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Real Estate Inspections is a term used to inspect a property either commercial or residential in order to know that the concerned property does not have any issues that need to be resolved so that the residents or the people working at a commercial property are safe and there are no issues that are going to cause some major expenditures in the future. If there is something that needs to be fixed, this should be done as soon as possible before it causes a major amount of expense to you just because of negligence and the mere fact that precautions were not taken for maintenance and now repairs will cost you a lot just because of that. To avoid this, we will always recommend you to get a property inspection done so that all the doubts have been cleared and you must stay at peace regarding any unforeseen problems occurring and causing distress for you. If you own a property already, it is important to get it inspected on a regular basis in order to give you the satisfaction that the place where you are spending a major portion of your day either your house or your office, is safe for you and the other people present at the property. Apart from that, getting an inspection done can save you from a lot of problems about which you have no idea. There can be many situations and to deal with them, this can be described as a necessary evil as many people are not comfortable in paying the price they have to in order to get a quality property inspection done.

Let’s discuss that in what situations, a property inspection will help you.

Suppose if you have a commercial property, say an office building where a major number of people are working. Their health is at stake if you are not getting regular inspections done and other structural issues can also be a problem for you. For example, if there is a structural issue found out that could have been avoided if regular inspections were taking place, your work will stop and you have to get your office evacuated in order to get all the repairs done so that will be a loss for you and it will cause distress for everyone.

Now if we put the possibility of an office having problems radon, bad air quality, presence of asbestos, impure water and other issues like this that can be a hazard for the health of the people working there, it is the responsibility of the owner to get it inspected regularly for the sake of his workers and a smooth workflow. Not to sound insensitive, but if you offer health insurance to your workers then it must be your top priority to get the place inspected for such issues as the cost of an inspection is nothing as compared to what you have to pay if one of your workers or a few of them develop health issues due to negligence at your workplace or even your health can be in danger if we put it in that scenario. We can take an example of the health hazards caused by radon. It is an odorless and colorless gas which causes lung cancer if inhaled for a longer period of time so it is better to get your workplace inspected by a trustworthy company who will not misguide you about the whole scenario. For Radon testing Atlanta has many good options but we should go for something more reliable which is tried and tested by many and people were not disappointed by them at the end of the services they got. Champia Real Estate Inspections offer residential as well as commercial inspections and have years of experience and five star positive reviews to back their services and the authenticity of their work. For their commercial inspections, they cover a general overview of all the major systems present in the commercial building which can be the structure of the building, plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, exterior and interior of the building. Interior inspection includes all the general steps in a regular inspection that covers the inspections for commercial properties like low-rise office complexes, restaurants, churches, warehouses, apartment complexes, investment properties and other types of buildings. Champia Real Estate Inspection follows ASTM standards 2018-01 which is also known as PCA (property condition assessment). Another important point is that they try their best to facilitate and educate the client hence in their reports, a detailed analysis of the inspection, digital photos for further understanding and a compiled summary of all the areas of concern is included. They provide their commercial inspection report within 48 hours and all of this is done in so much detail for the satisfaction of the client so what are you waiting for?

Champia is available, providing real estate inspection services 7-days a week.  We work closely with real estate agents and their clients to provide a smooth inspection process where everyone is kept in the loop on what is happening and when it is taking place. This way, neither the agent, the buyer, nor the seller are caught off guard. We are here whenever you need us!

Champia ensures that we deliver on what we promise. We value the trust you put in us by offering a 200% guarantee on our inspection services. Additionally, Champia has partnered with Residential Warranty Services to offer a variety of warranties, these warranties are included with every Champia Home Inspection. This covers any unforeseen instances that can happen after the inspection. With all of this and $1MM in E&O coverage, we’re guaranteed to be your best choice in real estate inspections.

Champia has performed over 50K home and commercial inspections since 1987.  With experience that spans more than 30 years you can trust that we will provide you with a thorough report outlining all the issues of your new property.  Our reports are delivered within 24 hours for home inspections and come with pictures that accompany the detailed text to ensure that you know exactly where the problem areas are located.

Champia’s certified Inspectors use specialized cameras for thermography to capture heat patterns which allow them to see what’s behind walls for an in-depth view of the building’s condition. Thermal imaging is used to locate and monitor many hidden conditions such as heating and cooling loss through improperly insulated areas; air movement through an enclosure; moisture presence from plumbing or rainwater issues, termite damage, and even potential electrical problems.

Getting a thermography inspection allows your inspector to diagnose issues before they are potentially expensive disasters that jeopardize your property. The thermal image can supplement our visual inspection, but it does not diagnose the problem. It is up to the inspector to determine the cause of such defects after thermography and to verify the thermal camera’s findings.

While thermography testing is not like the stuff you saw in The Terminator, it still is pretty rad. You can’t see beyond the walls, but you can see what is inside them, thanks to the heat. Keep in mind, to have better results, ensure that your heating systems are on so the heat can be detected. This also helps highlight where there could be potential drafts or leaks!

Heating bills are expensive, and there is nothing more frustrating than spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a month only to still have a drafty, cold house.

Even if you are purchasing a brand new home, a Thermography inspection would still be a wise decision. There is always human error, so there may be parts of your home that have faulty insulation, or there could be a leak from plumbing installation. Regardless, it is important to check these things now, to ensure you are shoveling piles of money away five years from now.

Do you think you could pass a quiz in science class? I bet if you called Champia and asked about a thermography test, it would feel the same as getting an A, because thermography is a big word, and you know it! Book this ancillary today!

During a Champia home inspection, your involvement is very important. We love it when you take part in the inspection. This way you get to know more about home inspection and learn home maintenance tips. We’ll gladly answer your questions about home inspection and home maintenance. We’ll also point out any major defects.

Champia Real Estate Inspections was founded in 1987 in Atlanta, and since then we have completed over 50,000 inspections. As a team of certified home inspectors, we perform thorough inspections and deliver the reports for residential inspections within 24-hours and commercial inspections within 4 days.

What can be better than this? A certified and experienced home inspector coming to your home through a company with a good repute and record which trains their employees monthly to keep up with the recent updates and an impressive number of warranties to back up the services just provided to them. Apart from that, the inspector sent from Texinspec has always known to be friendly and understandable and makes the whole home inspection procedure fun and communicated easily.


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