Quordle – How can I play?


Quordle is the game for those who like word pairing, and rhyming.  You already know the Wordle game and this is the more advanced version of that game.  You will have more challenges when you have to guess 4 words correctly just 9 times.

What is Quordle?

One of the numerous Wordle variants that have appeared since Wordle’s huge success is Quordle. Although the idea behind this game is similar to that of Wordle, there are some key distinctions that make it a more difficult and compelling game.

The basic rules of Quordle are the same as those of Wordle. However, you play four different games simultaneously and have nine chances to correctly guess every answer. Which letters are and are not included in the concealed words will be shown by color clues. The grids are then split into four portions, each of which has a different color depending on which side of the game it is. Fans of Wordle who enjoy solving difficult puzzles will love this game.


How to play Quordle?

The game’s rules are comparable to Wordle’s. Nine opportunities are given to submit five-letter words. In each word, the appropriate alphabets are marked off where appropriate. If the letter is placed correctly, the blank, similar to Wordle, illuminates in green. As an alternative, the letter is highlighted in yellow if it is right but is in the incorrect location. Grey-highlighted letters are completely absent from the grid.

Gray: The letter is completely absent from the target term.

Yellow: Although the letter is found in the target word, it is not where it should be.

Green: The letter is present and placed correctly within the word.

According to experts, the best approach to winning the game is to predict all four words at once. It is difficult but efficient. To weed out the useless letters, you might start strong with a word that makes use of the majority of the alphabet. Then, as the grid fills up with the correct letters, you might get the hint as to the right word.

Tips that help you win

Actually, Quordle also has its tricks. Here are some tips to help you win this game.

Get early coverage of the letters first, if possible. More letters will be seen than in a typical Wordle round. I’d want to start by using two or three different fonts to cover the 15 distinct letters. There are all vowels,  and the nine most typical consonants: S, H, R, D, L, C, and M.

Now that each word must be guessed in a single round, you have two additional chances to guess. At this stage, you ought to be seeking out terms that are evident. It is worth speculating if there is a strong challenger. You can filter down the remaining words more quickly the quicker you guess a word. Your theory might point to other sources of important data.

Keep in mind that a letter may appear more than once! If a letter has a yellow or green score, don’t disregard it. Try decreasing the text size if you can’t view all four panels on the desktop version without scrolling. Before attempting the daily challenge, you can play the game in practice mode to get the hang of it.


What is the difference between Quordle and Wordle?

The Quordle follows the standard Wordle rules, with the exception that you must solve four words at once and have nine attempts rather than six. The color suggestions on the keyboard keys are divided into 4 sections based on the game’s side since there are 4 hidden words. This game has grown in popularity since it is both significantly more challenging and captivating than Wordle’s original edition.

Is Quordle available in other languages?

The settings menu in the top left corner has an easy-to-use adjustment for the game dictionary. American English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Irish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Indonesian, and Filipino are the currently supported languages for Quordle.

What word would be ideal to begin the game with?

Try to utilize a term with as many vowels as possible and no repeating letters at the start of the game, such as “RADIO.” Grant Sanderson, a mathematician, discovered that “CRANE” or “SLOTH,” which contain letters that are commonly used, is the best starting word.

How famous is Quordle?

You’ve certainly heard of Wordle by now, the renowned 5-letter daily word puzzle game that famously went viral over the internet, unless you’ve been living under a social media rock. You’ll realize why Wordle has been so popular over the past year once you start using it. There is nothing more gratifying than being among the first people to figure out the daily puzzle, yet thereafter, you are left hungry.

You might download some of the top Wordle alternatives to satisfy your craving, but perhaps you’re looking for a Wordle game with a new difficulty escalation. It is Quordle here, so stop searching.

A group of word game enthusiasts playing the Dordle alternative to Wordle served as the project’s initial source of inspiration and sparked interest in developing Quordle, a more challenging variant of Wordle. The game, which was initially designed by David Mah and later refined for quality by Freddie Meyer, now has over two million daily users, and this figure seems to be increasing.

So, if you’re interested in finding out why Quordle is so popular among Wordle lovers, we’ve created a guide that explains exactly how to download and play Quordle on your Android device.

Wordle versus Quordle

A Wordle that has been four times more difficult is what Quordle is. The original game was modified by a group of Wordle lovers, and Quordle was created. Officially speaking, neither Wordle nor Quordle are connected in any way.

The limitless game selection on Quordle is another noteworthy benefit over Wordle. The practice games on Quordle provide gamers with extra chances to test their luck. As a result, the game becomes addictive. In addition, Quordle provides you with nine guesses while Wordle only gives you six.

Even while Quordle is gaining popularity, it will take some time before it reaches Wordle’s level of acceptance.

Make your day with Quordle

If you want to start your day fresh, play Quordle. Why not? Kickstart your brain day with a mind game. It helps you wake up and helps you get ready for a new day.

If you don’t feel this game is interesting enough, you haven’t played it enough to understand. The goal of the game for the player is huge. You can completely improve your spelling and use of words.

In addition, you can discuss this game with your friends or the people around you. It will help you to get to the more difficult levels quickly.


This post covers everything you need to know to get started with Quordle game.

Quordle contains a practice mode in case that isn’t enough to satisfy your habit. One of the reasons the original Wordle is so well-known is because it uses a one-puzzle-per-day strategy that works well for word-of-mouth advertising but not so well for gaming junkies.

In addition to its practice mode, which offers an unlimited cycle of random phrases so you can practice as often as you like, Quordle still offers a “word of the day.”



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