QuickBooks Error H202 | A Comprehensive Guide to This Issue

QuickBooks Error H202
QuickBooks Error H202

This comprehensive guide will guide you to identify the causes of QuickBooks error H202 and help you rectify the issue using some quick but powerful troubleshooting solutions.

Small business accounting can easily be managed by a single person using QuickBooks. On the contrary, large enterprises cannot rely on a single person to manage all the financial activities like payroll, banking, vendor payments, customer billing, etc. However, keeping in mind the needs of companies with several employees, Intuit developed a multi-user mode in which multiple QuickBooks users can work on the company data simultaneously without interrupting each other’s work. An uninterrupted connection between the server and the workstation and a proper configuration of several different settings in QuickBooks and Windows are required to set up multi-user mode in QuickBooks.

When QuickBooks lacks the configuration required to host multi-user access or interruptions from some other program running on Windows, the user starts facing issues enabling the multi-user mode on the server computer. When this happens, users encounter QuickBooks error H202 with an error message stating, “Error Code: H202 This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” If you are also struggling to fix error H202 in QuickBooks, stick to this article until the end for detailed troubleshooting solutions.

QuickBooks Error H202
QuickBooks Error H202

Every Reason that Trigger Error Code H202 in QuickBooks

As discussed in the intro of this guide, QuickBooks requires a specific configuration to run in multi-user mode and a single glitch in which can restrict a user from hosting multi-user access. The error H202 can also strike when an additional component requires to host multi-user access starts acting up. After thoroughly analyzing the error H202 in QuickBooks Desktop, we have found the following reasons behind it.

  1. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is one such component that helps locate and connect the company file on the server. If QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not installed or is facing issues in the startup, you can face QuickBooks Desktop error H202.
  2. Multi-User mode must only be enabled on the computer system hosting the company file, and in case if some other workstation is also set to host the company file, you will get error H202 in QuickBooks.
  3. If the services required to run QuickBooks in multi-user mode are not running or not set to run automatically on your Windows PC.
  4. Windows Firewall can sometimes impose restrictions on QuickBooks and restrict it from connecting to the server computer where the company file is saved.
  5. Due to some issues in the network configuration, the server and workstation computer system can’t connect.

Discussed above are the reasons why you can’t enable multi-user mode in QuickBooks. In the next section of this guide, you will learn how to rectify each cause mentioned above with step-by-step instructions.

Top Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Multi-User Error H202

Before troubleshooting the error, you must ensure that the server computer has a complete installation of QuickBooks Desktop that includes QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you haven’t already installed QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server computer, download the version of your QuickBooks Desktop and select the Full Program Option during the installation.

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager to Scan and Connect the Company File

  1. If you haven’t already installed QuickBooks Tool Hub, get it installed.
  2. To find the download link for Tool Hub, you can click the QuickBooks Tool Hub option under the Help tab in QuickBooks.
  3. Once installed, move to the Network Issues tab and select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. If QuickBooks Database Server Manager shows your company file, click the Start Scan button.
  5. If you don’t see the company file on the screen, manually locate the company file using the Browse option.
  6. Click Start Scan when you see the company file that you want to open.
  7. Once the scan completes, the Database Server Manager will resolve all issues with the firewall permissions. You can then retry to open the company file on the system where you were getting the error.

If you still can’t access the company file and error H202 reappears while switching to multi-user mode, proceed to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Re-configure the QuickBooks Hosting Settings on the Server and Workstation Computer

  1. Go to the computer that you have set to host the company file and run QuickBooks on it.
  2. Click the File tab and select the Utility option that will open a drop-down list of different options.
  3. The options in the drop-down list show whether the system is running in Single-User Mode or Multi-User mode.
  4. If you see the Host Multi-User Access option, this indicates that QuickBooks is running in Single-User mode.
  5. If you see the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option, it means QuickBooks is running in Multi-User mode.
  6. Now verify the hosting settings on the server and each workstation connected to it and ensure that only the server is hosting the company file and all other workstations are running in Single-User mode.

If this solution did not help you eliminate error code H202 from QuickBooks, try reconfiguring the services that allow QuickBooks to run in multi-user mode.

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Solution 3: Change the Properties of QuickBooks Desktop Services

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box and enter the Services.msc command in the text box.
  2. Press Enter or click OK to run the entered command, and you will get the Services window where you can see all the services running on your Windows operating system.
  3. Scroll down and find services named “QuickBooksDBXX” and QBCFMonitorService in the list.
  4. Right-click each service and select Properties, and from the drop-down on the General tab, select Automatic.
  5. Now go to the Recovery tab and choose to Restart the Service option from First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures drop-down options.
  6. Hit the Apply and OK button and rerun QuickBooks in Multi-User mode to see if the error is fixed now.

Move to the next solution if the above did not help you get rid of QuickBooks company file error H202.

Solution 4: Test Connectivity between the Server and the Workstation affected with Error H202

  1. Go to the server computer and press Windows + R to get the Run command box.
  2. Enter CMD in the dialog box, and press Enter to open the Command Prompt window.
  3. Type ipconfig and press Enter, and take a note of the server’s IP address.
  4. Now open the same command prompt window on the workstation computer that is getting the error and run the Ping command.
  5. Type PING (Server’s IP address) and hit the Enter key, and the workstation will send 4 data packets to the server.
  6. If the server receives all the packets, you will get a response with no packet loss.
  7. If you see a packet loss, there is an issue with the interconnectivity of the server and the workstation.
  8. To get this issue fixed, you will need to consult a Microsoft professional or your IT support.

Those mentioned above were some of the advanced troubleshooting solutions curated by QuickBooks experts. Hopefully, you have successfully resolved QuickBooks Error H202 by now. However, if the issue persists, you will need to reinstall QuickBooks using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool entirely but make sure to take a secure backup of your company file before doing so.


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