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24/7 Customer Support Talk to QBIS expert anytime—we are here to help. We are a team of real people who can provide direction and answer any questions you might have. No voicemails and we provide 100% local support.

QBIS is entrenched in the genesis of creation and it symbolizes, quintessence, and glorifies the primal life giving and life sustaining force that permeates the entire universe. Our Solution Company is a pioneering solution and service provider located in the hub of the outsourcing world in Ahmedabad, India that outreaches with branches and subsidiaries globally.

QBIS is a perfect destination for QuickBooks integration services. QBIS helps you to sync your data with QuickBooks online as well as QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks helps keeps everything organized in one place. QuickBooks Integration helps you to get your integration flaw wise.

Simplify your needs of Integration
QBIS provides QuickBooks integration services, time bound and cost effective.

This integration is useful for marketplace management, sales order processing, order delivery and customer processing.

Seamless Integration
QuickBooks Integration means only one time you have to enter the data into a company’s time keeping or order entry system, you don’t need to do anything else.

Risk of data error is very less when QuickBooks integration is utilized.

Integration Made Simple for Everyone
QuickBooks Integration allows faster workflow.

QBIS is designed to run in real-time in the background so you don’t have to worry about it.

QuickBooks has a very good automated backup service that will keep your financial data safe and secure. QBIS always provide you the Automation service, because spreadsheets, manual data entry or export/import tools are difficult to use. Automation will help you to get your result very perfectly.

Our company is also known well as a leading IT company in India that derives motivation from new paradigms of business worldwide; where insight confronts with integrity to deliver solutions that accelerate value-creation. We at QBIS are committed and dedicated to assisting our clients quickly apprehend calculative business value and achieve sustainable good and effective result.

Regardless of whether you are seeking for new looking for new prospects via innovative or practical solutions to complicated business issues, from premeditated suggestion and planning to detailed execution, our focus is on delivering the unique output that brings enduring value to your organization.

How do I integrate with QuickBooks online?

Integration with QuickBooks Online comprises of the followings steps:

Authenticate with your QuickBooks Online accounts and Import your Chart of Accounts.

Go to your receipts tab and click on (Export All) button and choose (QuickBooks Online)

Put in your QBO details to authenticate.

And authorize the connection.


Export your receipts to QuickBooks Online and sort them during the process.

Click on the “Export All” button or if you want to export specific documents check the check box to select each item and select “Export Selected” option under the receipts tab. Then choose QuickBooks Online.

Here you can link payment types to a specific account so that they will auto-fill for you.

Click the Export all to QuickBooks and you’re done! Your receipts will be automatically sent to QuickBooks as general journal entries.

How To Reconcile Credit Card Account In Quickbooks Pro

If you enter credit card charges incrementally you can reconcile the entries made against the credit card bill when it arrives this is helpful in preventing unauthorized charges on the card reconciling a credit card account is almost identical to reconciling a bank account to reconcile a credit card account open the chart of accounts and click the credit card account you want to reconcile to select it then click the activities button in the lower left corner of the chart of accounts window and select the reconcile credit card command from the pop-up menu doing that then displays the begin reconciliation dialog box input the statement date from your credit card statement and the ending balance from the statement enter any finance charges you accrued the date they were accrued and the account that you use to track those charges then click the continue button at the bottom of the begin reconciliation dialog box to display the reconcile credit card window for the selected credit card account in this window you will see all the transactions that haven’t cleared use the window to check off the transactions listed within your credit card statement click each transaction that you can match to a transaction within the credit card statement to place a checkmark in front of it and mark it as cleared when you are done the difference shown in the lower right corner should be 0 click the reconcile Now button to finish reconciling the account and then select an option for the reconciliation report you want to generate after reconciling a credit card account QuickBooks lets you pay all or part of the balance due by taking you immediately to either the right checks or enter bills window depending on which option you select in the dialog box that appears the bill or cheque will already be set to the credit card account the amount due for the credit card will also be already entered you just need to select the name of the company to whom you pay the credit card balance and then print the check or save the bill.

Reconcile Credit Card In Intuit Quickbooks

It’s a good idea to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts every month to ensure that your QuickBooks account balances matched the account balances from you bank or credit card accounts. To reconcile your bank or credit card accounts, click the company menu, then select Reconcile, choose the account that you want to reconcile, then click Reconcile Now. Enter the statement date. Enter the ending balance for your statement. Intuit QuickBooks uses this balance to make sure that QuickBooks accounts matched exactly. Click okay. QuickBooks displays the reconciliation window. The left hand side includes all of your charges and cash advances. And the right hand column includes all of your payments and credits. The information at the bottom of the window is the information from the statement. Using your bank’s statement, you’ll select each transaction that appears on your statement and appears in QuickBooks. Select each charge or cash advance on the statement in the left hand column and each payment from the right side. Not every transaction will be selected, only the transactions that have cleared the bank. Once you get the difference to 0, you know that your bank statement ending balance matches the cleared balance in QuickBooks. That is all of that is required to reconcile your accounts in QuickBooks.


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