Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need a Storage Unit

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Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need a Storage Unit

Owning and running a small business can be a challenge. There are many obstacles that business owners must overcome in order to be successful. Many small business owners who are just starting out often lack the space needed to store supplies, extra inventory, and spare equipment. As a result, these businesses often have to find creative ways to deal with the lack of space. Additionally, once the business grows, the problem could be even worse.

With nearly 32 million small businesses operating in the United States, many owners have likely experienced the issue of little or no storage space. As businesses grow and need more inventory and larger equipment, the problem will be even more compounded. Short of moving to a larger building every time more space is needed, storage units could prove to be the perfect solution.

Renting a self-storage unit involves leasing a room, container, or locker on a short-term basis. Typically, these units are rented monthly and can provide space to store extra inventory and business equipment. As businesses need plenty of space, it can be useful to devote the main business area to operations while letting a storage unit house all of the extra things. As a result, many owners find self storage to be a very useful business tool. Let’s take a look at some reasons why business owners need storage units.

Affordable Storage Facility

Large companies and retail businesses usually have a warehouse where they can store inventory and extra equipment. Many small businesses, however, have an office or storefront but don’t have storage options. Instead of purchasing or renting a larger business space, a storage unit could prove to be a valuable business tool. Business owners can rent a self-storage unit as an affordable solution.

Most self-storage units come in multiple sizes that can fit the needs of any small business.

Secure Storage

Self-storage needs are also proving to be a security measure for many business owners. Since around 9% of small businesses experience some kind of theft or burglary, storage facilities can help protect inventory and equipment. With 24-hour surveillance, fencing, and access control, many storage facilities have better security than some stores or offices. Instead of having extra equipment and inventory around a business, it can be safely secured inside a self-storage space.

Controlled Storage

Unless a business has a large space with climate control, the right storage unit can prove to be a crucial solution. Often, sensitive equipment and certain products can be damaged by pests, mold, moisture, and excessive temperatures. Business inventory and equipment could be subject to damage in attics, garages, and basements without available storage space. A self-storage facility can provide a controlled environment that will protect valuable assets and inventory.

Seasonal Storage

If a business such as a retail store utilizes different products at various times of the year, storage solutions could be beneficial options. As seasons change, businesses might need to rotate out inventory. For example, Christmas decorations and products are useful around November and December, but they take up valuable space during the rest of the months. A cheap storage unit can provide the perfect space to store these items until the following year.

If you’re a small business owner and have decided that business storage is a necessary solution, you can start by comparison shopping. Looking for available self-storage options near you and then comparing monthly rates can help you find the best deal. A storage unit might be an added business expense, but it could prove to be a valuable investment. As a small business owner, you likely need every bit of available space for operations. Self-storage options could be the additional space you need.


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