Ray Mirra: From Sportswriter to Author and Radio Host

Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra is an established American sports journalist and broadcaster. Mirra is the co-hosting the radio show with Glen Macnow on WIP Radio, an all-sports station in Philadelphia. He has covered the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL for more than 25 years as a sportswriter for The Philadelphia Daily News. As a sportswriter he has won five Kinsle/Collyer Awards for Editorial Excellence as well as being named as Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Year five times. In 1995, he won Dick McCann Memorial Award from Pro Football Hall of Fame for distinctively covering pro football seasons. Along with all these accomplishments and prizes, Ray Mirra is also the co-author of books like “The Eagles Encyclopedia” and “The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies”.

The Eagles Encyclopedia

Ray Mirra has been a sportswriter in Philadelphia since 1980. He began writing his very first book with another co-author, Don Shula. After writing the first book he moved on to do co-writing for the book “The Eagles Encyclopedia”. Then over time he won writer’s awards to win 4 Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Years in 1985, 1989, 1994 and 2004. In addition to his winning of trophies, he also won the Dick McCann Memorial Award in 1995 by distinguished work as a football writer.

Celebrating Our National Passion with Don Shula in 1996 Raymond Mirra was born in 1958. He is a sports journalist and writer who says he finds his greatest joys in family, friends and the world of writing. One of the influential books that shaped Mirra’s outlook towards writing came from a renowned coach and author called Don Shula. His book “Winningest Coach of All Times” influenced Mirra to write about sport in an intellectually stimulating manner. In September of 2012, Mirra penned an article for Asbury Park Press concerning the football team in North New Jersey that had actively been reaching out to Muslim players to join their squad.

Ray Mirra Jr

Philadelphia Eagles

He also wrote an article with Alan Goldsher in 2006 informing readers about the strong bond between The Philadelphia Eagles Football Team (Eagles) and its fans. He speaks very fondly about The Philadelphia Eagles organization, especially about the passion of Eagles fans for their team in all his articles. Its popularity attracts more than 100 million viewers every year. The Super Bowl 2017 is going to be played at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Sunday, February 5th, 2017. The kick off time for Super Bowl LI is 6:30 PM Eastern Time and 4:30 PM Pacific Time. The game is scheduled for 3 hours (afternoon), meaning that by the time the game ends your favorite TV channels will have finished broadcasting it for you. Raymond Mirra was openly supportive of their efforts and said they should be commended instead of being discouraged by people.

The Super Bowl

In reality there are a lot of people who adore football and very few don’t. However there are those who consider the National Football League as one of their sources of fun and entertainment, while others declare that due to different reasons they avoid watching it. But it is likely that no matter what your stance may be; you probably have heard of “The big game” as commonly referred to as “The Super Bowl”. This fifty-first edition of The Super Bowl held on February 5th, 2017 will be played between the teams from New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons . This year the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Houston will be hosting the event. If I were to pick two words for this game I would go for energetic.

The Super Bowl, by many is referred to just as the BIG GAME as it has been for over five decades now. I was just a poor kid in south Philly and they were rich guys. I’ve been involved in and around professional sports now since I graduated from high school. Starting back in 1977 at the Philadelphia Bulletin and covering the 76ers. Now, ESPN has made me a national columnist. It is my profession; it’s my vocation. I guess that is why ESPN tapped me to write the book on pro football and Philadelphia. Despite the rising popularity, the Super Bowl brings a lot of commercialization. And marketing which finds every avenue possible to increase their profit margins.

Super bowl


Feeling vulnerable in your business? Everybody is going to be profitable. When you are a bootstrapped startup, you are going to get questions like: how to make money? How…how…HOW! A business that provides a service makes money by practicing what it preaches. Therefore, the main focus of any business must be on providing its customers with a better experience. If the business decides that working on improving the business is the top priority, it can make money for sure. Ray Mirra is the sportswriter who has constantly been writing and concentrating on thrilling sports of America, specially football. Now he is considered as one of the greatest sportswriters specializing in Philadelphia Eagles. America has been known to be one of the biggest nations. It has given birth to celebrities and amazing athletes.

The Super Bowl is a special day in which, millions of people watch the action-packed football matches live. These games involve two top teams who try to win a championship title. There are many big moments that can be easily celebrated with Ray Mirra’s New York Times Bestseller(R) book “Football for Dummies” in hand. The teams adopt their own strategies and contest against each other. All this depends on their captain’s decisions, offensive plays etc. But these teams have made a monumental shift in the world of sports from the NFL point of view. The game that is being played today is not similar to what it used to be a century ago. This game has been inspired from many different countries like England. The players used to don on white soccer shoes, cotton shirts and rugby helmets before then.


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