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The well-known Polish brand Platform is very popular among public institutions, industries, and companies around the world. High-quality Recycling Bins Birmingham are highly durable and reliable. The entire product range is made of plastic resistant to temperature extremes and atmospheric phenomena.

The range of tanks is huge, it includes:

  • pails with a floating lid to minimize contact during waste disposal;
  • tanks with a funnel-shaped lid to avoid splashing when disposing of wet waste;
  • buckets with a foot pedal;
  • tanks for separate waste collection with a hole on the lid;
  • metal bases for the installation of containers with lids of different colors for comfortable sorting of waste.

The main feature of the production is the absence of substances harmful to human health in the composition of plastic. Therefore Platform products are not only reliable but also safe.

waste bin

Plastic trash cans are used to collect and store various types of household waste (glass, plastic, paper, etc.). Plastic containers and tanks are made of polyethylene (HDPE) (PV and D), and polypropylene (PP). Tanks and containers are distinguished by high strength, lightness, and ease of maintenance, as well as a variety of colors. The tight-fitting tank lid prevents the spread of debris odors. The material used is resistant to aggressive chemicals. These waste bins and containers are easy to clean and retain their good appearance and functionality for a long time, unlike traditional metal bins.

All models are produced according to universal technical standards. Therefore, each trash can is combined with modern garbage trucks that carry out rear loading.

Our products are often purchased for industrial and manufacturing sites, the construction industry, the commercial and private sector.

We produce and sell waste containers in Birmingham with delivery throughout the Russian Federation, which are installed in residential complexes, office centers, cinemas, catering establishments, etc. In each specific case, we help the customer solve the problems of storing and unloading waste. At the same time, the models will suit you in terms of price, volume, degree of convenience.


We offer NHS bins Birmingham that can be divided into three sub-groups according to the number of wheels: without wheels, with two wheels, and with four wheels.

Depending on the task, you can buy a waste container with a capacity of 60 to 1100 liters. If necessary, containers can be modified and receive the following useful features:

  • Pedal drive. The presence of a solid pedal makes the use of a plastic waste container as convenient and practical as possible. It is no longer necessary to lift the lid by hand, as there is a special pedal for this. This approach allows you to adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards, as well as keep the container in good condition for as long as possible.
  • Plastic bag holders. They can be bundled with specific products like MK 120 and MK 240.
  • Luke in the lid. Massive waste containers, designed for 660–1100 liters, can be equipped with a special hatch in the lid. With it, it is easier to load garbage and no need to lift heavy covers.

The store also has easy-to-change wheels for products that simplify the movement of waste.


ATTENTION: The actual colors of waste bins and containers in the warehouse, as well as the shades within the same color, may differ from those declared on the site depending on the lot. Always in stock in Birmingham, in various sizes and colors.

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