequate for health care people. They live at risk, and it is Injurious for their health if strictly not follow the instruction.

A health care worker has to live with the suspected people and treat them. So they need more protection equipment then ordinary people need.

It is not used for medical purposes, suspected patients, and other people in more risk factors like doctor and nurses and other suspected people in the hospitals.

How much are they useful for Non-healthcare workers?

Kn95 Mask

The KN95 mask gives a comfortable and snug fit. And it is easily used and are non-washable are one time used mask that can be reused only when the same person is wearing it can be used for 9 hours. It provides safety to ordinary people who are not suspected or have any symptoms to wear the N95 mask. And people cannot be able to buy the mask; then you can wear the k95 mask.

It does not provide leak-proof much, but it is better to wear a mask than not wearing the mask and getting suspected and unable to meet anyone, or you can go—its a better option than getting ill.

Kn95 will protect you from ll viral infection and other respiratory diseases.

Conclusion :

In the end, the discussion says the N95 mask gives the best protection to the medical staff. But KN95 mask does not provide the best protection for Health care Professionals. It is best for another purpose, like going to the mall for shopping, grocery stores.

And Except mask, we all have to boost our immune system and eat healthy and home-cooked food, making us stronger. and use all home ready for normal viral or cold infection.

Special Care for Children and older adults and heart disease or diabetic people should take more protection than others.

This viral infection is more dangerous for young and old peoples.

Maintain social distance, do work from home, and eat healthily avoid going to crowd places are the best solution to decrease the number of cases.

If you don’t have any mask with you, neither the N95 mask nor the KN95 mask, you can use a surgical mask and cloth mask. The surgical mask also protects from an infection not as an N95 mask but from droplets and other aerosol contamination. Fabric mask are also suitable for ordinary people who are healthy and stepping out from home. People can prefer to wear a fabric mask.




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