Reasons Why You’re Inactive In College

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Reasons Why You’re Inactive In College

It’s obvious how frustrating a person feels when they’re lazy especially in college. Being lazy makes you far behind everyone and to compete in life, you have to be more active. So in this post, I’ve decided to discuss some of the root causes of why people are becoming lazy.

So why you’re so lazy in college?

There can be many reasons for this. Students have a lack of motivation where they can’t get out of their bed sometimes. They are so lazy to pay attention to what the teacher is saying to them. This laziness impacts the students in the long run as they fail to grasp the necessary knowledge and end up getting failed.

Now that you’re aware of the possible reasons why you’re lazy in your college life, let’s discuss these reasons in detail.

  • You Do Not Get Much Sleep

As a student of the college, you always find practices to keep awake late at night. Maybe you find yourself watching the new Netflix series, or you are online playing FIFA with your friends.

Whatever the reason you’re staying up late, you are going to sleep at 3 to 4 a.m. You know it’s obvious when you are sleeping that late, it would be too difficult to be active for your 8 am class. It’s insane. For many reasons, everything you plan out at night becomes entertaining. I too sometimes find myself watching the cooking tutorials for hours!

I often ask myself this question that “what I am doing with my life”?

You and I both need to detach ourselves from the screens and just go for a good night’s sleep. The shorter the sleep is, the more tired you’re going to be the entire day. Sure, there is always an option of taking naps, but are you sure that you’re not going to drag yourself to take another 4 hours?

Let’s hope not because sometimes taking longer naps puts you in danger of sleep idleness. Sleep idleness is the painful, dazed feeling of not being aware of where you are. Remind yourself that sleep is not for the weak.

  • You’re Always Staring At A Screen

This emphasizes the previous reason we mentioned of why you are being lazy at college. You spend too much time on social media chatting with your friends! Looking at the screens for extravagant amounts of time leads to digital eye-itchiness, and makes you lazy and exhausted.

Ponder over it! Whenever you’re at college and home, you’re on the PC and your cellphone. Or whenever you’re standing in line at a pizza restaurant, you’re constantly looking on your phone. Even when you’re sharing quality time with your friends and family, you’re staring at your phone.

The bad part is that you’re not the only person who’s doing this, everyone surrounding you is glued to their screens!

According to the research, the average students waste more than 6 hours on the internet. Now you’ll come up with an excuse, “Well I use the internet for college.” Using the internet for college is completely okay, but for a moment just be honest; you aren’t exactly doing the college-related work on the world wide web.

The same research indicates that only 2 out of these 6 hours are utilized for the study purpose. Otherwise, the rest of the 4 hours are spent for entertainment reasons. As someone who’s constantly glued to the internet, I don’t find that shocking!

So what did we master? We grasp that an average student spends most of their precious time on the internet. In simple words, the majority of the time is spent staring at our screens. No surprise we all the time feel exhausted and lazy!

  • You Eat Junk Food Regularly

You knew right that this was coming next. Except for the people who take their health seriously, a huge chunk of your laziness or inactiveness comes from consuming too much junk food. Yes, I am talking about all the fries, chocolate, burgers, donuts, and other junk food you consume.

You don’t have to worry! I was the same person who used to consume a lot of junk food. I was the one visiting the fast-food restaurants many times a day, every day. I shouldn’t be the one telling you about the dangers of junk food, you already know this. So, how to get rid of consuming junk food? Pack the nutritious lunch or dinner the day before.

  • You Have Habits That Makes You Lazy

Another reason you are lazy and procrastinating in college is that you have some lazy habits. Lazy habits are entirely what they sound like- Here are some of the habits that are making you lazy:

  1. Leaving your bed unprepared in the morning.
  2. Not taking shower and grooming yourself regularly.
  3. Purchasing food knowing that you can make your own.
  4. Lying down and sleeping after taking your meal.
  5. Not placing your clothes in their place.
  6. Forgetting to put dishes in the sink.

I could make a big list, but now you understand.

There is always an excuse for not doing something. For example, I never used to put my clothes in the wardrobe because I used to delay it. Even though it’s correct, it’s the small steps of putting your clothes in their right place, or the making of bed these habits stop you from acquiring good habits.

Another example is that I used to delay my college essays and used to take help from Essay Help UK, but once I realized that it’s taking away the amount of money, I stopped being lazy.

The next time you’re planning to work out but feeling lazy to attend a gym, just push yourself and go. In my experience, the difficult part is taking yourself to the gym, but once you’re at the gym and start working out, you’re fine to go.

  • You become unfocused on your work

If you’re just like me and you get distracted easily, it can lead you to become too lazy to conclude what you were doing.

For example, whenever I am studying and start to feel lazy, I randomly start watching YouTube videos, and then it leads to more and more videos. These habits used to take away my precious till I was no longer interested in studying.

This is why it’s extremely essential for people like me who get easily distracted. We need to save ourselves from getting disturbed or distracted. I know it can be difficult if you’re performing work on your cellphone devices. My advice to you is to download a site blocker and block all the sites that are distracting you.

You should always try to concentrate on finishing whatever task you’re doing without getting distracted. You should take regular breaks during your working sessions. I like to take 8-10 minute breaks in one hour of work.

The punch line is not to try to distract during your work, otherwise, you’ll keep delaying it and become lazy.

  • You Are Overburdened With Responsibilities

It’s strange, isn’t it? When you are overburdened with a lot of responsibilities to deal with, you get lazier. Therefore, when you have only 1 to 2 responsibilities, you are most likely to handle them without feeling any pressure. The overwhelming feeling leads you to become a lazy person.

That’s why my advice is that you should never attempt to face all of your responsibilities at the same time. Teach yourself how to prioritize your workload so that you can complete them in a classified and appropriate manner.










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