Reasons to build websites on WordPress


WordPress is a publishing platform which is used to build websites and blogs. Millions of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Many big companies and brands also prefer WordPress. New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, CNN, Playstation, and even Ford are the users of WordPress. If this platform is good enough for big boys like these companies then it is good enough for your website too.

Are you still confused and not convinced? Read the whole article and you’ll surely be convinced when you’ll get to know the reasons to build your website on WordPress.

Reasons to build your website on WordPress:

WordPress is easy to use:

When you are planning to build a website on WordPress you don’t have to be a genius who must have mastered in using WordPress. It is as easy as working on Microsoft Word and uploading content on a WordPress website is also very easy. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a web developer or designer when you’re working with WordPress it is easy to design your web page and update your content on it. WordPress is the best and easy-to-use Content Management System to use to build your website! WordPress website development is the best choice for new web developers because of ease-to-use.


WordPress is not just for blogging:

WordPress, in the beginning, was used as a blogging website and whenever someone mentions WordPress it gives everyone the thought of blogging. But it came a long way and became very large and comprehensive CMS (Content Management System). This complete Content Management System started to rise among different types of websites including; Classified ads websites, business sites, job boards, etc. Now it is the best solution for any kind of website management while still being the best blogging website solution.



It costs a lot of money to have a custom Content Management System as comparable to the content management features of WordPress. So why not save your money by working with WordPress? As this platform is free and customizable. The most of the plugins on WordPress are free and these plugins are open-source as well; which means they can be edited if needed.


WordPress is Flexible:

The best thing which is already mentioned above is that it is completely open-source. That means the source code which is used to run WordPress is free for the general public. This means that WordPress is flexible & anyone can edit and modify further to be what they need and want it to be. Usually, this is not mandatory, but it also indicates that all the themes and plugins which are created for the platform are also open source. Just imagine a world-wide team working collectively to add more features and functionality to WordPress. The powerful CMS is always ready to do what you need it to because with WordPress you’re not restricted to only being able to use particular employees or developers to produce customization.

WordPress is SEO friendly:

WordPress is the best platform to go for when you’re looking for a head start for Search Engine Optimization for your website or your blog. Because search engines love and prefer WordPress because of the use of its well-written code. So adding new content to your newly built website which is also highly recommended as a part of your online marketing is easy with WordPress. Doing it so tells the search engines that your website is still alive and doing well.


It is easy to find a solution with WordPress:

In the dashboard area of WordPress, it is easy to add features which are not part of the core code with the plug-ins. The Plug-ins can easily be installed to add the features that are not built-in. There are hundreds and thousands of plug-ins available for the enhancement of the WordPress functionality. Precisely, the possibilities with WordPress are limitless.


WordPress has worldwide community support:

WordPress is an open-source platform, that is why it is supported by the whole worldwide community and there are thousands of people working to make it better. The whole WordPress community of developers and users are supporting very actively and it is updated regularly with new features & functionality, bug & security fixes. You can easily work with WordPress and make changes to it. You are the owner of your website.


WordPress Has Cheap Premium themes:

Themes are what represent WordPress website with its design. It is what connects the Complete Management System to the end-user. WordPress is very manageable, versatile, and flexible. There are some pretty good free themes and for $70 bucks the good premium themes are just worth every penny. Most of them almost don’t need any customization.


The bottom line:

WordPress as an open-source CMS is often appreciated by the web developers, web designers, and also by the users because of the ease of its use. These were the main reasons that it has become so popular and its growth is still accelerating.


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