Refilling an E-cigarette. Geek bar lite

Geek bar lite
Geek bar lite

For some people, Geek bar lite vapes are the simplest different to smoking, whereas for others, vaping is fun. Vaping is exciting for those that are accustomed to vape terminologies. Those that apprehend once and the way to refill the e-liquid tanks and when to alter the batteries will simply handle these devices.

On the opposite hand, beginner vapers would possibly get stumped with vaping hacks. If you’re one in every of the few people who have simply entered the vaping world, you must opt for a disposable vape device like Geek bar lite, Solo vape and Ivg bar. A disposable vape device is easy to use and doesn’t need complicated handling.

Beginner vapers opt for disposable vapes as a result of their convenient, and avid vapers decide advanced vapes because they provide a lot of customisation. One in every of the simplest options of advanced vape is that you just will simply refill their tanks. An easy Disposable vape pen does not provide you with a refill option. However a pod and a vape mod give you the refillable opportunity.

Vape tanks are available in multiple sizes and shapes. During this guide, you’ll come upon points that assist you fill your vape tank.

Top-Fill Vapouriser:

After you fill the vapouriser from the top, you would like to unscrew the flowing base settled at all-time low of a vape device. Once you unscrew it properly, eliminate the coil. Ensure you pull the coil gently; once the coil is out, you’ll be able to then add a number of drops of e-liquid to the coil.

Ensure you dont drop e-liquid within the centre of the tube tank, as this can be the airway. Accidentally dropping e-liquid in the airway can cause you to inhale a vape juice in its liquid form.

Bottom-Fill Vapouriser:

Take away all-time low metal piece of a vape device and place it aside. Then slowly slide the coil out from the tank. At this point, if you’re aiming to add vape juice to the tank, ensure you completely clean the tank. Disposable vapes can’t be bespoke and may be thrown away once the vape juice in them vanishes.


Once you add the drops of e-liquid to the coil, ensuing step is to fill the tank with the vape juice. For this purpose, unscrew the whole bottom metal piece and place the pipette portion of the vape juice bottle against the within of the tank. Fill the dropper and add the drops to the tank till it reaches the utmost fill spot.

Belongings you ought to avoid once filling a Vape Tank:

If you were antecedently victimisation disposable vapes and you have got currently jumped to the reversible vapes, you must take care together with your vape tanks. Ne’er fill your vape tank to urge a lot of vapours. Once your vape tank runs out of vape juice, you’ll be able to then add more juice.

Ne’er leave your vape tank while not a vape juice for a protracted amount of time. Continually clean your coils and vape tanks before adding e-juice to them. Resembling your tank desires a great deal of patience. Ne’er set up your tank and coil impatiently.

Final Thoughts:

Each vaping device is completely different from others and operates differently. The tanks and coils in a very vape device have to be compelled to be protected and need additional maintenance. The coils and tanks within the disposable vapes can’t be altered or refilled, and one needs to throw these devices once they run out of charging or vape flavour.


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