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VPS Server Kolkata


Are you starting your own internet business and putting in all of your effort and hard work to see it succeed but getting nowhere? Yes! Hence we tell you what you should do and how you can achieve accelerated business success. However, you must first learn a few things about your business, such as

  • Size of the company, 
  • Whether it’s a start-up, a medium-sized company, or a major corporation?
  • What resources are required of you?
  • How much bandwidth were you in need of?
  • How much traffic do you anticipate for your website?
  • Specifications for performance and speed
  • Network Reliability

So, you come to know the important things about your business like the company size, how much traffic do you expect for your website, and so on. So, with VPS Server Kolkata you can manage all the above things easily in Kolkata.

What is VPS Server?

Virtual Private Server hosting, as the name implies, is a shared server that stimulates the environment of a dedicated server. It employs a virtualization layer that works at the OS level, and some popular VPS alternatives, such as OpenVZ, rely on Linux Kernel technology. It has some scalability in that it can start with a small number of resources and scale up as needed. Gaming developers, programmers, companies who have outgrown their shared hosting, and any company that need a secure and cost-effective backup environment should consider a VPS Server Kolkata. Everything is housed on a personal powerful server. Various VPS accounts can be present on the same server.

Fundamental Benefits of Choosing VPS in Kolkata

VPS Server Kolkata

VPS Server Kolkata is a cost-effective and reliable web hosting that has numerous advantages for your business. Therefore, even on a tight budget consumers get benefits from VPS Kolkata hosting enterprise-grade services. So, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most fascinating reasons why VPS is the best option for your E-Business.


You can secure the best performance of your site with the Best VPS Hosting Kolkata. You may gain a greater degree of performance when advanced resources are added to the needs of your business. Your website will load quickly on a user’s browser due to increased space and high speed. Therefore, you’ll see a rise in engagement, conversion rates, and in your Google’s SERP ranking.

Security with SSL Certificate

With Kolkata VPS, you can be sure of high-level data security. All of these security procedures ensure that your site’s personal and confidential information is kept safe.

Root Level

You need SSH or Root access to operate your web hosting on your own in VPS Server Kolkata. As a result, you can make whatever changes, alterations, or configurations you want without requiring authorization from a third party. You can also install whatever applications and software you choose.

Server Management

The server is administered on two basis

  1. Managed VPS Hosting 
  2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting.

Users in Managed web hosting, simply have to worry about sales the rest is your hosting provider’s duty. Users in Unmanaged web hosting is ultimately the user’s responsibility. You have to take care of all the elements of hosting, security, data backup, and so on. It’s is less expensive than Managed web hosting.

If you don’t have technical knowledge you are highly recommended that you should go with Managed VPS Hosting. As a result, you’ll have access to all the services, such as program installation, software update, data backup. Your hosting provider is answerable for all of these things. Hence, if you don’t have time to run your server, Managed VPS Hosting in Kolkata is most preferable.


With VPS Kolkata, you receive great scalability, allowing you to escalate up to your resources as needed. As a result, you may instantly expand your resources, such as RAM, SSD, etc with only one click.

Dependable and Adaptable

VPS Server Kolkata is a self-contained web hosting dais with a dedicated server that ensures your site’s maximum resource availability. This ensures that your VPS Hosting in Kolkata is highly reliable.

Multiple Operating System Facility

VPS Server Kolkata supports two types of Operating systems: Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. Linux web hosting platform is an open-source platform while windows web hosting platform is user-friendly. Most company uses the Windows operating system because it can be easily accessible. Windows web hosting is costlier than Linux web hosting. 


The VPS Kolkata gives you high bandwidth which ensures that your customer has no problem downloading the photos, videos, and PDFs from your site. It increases the loading time of your website.

What Businesses Can Go For VPS Server In Kolkata?

High Volume of Visitors

When a company expands, it attracts a huge number of website users resulting in an increase in website traffic. This huge traffic is difficult to handle with shared hosting. Hence, low-cost Kolkata VPS is ideal for your company because it has the ability to load your website without experiencing downtime.

Agencies with Well-Known Clients

By providing VPS Server Kolkata, the company earns the trust of a large number of people all around the world. 

Massive e-commerce sites

When you have the highest uptime, you may roll up a business. Isn’t that so? Yes,  Kolkata VPS Server offers reliable services and high uptime, allowing you to boost the performance of your e-commerce websites.

Gaming Websites

Gaming websites and apps can be hosted on  Cheap VPS Kolkata, but only with limited capabilities. It means hardly a few people may play the games at the same time.


In this ambitious era, if you want to expand your internet business rapidly VPS Server Kolkata could be a great choice. Therefore, you should choose a hosting provider that offers trustworthy and low-cost solutions with a variety of qualities. As a result, Serverwala’s Cheap VPS Kolkata is the perfect choice for your company because it provides all the services and supports you may require. You may also improve your site’s performance, speed, exposure, and online presence using their VPS Services. Therefore, you may anticipate more traffic and revenues in the near future. Hence, your company will continue to expand indefinitely.


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