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Hajj is one of the basic religious matters. Despite being remembered by different names in religions, it has similarities as a condition.

Man achieves his goal by visiting sacred places and performing certain acts of worship and commands. From a social point of view, the sanctuaries are the center of a socio-religious life and a turning point in human life and some places make it meaningful.

Because the holy places are the places between the divine and the worldly places. In other words, the places where man and Allah Almighty are in close contact. Where man finds himself in divine peace.

The History of Hajj

The history of Hajj in Islam dates back to the time of Abraham. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) had built the Kaaba on its old foundations and while purifying oneself from sins, to attain piety.  He commanded human beings to attain the bliss of Hajj. With this divine command, there is an opportunity to visit the Kaaba every year.

Staying in the field of Arafat for a certain period and sacrificing animals in the way of Allah are among the important elements of Hajj duties. Hajj is performed once a year. Hajj is performed according to the places and methods and time are shown in the religion.

In this regard, it is impossible to reach the same goal with different implementations. Like other acts of worship, there is no room for change in the worship of Hajj while commenting on the basic issues.

As we have mentioned before, the symbolic aspect of Hajj is a very strong act of worship. Sufism, walking between the peaks of Safa Marwa, staying in the field of Arafat for some time, and throwing stones at the devil, etc.

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Symbolic Rituals.

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The Hajj, which gives the impression of seemingly remarkable behavior and implementation, is a combination of different rituals. That provide an opportunity for various spiritual and spiritual training.

The Kaaba is not considered to be the real goal in Hajj and Umrah because of the presence of the human soul in the presence of Allah Almighty. Perhaps it is a source or beginning to enter the infinite and spiritual environment. It is a source beyond purpose.

From the external point of view, the symbolic nature of each of the rituals and duties of Hajj is found to be meaningful and there is an aspect of enlightening the believers in them. Rituals performed during Hajj can be discussed separately.

Obligations Of Hajj.

Especially in ihram, circumambulation around the Kaaba. Expression of love carved on black stone, march on foot between Safa and Marwah. Waiting in Arafat, collecting pebbles in Muzdalifah, sacrificing Hazrat Ibrahim’s liver in the way of Allah. Everything has a special meaning, including the place of celebration and sacrifice.

During this time a goal is set for the satisfaction of the individual and the society. Through this worship, Allah Almighty strengthens His creatures, exalting them with virtues like wisdom and spiritual health, and social cooperation.

If the concept of training the human soul is pre-conceived by the physical performance of prayers and fasting. Then the acts of worship such as zakat, sadaqah, and Qurbani from wealth strengthen the feelings of cooperation and brotherhood. The existence of all these features is significant in physical and financial worship.

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Unity Of Nation

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In short, Hajj is a universal process that unites the Muslim Ummah from all corners of the world with a single goal. This provides an opportunity for the formation of collective consciousness. Pilgrims, despite their differences in language, color, race, state, citizenship, culture, and economic status, are aware of the feeling of being united in the same spirit and purpose.

They become conscious as one being. Thus, Hajj is a rare opportunity for Muslims to interact and communicate. In a short period, a secret stimulus with shared feelings, emotions, and purpose awakens the sense of belonging to the same society.

The seeds of lifelong unforgettable friendship are sown during Hajj. In this way, Hajj provides an opportunity for international peace, solidarity, and cooperation. Muslims also get a chance to have a visual discussion while getting to know each other.

They work together to find solutions to problems. Thanks to these aspects and virtues, Hajj is one of the most important opportunities for social integrity and cooperation.

Hajj and unity of hearts:

That Muslims are apparently gathered in Makkah and their hearts are full of enmity towards each other. The word of God (You think they are together but their hearts are far apart) Or this saying of Imam Ali (as)

(O people whose bodies are together but their desires and aspirations are different) Be the case, such a gathering is not in the interest of Islam. Hajj does not want such a gathering and God does not look with mercy on such a gathering.


If we summarize this topic, then Hajj is seen as an important opportunity. Its means to mature basic beliefs such as belief in Allah, belief in oneness, belief in Prophet Muhammad, belief in the Hereafter.

On the other hand, it gives Muslims the possibility to be imbued with moral beauties and virtues like piety, patience, love, respect, brotherhood, sacrifice, and generosity. In this sense, Hajj is characterized by a program that reinforces beliefs, worship, and moral lessons.

Attempts are being made to explain the meaning of many acts of worship in modern times. Only with their method of payment. But as mentioned earlier, there is a spiritual aspect to every act of worship and it also has a positive effect on society.

Our acts of worship do not reach their destination unless this situation is put into practice. Also uses today, all over the world, various kinds of atrocities, violence, oppression, and discrimination have gripped Islamic society. We need to think about the causes of these bad situations.


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